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Movin' on up; Quinsig grads worked hard, overcame difficulties.

Byline: Aaron Nicodemus

WORCESTER - Always ready with a cheer or a laugh, students in the largest-ever graduating class at Quinsigamond Community College Quinsigamond Community College (colloq: QCC, Quinsig) is a public, two-year academic institution located in Worcester, Massachusetts. A commuter school, the college currently has an enrollment of 7,000 students in its Associate's degree and its certification programs.  received diplomas under sunny skies yesterday.

The 1,031 students hailed from around the corner and around the world, said college President Gail E. Carberry. Each time she called them the class of the perfect 10s, for 2010, the students whooped and hollered. Led into a huge open air tent by a group of bagpipers List of Bagpipers Uilleann Pipes
  • Kevin Briley
  • Ronan Browne
  • Willie Clancy
  • Troy Donockley
  • Johnny Doran
  • Séamus Ennis
  • Sean Folsom
  • Wilbert Garvin
  • Robbie Hannon
  • Paddy Keenan
  • Ronan Le Bars
  • Neil Mulligan
  • Sean McAloon
, graduates and faculty members withstood hot temperatures on a college soccer field.

"After today, there will be 1,031 more confident, caring people out there in the Greater Worcester community," Ms. Carberry said.

Student President Michael Harper
This article is about the Anglican priest. For the African-American poet, see Michael S. Harper. For the My Family character, see Michael Harper (My Family).
Michael Claude Harper (b.
, who also received the school's outstanding student leader award, said he does not know where he would be without the education and guidance he received at Quinsigamond Community College.

A product of a single-parent family single-parent family Social medicine A family unit with a mother or father and unmarried children. See Father 'factor.', Latchkey children, Quality time, Supermom. Cf Extended family, Nuclear family, Two parent advantage.  and Worcester public housing, Mr. Harper said he had a low grade-point average and little idea where his life was headed when he enrolled at QCC QCC Queensborough Community College (New York)
QCC Quality Core Curriculum
QCC Qwest Communications Corporation
QCC Quinsigamond Community College (Worcester, MA)
QCC Quality Control Circle
 three years ago.

But then Barack Obama was elected president, inspiring him to apply himself to his studies and make something of himself.

"The ignorant boy who began this path three years ago has become the man you see before you today," he said, thanking everyone at the school and in his family who helped him along the way.

Ms. Carberry introduced commencement speaker Mayor Joseph C. O'Brien by listing his educational credentials: Fordham University Fordham University (fôr`dəm), in New York City; Jesuit; coeducational; founded as St. John's College 1841, chartered as a university 1846; renamed 1907. Fordham College for men and Thomas More College for women merged in 1974. , Harvard University Harvard University, mainly at Cambridge, Mass., including Harvard College, the oldest American college. Harvard College

Harvard College, originally for men, was founded in 1636 with a grant from the General Court of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.
 and Quinsigamond Community College.

"He is a graduate of the Big Three," she joked.

Mr. O'Brien, who earned a certificate in QCC's paramedic/EMT training program, told the students that QCC "was then, and continues to be, an inspiration."

He said he spoke with a QCC student who spent some time in a homeless shelter as a youth, who was earning her degree in human services so she could help other people. Another student, who fled poverty and oppression in his native Uganda, earned his degree and a chance at a better life from QCC, he said.

And he told the story of his two adopted children, both unable to speak English very well, who recently enrolled in a Worcester preschool. On the first day, perhaps sensing their apprehension, other preschoolers took the hands of his children and showed them around the classroom.

"We need to look out for each other, it's a tough world out there," he said. "We need to help each other."

An emotional moment in the ceremony was the presentation of the professor emeritus award to professor Daniel A. King, who has taught at QCC for more than 40 years. He did not speak, but acknowledged a standing ovation.

