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NCI announces highest capacity digital voice recorder on the market.

SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 30, 1996---

Flashback(R) XL has more than 3.5 times the capacity of

competitive units

NCI (formerly Norris Communications Corp., NASDAQ:NCII) Wednesday announced two new long-length versions of its award-winning Flashback(R) hand-held digital voice recorder, a palm-sized three-ounce unit that records voice input instantly, performs variable-speed playback without change of voice pitch and includes on-board voice editing.

Called the Flashback XL (extended-length), the new products feature a built-in recording capacity of either 72 minutes (Model XL72) or 144 minutes (Model XL144) and are designed for higher-end memo dictation applications where removable media is not required. With the highest capacity of a competitive digital recorder at 40 minutes, the storage capacity of the Flashback XL72 is nearly twice as high and the Flashback XL144 a whopping 3.6 times greater.

"The 40 minute competitive unit is listed at $149.95 giving it a cost per minute of $3.75. At nearly a dollar per minute lower, the Flashback XL144 features the lowest cost per minute of any digital recorder on the market," said Bob Root, president and CEO of NCI. "Lower than even some of the low-end gadgets with virtually no editing capabilities."

NCI will continue to ship the original Flashback with ultra-compact, removable flash memory SoundClips(R) with a capacity of 18 minutes (1 MB) or 36 minutes (2 MB). The new XL products are designed to extend the Flashback family, giving users the choice of either longer recording capacity or removable SoundClips with compatibility with the Flashback VoiceLink(TM).

With almost 2-1/2 hours recording time, the Flashback XL supports applications where longer length is required, but archiving and storage on a computer are not.

The original Flashback still features virtually unlimited capacity with removable SoundClips and compatibility with the Flashback VoiceLink, which allows voice messages to be downloaded into a computer for editing, storage, archiving and sending via e-mail on the Internet. The two product families are designed for different users and applications and therefore extend the usefulness of the Flashback product family.

The Flashback XL72 and XL144 will be available in Calendar Q4 from distributors, resellers, value added resellers and chain stores worldwide at a suggested retail price of $269.95 for the Flashback XL72 and $399.95 for the Flashback XL144. Interested parties should contact NCI at 800/916-6267 or 619/679-1504. Visit the company's World Wide Web site at

NCI is a Delaware-based publicly traded corporation on NASDAQ at trading symbol NCII. It markets branded products worldwide through distributors, resellers, VARs, catalogs and chain stores. The OEM division markets the NCI MicroOS imbedded systems software operating system, Multichip modules, private label products and custom-designed products worldwide.

The company has patented the Flashback(R) Digital Voice Recorder, sound recording techniques and features, which position it as the world leader in digital flash memory audio recording. The company operates out of its headquarters in Poway, Calif., (San Diego) and through NCI Ltd. in the United Kingdom.


Bob Root or Janice Kall (media), 619/679-1504
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Oct 30, 1996
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