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The Wall Street Journal Online has announced a new mobile web version of WSJ WSJ Wall Street Journal
WSJ Wisconsin State Journal (Madison, WI)
WSJ Web Services Journal
WSJ Winston-Salem Journal (North Carolina)
WSJ Wagle Street Journal (Kathmandu, Nepal blog) 
.com, powered by the mobile platform., the largest paid subscription news site on the Web, is now available for all web-enabled mobile devices and smartphones both through the native site and through the mobile portal.

"We're engaging with the mobile web as another way to ensure our users have access to market-moving news and information, where and when they need it," said Raanan Bar-Cohen, Director of Product for Dow Jones Dow Jones

the best known of several U.S. indexes of movements in price on Wall Street. [Am. Hist.: Payton, 202]

See : Finance
 Online. "Working with mDog expands the reach of the Journal while delivering another opportunity for our advertisers."

"We view this launch as the fulfillment of a corporate milestone for mDog -- both for our technology, as well as for establishing a partnership with The Wall Street Journal," said President and founder Keith Gerard.

Subscribers can go directly to the WSJ mobile site, which leverages the latest WAP (1) (Wireless Access Point) See access point.

(2) (Wireless Application Protocol) A standard for providing cellular phones, pagers and other handheld devices with secure access to e-mail and text-based Web pages.
 2.0 XHTML (EXtensible HTML) A markup language for Web pages from the W3C. XHTML combines HTML and XML into a single format (HTML 4.0 and XML 1.0). Like XML, XHTML can be extended with proprietary tags. Also like XML, XHTML must be coded more rigorously than HTML.  specification, by typing into the browser browser

Software that allows a computer user to find and view information on the Internet. The first text-based browser for the World Wide Web became available in 1991; Web use expanded rapidly after the release in 1993 of a browser called Mosaic, which used
 of their web-enabled mobile device, and log in to view the full articles. Non-subscribers can access portions of the articles as well as various free features that are also available in the mobile feed.

About is the world's most comprehensive destination for mobile web and mobile blogging. sets a revolutionary precedent by offering the richest and most feature-robust mobile Internet Refers to gaining access to the Internet using a lightweight, handheld device. See Mobile IP, PDA, smartphone and mobile TV.  experience, accessible to all web-enabled mobile devices regardless of brand or carrier service. In addition to its consumer offering, licenses its mobile platform to a number of leading Internet content providers See content provider. .

For more information, visit or call

About The Wall Street Journal Online

The Wall Street Journal Online at, published by Dow Jones & Company (NYSE NYSE

See: New York Stock Exchange
:DJ), is the largest paid subscription news site on the Web. Launched in 1996, the Online Journal continues to attract quality subscribers that are at the top of their industries, with 811,000 subscribers world-wide as of Q4, 2006.

In 2005, the Online Journal was awarded a Codie Award for Best Online News Service for the second consecutive year, and its Health Industry Edition was awarded Best Online Science Service for the third consecutive year. The Wall Street Journal Online network includes,,, and

For more information, call 212/416-2114.
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Publication:Online Product News
Date:Apr 1, 2007

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