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NEC Solutions America Announces New Family of STARUS Digital Cinema Projectors at ShoWest 2006; DLP Cinema Projector and Server Solution Provides Stunning Digital Images and Easy Management for Multiplex-wide Deployment.

BURBANK, Calif. -- NEC Solutions (America), Inc.(NASDAQ:NIPNY), today announced at ShoWest 2006 the availability of a full new line of STARUS(TM) Digital Cinema projectors. The complete family of STARUS Digital Cinema projectors includes the STARUS NC2500S for large screen multiplexes, the STARUS NC1500C for medium-sized movie screens, and the STARUS NC800C for small theatres, screening rooms, and post-production facilities.

NEC's STARUS Digital Cinema projectors deliver amplified brightness, sharper graphics and eye-catching color, using DLP Cinema(R) technology from Texas Instruments(R). NEC Solutions America has exclusive rights to market NEC 3-chip DLP Cinema projectors provided by NEC Viewtechnology, Ltd. (NECVT) to the North American cinema market. The digital cinema solution delivers remarkable digital images to screens of all sizes and simplifies theatre management, while reducing costs by delivering up to 99.999% continuous uptime via robust fault tolerant servers. The STARUS line of servers allows the system to manage playlists, upload features and perform playbacks from anywhere in the multiplex.

"Theatres have the ability to offer movie-goers the ultimate cinematic experience on screens of all sizes with NEC's STARUS Digital Cinema solution," said Kurt Schwenk, general manager, Digital Cinema Division of NEC Solutions America. "NEC's complete family of DLP Cinema projectors ensures that our customers have the best possible projected image in their theatres."

Flexibility of NEC's STARUS DLP Cinema Projectors

Announced at ShowEast 2005 in Orlando, the STARUS NC2500S is the world's brightest DLP Cinema projector for large-sized screens 49 feet wide and larger(1).

Delivering 2K resolution and high contrast images (2000:1), the STARUS NC2500S Digital Cinema projector is easy to operate and requires minimal maintenance.

The addition of the STARUS NC1500C, the world's first integrated DLP Cinema projector of its size, ensures that theatres with medium-sized screens from 26 to 49 feet wide have a projector designed for their requirements. NEC's STARUS NC1500C Digital Cinema projector delivers high quality output and is easy to operate. Managers are able to set lens position and lamp output using memory functions, and technicians can perform lamp changes quickly from the back of projector. Additional state-of-the-art features include optional touch-screen control, auto lamp brightness control, and compatibility with most standard film projector lamps.

Another addition to the family of offerings is the STARUS NC800C, the world's smallest and lightest DLP Cinema projector for smaller screens from 10 to 25 feet wide. Designed for screening rooms, post-production facilities and commercial cinemas with smaller screens, NEC's STARUS NC800C Digital Cinema projector is the world's smallest integrated digital cinema projector to employ 2K DLP Cinema technology from Texas Instruments. Delivering pristine images, the STARUS NC800C exceeds Texas Instruments' DLP Cinema guidelines for contrast ratio, colorimetry and uniformity.

Empowered by innovation, NEC's STARUS Digital Cinema projectors set the standard in the movie industry for excellence, ease of use, and low maintenance concerns. With its suite of state-of-the-art digital cinema projectors designed for the largest to the smallest screens, NEC offers flexibility in digital cinema projection that fits the needs of movie houses of any size. NEC Solutions America will be showcasing its STARUS Digital Cinema solution and ADVASuite(TM) In-Theatre Advertising systems at the ShoWest 2006 Conference in Las Vegas, March 14 - 16 in Palace Rooms 4 and 5.

NEC's STARUS Digital Cinema Solution

Utilizing best-of-class technology innovations, the NEC Solutions America Digital Cinema Division leverages NEC's world-class expertise in visual display products, infrastructure, and integration services to develop specialized, system-wide solutions for the delivery and management of digital content. By combining the expertise of movie-making professionals with the technological innovation of NEC, the Digital Cinema Division is creating all-encompassing, practical digital cinema solutions that meet the requirements of the cinema industry.

NEC's STARUS Digital Cinema solution combines the immaculate imagery of digital cinema projection with NEC's award-winning fault tolerant server technology. NEC's STARUS Digital Cinema solution offers the most comprehensive digital cinema solution on the market today. Utilizing high-speed fibre channel connectivity, exhibitors can now alleviate the "Thursday night challenge" by enabling the transfer of movies from screen to screen in minutes controlled from a single or multiple locations. NEC designed the STARUS Digital Cinema solution to deliver simple multiplex and presentation management in addition to seamless integration at a competitive price. NEC Financial Services offers an attractive selection of leasing or financing packages to suit any exhibitor's requirements.

About NEC Viewtechnology, Ltd.

NEC Viewtechnology, Ltd. is a member company of the NEC Group and dedicated manufacturer of projectors. From Digital Cinema to Mobile Convenience, NEC Projectors are the Best Solution. NEC Viewtechnology offers a broad range of projectors for business, advertising, and education, as well as specialized projectors for digital cinema. For more information about NEC Viewtechnology, visit

About NEC Solutions America

NEC Solutions (America), Inc. is a premier provider of integrated solutions for the Connected Enterprise in North America. As an affiliate of NEC Corporation (NASDAQ:NIPNY)(FTSE:6701q.1), NEC Solutions America taps into a global resource network to help clients leverage technology to achieve a competitive edge. From corporate performance management and biometric security solutions to digital cinema and in-theatre advertising systems, visual displays and server solutions, the expertise is delivered with the personal attention needed to address individual situations. With headquarters in Rancho Cordova, California, NEC Solutions America serves a wide range of markets, including the healthcare and public safety, financial services, cinema, retail and manufacturing markets. Information regarding NEC Solutions America can be found at

(C)2006 NEC Solutions (America), Inc. STARUS is a trademark of NEC Solutions (America), Inc. DLP and DLP Cinema are registered trademarks of Texas Instruments. All other trademarks are of the respective owners. All Rights Reserved.

(1) Subject to installation conditions.
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