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 WASHINGTON, Sept. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Top Speaking Forums has released a resource highlighting over 75 technology and telecommunications forums in the United States and around the globe.
 "Our new Technology Profiles is a complete and up-to-date resource of the top speaking opportunities in the high technology and telecommunications industries," states Edie Fraser, publisher of Top Speaking Forums, The Business Speakers' Resource.
 Profiled are the leading conferences, seminars, and exhibitions in the high tech and telecommunications industries. Information such as numbers of attendees, audience demographics, issues of interest, locations, dates, logistics are included in every profile. "This vital resource is a must for any business speaker trying to reach domestic markets and, importantly, utilizing the profiles for international opportunities," says Fraser.
 Addressing technology forums allows growth businesses to position themselves as leaders. Whether its TCI, MCI, Upjohn or Xerox, by showcasing new products and services, companies are establishing important relationships for key alliances for the future. Conferences such as SUPERCOMM, UNICOMM and Wireless are the largest US technology conferences offering participating companies large numbers of potential clients.
 SUPERCOMM, sponsored by the United States Telephone Association and the Telecommunications Industry Association, regularly draws over 26,000. UNICOMM, sponsored by the North American Telecommunications Association, attracts 6,000; the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association's (CTIA) annual conference, "Wireless," draws 12,000, establishing them as annual key industry events.
 On every continent, technology and telecommunications conferences and seminars are becoming premier opportunities for organizations to springboard into new and emerging markets. Conferences such as EXPO COMM CHINA (Beijing) draws over 18,000 attendees; TELCOM '95 (Geneva) over 27,000; and The Western Hemisphere Telecommunications Congress (Miami) have become high profile events drawing senior government officials and telecommunications executives.
 In countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, and Mexico, conferences and seminars are rapidly on the rise. "Companies need to be able to gain access to large potential markets by speaking at these conferences," says Fraser. One conference in particular, EXPO COMM Mexico, is a major international event bringing together a mix of computer and telecommunications companies. Last year, over 18,000 attended. EXPO COMM Mexico is a major industry event designed for manufacturers and service suppliers to exhibit products and discuss industry trends in Mexico's vast end-user base.
 Technology Profiles is a tool used to strategically position a company before the most prominent and influential forums. It identifies specialized markets dedicated to specific aspects of technology and telecommunications. The American Society for Engineers, Data Processing Management Association, Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association, Technology Transfer Society, National Cable Television Association, and the Institute for Interconnecting and Packaging Electronic Circuits are some of the diverse organizations profiled in the resource.
 The Technology Resource is a special section of Top Speaking Forums. A comprehensive, 1,000-page resource that profiles more than 600 local, regional and national US forums that actively seek executive-level speakers. It contains schedules of meetings, conferences, seminars, and special events of trade associations and organizations with names of contacts, dates, locations and essential phone and fax numbers. It is categorized by industry which includes: technology and telecommunications, health care, public policy, energy and environment, government, and finance. The Technology Resource is available as a separate resource or included in the entire profile package.
 Companies such as Dow, Ameritech and Unisys are targeting important business audiences through Top Speaking Forums Business Placement Service. These high tech companies have delivered keynote addresses to such major business forums as the City Club of Cleveland, The World Affairs Council of Philadelphia, the Commonwealth Club of California, and the Executives' Club of Chicago.
 There are over 120 associations, organizations and corporations who presently subscribe including Nasdaq Stock Market, MCI, Upjohn and Xerox. Top Speaking Forums has proven effective in fully maximizing the impact of corporate and association strategic speaking. The Technology Profiles are available for $495. For more information, contact David Christian or Robyne Spencer at 800-466-SPKR.
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 /CONTACT: Dave Christian or Robyne Spencer, 202-466-8209 or 202-833-1808, for Top Speaking Forums/

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