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Moving views from the museum of life

A traffic light and an electricity junction box junction box
An enclosure within which electric circuits are connected.

junction box  

An enclosure within which electric circuits, such as the electrical wiring for different sections of a building, are
 might not seem obvious subjects for movies, but a project for homeless film-makers in the north-west has transformed them into just that.

The Different Landscape Film Project, a collaboration between the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester The Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester, located in Manchester, England, is a large museum devoted to the development of science, technology, and industry and particularly the city's considerable contributions to these.  and the English Churches Housing Group (ECHG ECHG English Churches Housing Group ), which runs hostels for homeless people, has led to an exhibition of short films made by hostel residents.

Nine first-time film-makers, all homeless, are showing their films at the museum from this week. The participants worked with the British director John McCormack This article is about the Irish tenor. For other people of the same name, see John McCormack (disambiguation).

John McCormack (14 June, 1884 - 16 September, 1945), was a world-famous Irish tenor in the fields of opera and popular music, and renowned for
. All were trained in production research and editing, and then chose an exhibit that inspired them.

Freddie Blackburn focused on a traffic light that survived the 1996 IRA Ira, in the Bible
Ira (ī`rə), in the Bible.

1 Chief officer of David.


3 Two of David's guard.
IRA, abbreviation
 bomb in the centre of Manchester. "The bomb was a huge event in my life, so making the film was intense, but I wanted it to remind people that we shouldn't forget," he says. "I never thought I could use a camera because it all seemed too technical. But through this project I've realised there's nothing to be scared of."

Paul Huxley-Grantham, a resettlement Re`set´tle`ment   

n. 1. Act of settling again, or state of being settled again; as, the resettlement of lees s>.
The resettlement of my discomposed soul.
- Norris.
 worker for ECHG who is spearheading the project, says it gives confidence to people who, because of their experiences with, for example, substance abuse, doubt their own capacities.

All the participants - including those on a previous scheme, who made films based on their life stories - say taking part has increased their self-esteem. Half say it has improved how they interact with agencies such as the probation probation, method by which the punishment of a convicted offender is conditionally suspended. The offender must remain in the community and under the supervision of a probation officer, who is usually a court-appointed official.  service. Impressively, 40% have reported a significant drop in substance misuse and less antisocial antisocial /an·ti·so·cial/ (-so´sh'l)
1. denoting behavior that violates the rights of others, societal mores, or the law.

2. denoting the specific personality traits seen in antisocial personality disorder.

The long-term aim is to help residents turn their lives around. Nathan Webb, a 30-year-old former prisoner who made a film about electricity - inspired by his father's trade and an exhibit on the history of electricity - has already found a new direction: "I'm looking at doing a volunteering course. That is something I would never have thought I was able to do before."

ECHG, which funds the scheme, has no confirmed plans for similar projects, but Huxley-Grantham hopes there are more to come and that they can be extended to residents in women's hostels.

· Details of the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester exhibition at
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Date:Nov 29, 2006
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