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 ATLANTA, Aug. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- National Data Corporation (NASDAQ: NDTA) has announced the release of EasyClaim/LTC(TM), a new claim submission service for pharmacies supporting nursing homes and other long-term care facilities.
 EasyClaim/LTC allows nursing home pharmacies to transmit drug claims in a batch mode to Medicaid programs and other payors who require real- time submission. NDC accepts these batch transmissions and forwards them in real-time to the appropriate payor.
 Although real-time claim submission fits the work flow of a retail pharmacy, it is extremely burdensome in a long-term care environment, where prescriptions are filled at predetermined intervals for dozens or even hundreds of patients at a time.
 "EasyClaim/LTC is a much better solution for nursing home pharmacies than anything out there," said Tom Weiss of Rescot Systems Group, the nursing home system vendor piloting the new EasyClaim/LTC service. "Its high speed and reliable data transfer will particularly benefit high volume providers." According to Weiss, pharmacies serving nursing homes must be able to transmit claims after hours to use their resources more efficiently.
 Added Richard Cohan, senior vice president of Healthcare at NDC: "These pharmacies can't afford to spend hours submitting every single claim in real-time and waiting for a response. We developed EasyClaim/LTC so they can meet payor requirements for real-time submission without changing their work flow."
 With EasyClaim/LTC, the provider transmits a file of pharmacy claims to NDC. Providers may dial into the NDC network using a variety of popular communication protocols. After receiving the file, NDC sends each claim to the appropriate processor in real-time. The processor adjudicates the claim in real-time and returns the response to NDC, where it is stored in a file for retrieval by the provider. Twenty-four hours after submitting the claim file, the provider can download all the responses.
 Cohan said that EasyClaim/LTC offers long-term care pharmacies more than convenience. "Since NDC sends each claim to the processor for real- time adjudication, the claims are processed much faster than with the conventional batch submission," he said. "This improves provider cash flow."
 Weiss noted that because EasyClaim/LTC supports standard protocols and ANSI X12 guidelines, it requires minimal programming by system vendors. "It's simple for a vendor to incorporate EasyClaim/LTC in a nursing home system, and the benefits to the provider are tremendous."
 National Data Corporation is a leading provider of value-added application systems and information services for the healthcare, retail and government/corporate markets.
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