The following is a list of area residents:

Associate in Applied Science

Athol: Andrew Kenniff

Auburn: Fred Comeau

Charlton: Patrick Foley

Clinton: Alex Gomez

Gardner: Edward Giancaterino

Holden: Steven Prosser

Leicester: Dennis McGrail

Leominster: Peter Callahan, Colin Cuddahy

Millbury: James Hunter

Oxford: Joseph Lynch

Paxton: Jason Kuntz

Spencer: Abdul Sandakli

Upton: John Saulen

Webster: Doreen Avery

Worcester: Christopher Boza, Joshua Ehrich, James Laprade, Michael Vessello

Associate in Arts

Ashby: Alanna Alanna may refer to:
  • Alanna Ubach, a Puerto Rican actress.
  • Alanna Kraus, a Canadian skater.
  • Alanna Nash, an American journalist and biographer.
  • Alanna Buehring, a crew member on the IPTV show Hak.5.

Auburn: Timothy Antkowiak, Lynn Beauregard, Eugenya Clark, Jeremy Clockedile, Lukas Godaire, William Jacobson William Jacobson (1803-1884) was Regius Professor of Divinity at Oxford University (1848–1865) and Bishop of Chester (1865–1884).

He married Eleanor Jane Turner, the youngest daughter of the banker Dawson Turner in 1836. Their son was the surgeon W.H.A. Jacobson.
, Kaylee Johnson, Michelle Olson, Erin Renihan, Adaliz Santiago, George Scobie, Jeffrey Shimkoski, Melanie Smith Melanie Smith (born December 16, 1962 in Scranton, Pennsylvania, U.S.) is an American actress. She is best known for her portrayal of Tora Ziyal in , the third actress to do so, as well as a recurring role on As The World Turns. , Christopher Voas.

Berlin: Jason Bandzul

Bolton: Michelle Kelly Michelle Kelly (born November 7, 1974) is a Canandian skeleton racer who has competed since 1996. She won two medals in the women's skeleton event at the FIBT World Championships with a gold in 2003 and a bronze in 2005.  

Boylston: Mary Dutczak

Brimfield: Elizabeth Phillips

Brookfield: Valerie Goyette, Christopher Ross

Charlton: Ashley Henrard, Andrea Laprade, Michelle Leufstedt, Melissa Longden

Charlton City: Allan Andre

Cherry Valley Cherry Valley can refer to several places:

Places in the United States:
  • Cherry Valley, Illinois
  • Cherry Valley, California
  • Cherry Valley, Pennsylvania
  • Cherry Valley (town), New York site of the Cherry Valley massacre
: Mark Derosier

Clinton: Carla LeBlanc, Christopher Lippmann, Carree Villeneuve

Douglas: Amanwil Armanious, Jacqueline Butler, Kiani Kasper

Dudley: Ashley Cherry, Patricia Gorgone, Arthur Kiritsis, Justine Laporte, Lesli Patrock, Megan Sullivan

East Brookfield East Brookfield is the name of the following places in the United States:
  • East Brookfield (CDP), Massachusetts
  • East Brookfield (town), Massachusetts
: Jessie Lazarick

East Douglas: Bitar Armanious, Tarah Havalotti

Grafton: Michael Bakis, Gregory Caswell

Holden: Katherine Convery, Jayson Crosby, Crystal Henderson, Christopher Melanson, Derek Orne, Emily Rosenlund

Holland: Tonya Olsen

Hopedale: Martin Meyer

Hubbardston: Erica DeGaetano, Kimberly Ivanowski

Hudson: Matthew Cadigan, Sally Ellis, Karen Sanford, Kathryn Thomas Kathryn Thomas (born January, 1979) is an Irish television presenter from Blackbog Road, Carlow in Ireland. Kathryn attended national school in the Green Road, Carlow and began her secondary school years in St. Leo’s College.  

