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Multi-size case packer.

The model 206 allows manufacturers to run multiple package sizes and pack patterns for a variety of retailers while reducing changeover downtime. This packer packer /pack·er/ (pak´er) an instrument for introducing a dressing into a cavity or a wound.

1. An instrument for tamponing.

2. See plugger.
 offers flexibility to pack many styles of cartons, cans, semi-rigid containers, and single-or multipacks into RSC, HSC HSC - High Speed Connect , HSC display cases or trays. Changeover is easily accomplished at the operator console by selectijng the new product and case/tray size from the pre-programmed options and the motorized mo·tor·ize  
tr.v. mo·tor·ized, mo·tor·iz·ing, mo·tor·iz·es
1. To equip with a motor.

2. To supply with motor-driven vehicles.

3. To provide with automobiles.
 changeover is activated ensuring automatic, repeatable adjustment to the new specifications. For extreme product size changes where change parts are required, modules with locking handles are used to ensure simple, no-tools changeover. The unit packs up to 30 cases per minute depending on the product and pack pattern.

A-B-C Packaging Machine Corporation

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Date:May 1, 2012
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