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Musicians and aspiring musicians will relish some fine new guides on the market. Paul Zollo's CONVERSATIONS WITH TOM PETTY (1844498158, $24.95) isn't a light interview: it's a series of in- depth interviews with Tom about his career and music, and provides excellent background history and insights into Petty's achievements, associations with fellow musicians, and most especially, his songwriting. Zollo's guided interviews allow for powerful focus, not light conversation, making CONVERSATIONS WITH TOM PETTY much more revealing than anticipated. Joel McIver's EXTREME METAL first appeared in 2000 and was the first of its kind, choosing some two hundred of the biggest bands of 'extreme metal' and introducing the scene. In 2005 EXTREME METAL II (1844490971, $19.95) appears to provide the latest update, covering death metal bands, metal-influenced new groups, and charting the latest trends of a now-established genre. EXTREME METAL II provides an A-Z survey and history of major acts, packs in photos throughout, and is a 'must' reference for any fan. If you're already a musician seeking to break into the recording business, start with J.S. Rudsenske's MUSIC BUSINESS MADE SIMPLE: A GUIDE TO BECOMING A RECORDING ARTIST (0825672953, $14.95), a step-by-step simple guide for musicians who want to become recording artists. From developing songs and gigging to recording a demo, handling producers and booking agents, and getting a record deal, MUSIC BUSINESS MADE SIMPLE provides everything needed to understand the business end of the music industry. Perhaps you're finding it hard to break in but have plenty of ideas for recordings: Rudsenske's START AN INDEPENDENT RECORD LABEL (0825673100, $16.95) charts a different strategy and tells how artists can begin their own labels to take control over music and money. From understanding the legal contract and foundations of what constitutes a record deal to understanding distribution channels and payment rates, START AN INDEPENDENT RECORD LABEL tells it all.
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Title Annotation:Conversations With Tom Petty; Extreme Metal II; Music Business Made Simple: A Guide To Becoming A Recording Artist; Music Business Made Simple: Start An Independent Record Label
Author:Donovan, Diane C.
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Date:Jan 1, 2006
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