Jefferson: Christopher Monroe

Leicester: Bryan Belmore, Jade La Brie, Brandi Rose

Leominster: Ashly Lynch, Angel Miranda, Jason Mitchell Jason Mitchell (born July 19, 1981) is an american football wide receiver who was invited to the National Football League Tampa Bay Buccaneers minicamp in May 2006. Professional career
Previously, he was with the Jacksonville Jaguars organization.
, William Seuss, Michael Stevens

Marlboro: Caitlin Horman, Felicity Igbo-Mbala, Dawn Lehman, Iyke Mbala, Emily Moog

Milford: Edgardo Feliciano, Robert Fleet, Evelyanne Perez

Millbury: Matthew Gurinian, Amanda Hagstrom, Emily Kelosis, Juan Lopez

North Brookfield North Brookfield is the name of some places in the United States.
  • North Brookfield, Massachusetts
  • North Brookfield, Maryland
: Steven Matasavage

Northboro: Samantha Penzone, Corey Phelps, John Reardon
For the baseball umpire, see Beans Reardon.
John Reardon (born July 30 1975) is a Canadian former all-star college football player for Mount Allison University (1993-1997).
, Kendall Schmidt

Northbridge: Cassandra Campbell, Ashley Ferrucci

Oakham: Linda Prunesti, Michael Sheridan For the bishop of Colorado Springs, please see Michael John Sheridan

Michael Sheridan is an Australian jazz/punk/noise guitarist.

In 1983 he formed a jazz punk outfit Great White Noise, soon followed by an improvisation group Slaughter House 3, with Jon Rose

Oxford: Chad Binette, Julianne Hammond, Britney Pellerin, Justine Radloff

Paxton: Bethany Eddy

Princeton: Jacquelyn Sargent

Rutland: Alexandra Brockway, Rhonda DiMatteo, Pamela Duncan, Danielle Vozzella

Shirley: Katherine Monaco

Shrewsbury: Joyce Akman, Jessica Card, Eric Connolly, David Crouse, Sandeep Dehal, Andrew Gasdaska, Charles Gasdaska, Stephen Godek, Caitlin Hebert, Joann Jean-Baptiste, Ryan Joslin, Bettina Jung-Drew, Krystal LaPierre, Hossein Madani, Elizabeth Maddison, Anna-Kim Reilly, Elizabeth Silva.

Southboro: Shiry Armanious, Rebecca Mason

Southbridge: Scott Myers, Jazsmin Trifone

Spencer: Amanda Belton, Ryan Pontbriand Ryan David Pontbriand[1] (born October 1, 1979 in Houston, Texas) is an American football long snapper and center who currently plays for the Cleveland Browns of the National Football League; he wears the number 64. , Lauren Sasseville

Sterling: Andrew Olds, Heather Sherman

Sturbridge: Jennifer Dansereau, Krysta Jovan, Susan McKenna

Sutton: Thomas Chevalier, Lisa Lukason, Ashley McKinnon, Michael Polselli

Uxbridge: Sean Dube, Lindsay Lavallee, Deborah Sawyer

Wales: Derick Brown, Taylor Tooley

Ware: Sarah Messer

Webster: Stephanie LaForte, Ellen Labbe, Deborah Sanford

West Boylston: Jennifer Bartkus, Nicole Cicio, Victoria Kinne, Keith Lenahan, Jennifer Recupero, Ashley Reid, James Tonelli

West Brookfield: Emily Laviolette

West Upton: Amanda Callahan

Westboro: Adrianna Coelho, Joshua Oparowski, Leslie Robillard, Erin Synnott

Wheelwright wheel·wright  
One that builds and repairs wheels.


a person whose job is to make and mend wheels

Noun 1.
: Michael O'Connell

Whitinsville: Kimberly Naughton, Kara Kara (kär`ə), river, c.140 mi (230 km) long, NE European and NW Siberian Russia. It flows N from the N Urals into the Kara Sea, forming part of the traditional border between European and Asian Russia. It is navigable in its lower course.  Rancourt, Peter Rusakovich

Worcester: Tatiana Bonds, Colin Burdett, Grace Cabral, Jaime Carbonneau, Kellyn Carlson, Andrew Cavan, Ericka Cobos, Daniel Condon, Patrick Conlin, Stephen Cordor, Gisseth Cortes, Belmari Cruz, Angela D'Alessandro, Samia Daou, Michelle Dattis, Jessica De Los Santos De Los Santos is a common surname in the Spanish language meaning of the saints.
  • Epifanio de los Santos (1871–1928), Filipino historian
  • Gonzalo de los Santos (born 1976), Uruguayan football player
  • Jaime de los Santos (born 1946), Filipino general
, Jodi DeGabriele, Ha Dinh, Colleen Dolan, Denise Donnelly, Michelle Dugan, Valerie Dupre-Estime, Joshua Ehrich, Leila El-Refaei, Maria Ethier, Alison Fallon, Shannon Favreault, Paul Fullem, Crystal Garcia, Jenae Garey, Brahm Gartner, Gena Gauthier, Karen Geddes, Florencia Gherbesi, Laura Gilbert, Bryan Gregoire, Elisabeth Hakala, James Hamrin, Taija Hanna, Michael Harper, Julie Harvey, Gerald Hovenanian, Richard Keenan, David Kilcoyne, Elizabeth Leone, Tiffany Lillie, Sonia Malave, Ami Malek, Matthew McTigue, Katherine Melican, Eric Mentzer, Tamsyn Moreau, Lauren Needham, Doreen Noisette noi·sette  
A small round piece of meat, especially loin or fillet of lamb, veal, or pork.

Made or flavored with hazelnuts.
, Sophia Nuamah, Michelle Oliveri, Michael Pecora, Phelan Pella, Juliette Pinto, Laura Polanco, Vance Popowicz, Christina Riggieri, Margaret Rodriguez, Nadine Rodriguez, Crystal Rosado, Michael Rossetti, Kym Rutkiewicz, Rebeka Sanxhaku, Amanda Sarsfield, Michael Shea Michael Shea (1943-) is an American fantasy author living in California. His works include Nifft the Lean (1982) (winner of the World Fantasy Award) and The Mines of Behemoth (1997) (later republished together as The Incomplete Nifft , Rianna Shea, Tonia Staples, Shauna Tavakolnia, Christian Tsetsos, Angela Walsh, Celeste Celeste is a woman's first name. Celeste may also refer to:

in Music
  • Voix céleste, a Pipe Organ stop.
  • Celesta, a musical instrument
  • Spanish/Portuguese for Sky Blue, Light Blue, Baby Blue
 Walsh, Yata Yeawolo, Marie Zuo.

Associate in Science

Ashby: Lesley Bergquist, Nicole Howell

Auburn: Aysha Awan, Myles Burke, Christine Coonan, Sabrina Dluznieski, Sarah Fenlon, Lia Gallicchio, Amanda Giaquinto, Kimberly Gingras, Alesia Gleason, Christopher Grilli, Mary Hoey, Maureen MacLean, Kristen Malley, Renee Peckham, Nicole Rojee, Keith Taylor, Sheila Tucker, George Yantsides, Peter Zompetti.

Barre: Sarah Oldakowski, Angelina Voyer

Berlin: Jennifer Barrett, Mariann Nutter

Boylston: David Flanagan, Matthew Fuller, Krista Hamilton, Brian Markle, Lucy Pendell

Brimfield: Michael Fusco, Joseph Sloan

Brookfield: Emily Eisenmenger, Ryan Ferro, Catherine McCreevan

Charlton: Meghan Bachand, Victoria Berg, Charles Cloutier, Aimee Courtemanche, Michael Doktor, Barbara Hogan, Robin Jansson, Lynn-Marie Lange, Brian O'Malley, Matthew Stewart, Lisa Trombly, Neal Trombly.

Cherry Valley: Genesia LaFrance, Carol Messier, Caisse Moore, Susan Thibeault

Clinton: Heather Almeida, Kenton Brister, Mary Constant, Michael Daley, Kristen Devaney, Ann Galeano, Adam Goddard, Shannon Kittle kit·tle   Scots
Touchy; unpredictable.

tr.v. kit·tled, kit·tling, kit·tles
1. To tickle; arouse.

2. To puzzle; perplex.
, Julio Navas, Constance Notaro, Cruz Rosado, Susan Stone, Ariadne Takimoto, Richard Tomolo, Amanda Vosburg, Kerri Whitney.

Douglas: Kimberly Carroll, Darren Ellis, Sherill Gay, Tayler Smith

Dudley: Michelle Curry, Nicholas Dono, Michael Gurriere, Nicole McFarlin, Ashley Olson, Vicki Soponski, Brian Walker

East Brookfield: Joseph Lazarick, Raven Santana

East Douglas: Jessica Howell, Jennifer Lambert, Neal Makowski

Fitchburg: Elise Bowne, Andree Castillo, Chad Courtemanche, Robert Soroka

Gardner: Michelle Raymond

Grafton: Jeffrey Anderson, Katherine Graver, Alicia Marzziotti, Candice Richardson, Valerie Stone, Claire Young

Holden: Casey Baker, Joanne Barnes, Jared Bratko, Mary Chipman, Shawn Desroches, Nichole Felix, Bryan Gallagher, Veronica Gates, Tetyana LaPrade, Michael Martineau, Christine Morin, Kellianne Shea, Christopher Wilder, Lisa Yasko.

Holland: Katerine Ramos, Kate Swalec

Hopedale: Michael Brown, Olga Diaz Valerio, Vernon Gross

Hubbardston: Benjamin Poirier

Hudson: Renata Da Costa, Stacia Doucet, Elda Freitas, Lawrence Gitau, Steven Harris, Debra Maryyanek

Jefferson: Christine Heney, Amber Munafo, Kylie Tomasso

Lancaster: Kenneth Fox

Leicester: Joshua Clark, Lisa Corey, Alexander Dempsey, Catherine Fontaine, Carmen Holmes, Sean Jyringi, Jacob Orth, Sharon Pickeral, Teresa Schliker, Elaine Torres.

Leominster: Alicia Anderson, Cynthia Cannavino, Danielle Colton, James Crentsil, Robert DiMarzio, Holly Dobson, Elizabeth Griggs-Decoteau, Jill Largey, Jeremiah Marcoux, Stacey Tata, Heather Young.

Linwood: Peter Belanger, Patricia Bishop, Krista Weaver

Lunenburg: Mark Arnold, Cynthia Howe

Marlboro: Linda Amero, Patricia Ding, Kyle Estabrooks, Staci Feeney, Iris Ferrecchia, Lola Freitas, Gabriel Jorge, Kristen Labossiere, Bailey Monti, Michael O'Connell, Joseph Paolilli, Grace Rosa, Benjamin Ryan, Heather Smith, Ariana Tinoco Garcia, Enio Ximenes.

Mendon: Anthony Cascio, Cheryl Cosentino

Milford: Caitlin Fahey, Juana Gonzalez, Monica Verissimo, Patricia Word

Millbury: Christopher Alt, Justin Arcure, Jeremy Barrett, Laura Bernier, Chelsea Besardi, Heather Brower, Kenneth Bryant, Zachary Dalrymple, Jillian Faulkner, Christine Fintzel, James Foley, Alan Gilson, Karen Green, Jennie Johanson, Nicholas LaFlash, Mathew Macaruso, Joseph Nagle, Melissa O'Brien, Nicole Pilat, Rochele Tinsley.

New Braintree: Joseph Howe, Brent Merkel

North Brookfield: Jamie Gilman, Steven Matasavage, Matthew Santaguida, Kevin Tucker, Patrick Waugh

North Grafton: Tina Brideau, Julia Harris, Sers Sterlin

North Oxford: Katelyn Ellis, Laurie Grigas, Rebecca Lavoie, David Shoblom

Northboro: Daniel Matthews, Sean Murphy, Rebecca Setterlund

Northbridge: Mark Corey, Kevin Cullen, Peter Haigis, Peter Young

Oakham: Wendy Sandman Sandman

induces sleep by sprinkling sand in children’s eyes. [Folklore: Brewer Dictionary, 966]

See : Sleep

Sandman - The DoD requirements that led to APSE.

Oxford: Lisa Binette, Gail Downing, Jessica Dulmaine, Laurie Dupuis, Elizabeth Dyer, Loretta Dyer, Kristen Gagne, Jessica Martinelli, Noah Miner, Megan Pierce, Christopher Poitras, Mia Rodriguez, Joseph Uryasz, Kristen Wagner.

Paxton: Ursula John, Kayla Prunier, Stephanie Recalde

Princeton: Collin Chang, Tammie Hunton, Jonathan Mackay, Diana Ricker

Rochdale: Leah Murphy, Sheila Peabody

Rutland: Daniel Favreau, Michael Jones, Lisa MacLeod, Brooke Marsh, James Quill, Brendan Rutherford

Shrewsbury: Lindsey Allen, Jessye Antonio, Paulo Cavalcanti, Michael Creem, Chelsea D'Urso, Elise Hack, Derek Hubbard, Anila Manda, Bozena Pardo, Nadine Peloquin, Phirachan Pimsri, Michael Repasy, Angela Ruivo, Thomas Scarduzio, Daniela Snopkowski, Viet Truong, Leah Tymon, Nicholas Welcom, Manda Wells.

South Grafton: Rachel Jacques, Beth Makie, Kellie Nash

Southboro: Kyle DeVincent, David Williamson

Southbridge: Darci Baniukiewicz, Shazia Bi, Kera Harter, David Janjua, Damaris Leon, Shiraz Mohd, Angela Pontbriand, Tyra Taylor, Tara Trucheon.

Spencer: Francy Anderson, Curry Beaudette, Heather Benham, Jessica Fausek, Evelyn Grullon, Joshua LaCasse, Richard MacLean, Stephen Scavone, Robin Sisco.

Sterling: James Clark, Jessica Dyer, Matthew Fries, Robert Lanciani, Kempton Pollard, Adam Washburn

Sturbridge: William Behrens, Hanna Bonin, Jennifer Gould, Jennifer Hager, Arlene Ireland, Krysta Jovan, Stacey Parzych, Rachel Spencer.

Sutton: Tara Anger, Edward Mwangi, Giac Nuon, Jennifer Plante

Templeton: Luther Henshaw

Thompson: Pamela Howell, Danielle Weiss

Uxbridge: Lauren Barbosa, Jessica Ethier, Hayley Evans, Meagan Grant, Kristen LeBlanc, Christopher Miedema, Clarissa Ortiz

Warren: James Robitaille.

Webster: Laura Arvedon, Polly Burlingame, Jocelyn Davern, Joseph Gadbois, Cassandra Gentile, Mark Huberdault, Heather Jolly, Sarah Maker, Steven McLaughlin, Audra Perry, Dino Scarglia, Benjamin Wall.

West Boylston: Kara Bianchini, Matthew Gonyea, Cara Hannigan, Ashley Marino, Evan Polakowski, Ellyn Saposnik, Brian Siequist, Nadine Stowell.

West Brookfield: Dawn Santos

West Upton: Stephany Baldelli, Nader Hamed

Westboro: Elisha Burdett, Christina Parker, Carlos Trento

Westminster: Jessica Caron, Mark Nelson

Whitinsville: Kristin Branchaud, Candice Daviau, Rebecca Fleming, Bernice Maldonado, Jonathan Morais, David Morrow, Adrienne Price.

Worcester: Nidia Aguila, Noor Ain, Monique Akeman, Anthony Akenga, Shabnam Akrami, Frank Akuamoah, James Alache, Stephanie Allen, Betsy Alvarenga, Ashley Anderson, Ronald Anjiri, Adalia Aponte, Sierra Arell, Juliet Asante, Jillian Ashley, Kara Atkinson, Marco Avalos, Anthony Baidoo, Kate Ballard, Christabella Bamfo, Brian Bandalewicz, Barbara Barry, Yesenia Bates, Ebenezer Berko, Ilda Bixho, Nicole Blanchard, Kelly Bloomfield, Vivian Boateng, Sylwia Bobinska, Jenna Bonardi, Ralph Bonhomme, Gaspar Borrero, Joseph Bourget, Kelvi Brea, Marjorie Brown, Victoria Burke, Kimberly Cabrero, Margaret Caisse, Felicia Caligaris, Joseph Campbell, Luz Caraballo, Stephanie Cardenas, Sarah Cardoza, Lexamarie Carrero, Jodie Chapdelaine, Brian Clarke, Juan Cobos, Kristylee Collins, Stephanie Costen, Marc Creegan, Ofelia Cruz, Angela Da Silva, Gilmar Da Vitoria, Amber Damuni, Luis Diaz, Suong Dinh, Amoah Djan, Gayan Don Amarasinghe, Joseph Donovan, Jennifer Durecut, Patricia Eagleton, Jason Eisenmenger, Soraya Eller, Irving Espinosa, Jai Etwaroo, Safoula Farrington, Melanie Filippelli, Megan Fisher, Moisema Flumo, Manuela Franca, Melanie Gaines, Ewelina Gasiorski, Annie Gatheru, Nicolas Germain, Jay Gibree, Colleen Gibson, Alexandra Gilles, Fabian Glenn, Jonathan Goldsmith, Mike Goma, Jason Grant, Matthew Greaney, Alicia Grossi, Ellyn Guinding, Lisa Hackett, Michael Halloran, Roya Hashimi, Erica Henault, Monique Hernandez, Alex Hidenfelter, Eboni Hughes, Abigale Hunter, Johnney Huynh, Shannon Iannotta, Melissa Ingerson, Catherine Itugi, Jessica Jacob, Michal Janczewski, Andri Jashari, Melissa Joubert, Lonah Kabiu, Rosemary Kamau, Sanyu Katamba, Kathy Keenan, Kristin Keller, Ruth Kilungu, Deidre Kinuthia, Yajaila Kopko, Erica Korabek, Ahmad Krayem, Joselda Kureta, Cecilia Kuria, Elizabeth Lavoie, Duyanh Le, Sandy Le, Susan Le, Steven Leavitt, Domiciano Lebron, Kristina Lekas, Eduart Lekdushi, Christina Lillie, Rosemary Lopez, Nicholas Lupisella, Artur Magda, Panit Mai, Alexander Maracallo, Jeremy Martunas, Dan Mattock mattock

Picklike digging implement, one of the oldest tools of agriculture. It resembles the modern hoe but with a stone or wooden blade rather than a metal one, set at right angles to a long wooden handle.
, Patricia McHugh, Breanne McPartland, Ana Memelli, Michelle Memnon, Luis Mendes, Erion Minga, Julian Miru, Thomas Moir, Adrian Mompoint, Jennifer Montanez, Viryuana Moreira, Andrew Morgan, Ruvimbo Mugandani, Michael Nardi, Randi Nelson, Gregory Nichols, Alexander Nieves, Catherine Nimley, Laura Novoa, Michael Oftring, Jessica Ortiz, Latasha Parrott, Careyann Patterson, Yajaira Paulino, Liem Pham, Antonia Porcelli, Kelvin Quaye, Lewis Quaye, Raquel Ramos, Lady Renteria, Elvin Rodriguez, Lydia Rodriguez, Adam Ross, Adam Royce, Kathryn Rudy, David Runyan, Teresa Ryan, Ramesh Sadeghi, Jordan Sands, Denise Sangenario, Lissette Santana, Arbana Sanxhaku, Andrew Sarpong, Mami Sato, Rachel Schreckinger, Daniel Sempeta, Kellie Sheehan, Jose Silva, Danielle Sinclair, Irina Smilyanskaya, Belinda Sobosik, Kerriann Stuart, Adelajda Tego, Maria Toledo, Peter Tran, Phuong Truong, Tam Truong, Eric Tsai, Sara Valley, Mike Vo, Ann Walters, Hyacinth Hyacinth, in Greek mythology
Hyacinth (hī`əsĭnth) or Hyacinthus (hīəsĭn`thəs), in Greek mythology, beautiful youth loved by Apollo.
 Weaver, Kieu Wells, Tammy Wessels, Leif Westerlind, Jacob Wick, Russell Williams, Jonathan Wong, Paola Zuniga.


Auburn: Aysha Awan, Pamela Daniel, Lia Gallicchio, Maria Totaro, Betty Washington

Bolton: Jeffrey Galeski

Brimfield: Kerri Polakowski

Brookfield: James Ayer, Donna Brainard

Charlton: Danielle Febbo, Nicholas Lambert, Richard Landry, Melissa Maesto, Jessica Small

Cherry Valley: Genesia LaFrance

Clinton: Robert-Lee Pass, Melissa Payne, Victoria Rainville, Yu Wood

Dudley: Cyrus Gichini, Ifeanyi Onyekwere, Heather Sampson-Valdes

East Brookfield: Christopher Varney

East Douglas: Jennifer Lambert

Fitchburg: David Garcia, Martha Quirk, Bruce Roberts, Robert Soroka

Grafton: Brittany Clements

Holden: Karen Masterson, Kenneth McGowan, Earlyne Murray, Chuanhua Smith

Holland: Alyson Sapaugh

Hubbardston: Joseph Augustus

Hudson: Gennette Maldonado, Tammy Plaza

Lancaster: Heather Peters

Leicester: Amanda Daly, Stephanie Gaudette, Carmen Holmes, Carmen Holmes, Tara LaCoste, Tina Simakauskas

Leominster: Matthew Despres, John Kennedy, Renee Long

Manchaug: David Parks

Marlboro: Solange Boaventura, Thomas Card, Rose Kamya, Jean Magrini, Lindsey Zakrzewski

Milford: Hannah Afiadata, Sherri Carlucci, Renata Cerqueira, Robert Ripley

Millbury: Dawn Lane, Jennifer Martin, Julia McCoskery, Grace Muriithi, Mercy Muturi, Medjine Najac, Mary Nganga, Ginger Otten.

North Brookfield: Steven Matasavage

North Grafton: Amanda Brooks, Michele Levicki, Ryan Vulter

North Oxford: Nichole Fitzgerald, Clay Taylor

Northboro: Thomas Deibel

Northbridge: Katrina Domenech, Carol Kwasek, Karen Schotanus

Oakham: Stuart Fuller

Oxford: Sandra Buduo, Debra Dupont, Michael Hudon, Lisa Labelle, Debra Lofty, Robyn Tebo, Shelley Walsh

Petersham Pe´ter`sham

n. 1. A rough, knotted woolen cloth, used chiefly for men's overcoats; also, a coat of that material.
: Joseph Gebo

Rutland: Karen Speroni, Jane Wasiuk, Terri Wilkin, Jodi Wlodarczak

Shrewsbury: Anthony Alie, Sachin Bhavsar, Loice Chege, Debra Dudula, Michael Gershenson, Christine Hanam, Mary Lepore, Catherine Sabatini, Erin Shanahan, Sarusha Subermony, Lisa Taricco, Meredith Tarr, Sara Tiernan, Lori Wagner, John Wahlstrom, Carol Whitney.

South Grafton: Amy Burtt, Paul Miller

Southbridge: Shazia Bi, Damaris Leon, Khanyoeun Phomphithak, Tara Trucheon, Maritzabel Vidal

Spencer: Sheri Barry, Elina Bracewell, Denise Kane, Anthony Mwangi, Ellen Priest-Standish, Jessica Roy, Abdul Sandakli

Sterling: Nancy Lajeunesse

Sturbridge: Daniel Kerber

Sutton: Daniel Farnham, Jamie Weber

Uxbridge: Jaimie Anderson-Hare, Cathi Cone

Wales: Zachery Berry, Thomas Veroneau

Warren: Leslie Desmarais

Webster: Doreen Avery, Heather Jolly, Carisa Navin, Christal Samson, Kitsy Thibeault, Janet Young

West Boylston: Arthur Boehm, Lindsay Richards

West Brookfield: Matthew Meade

West Upton: Corbin Brody, Dana Gallo

West Warren: Patricia Gancorz

Westboro: Sylvia Brown, Neha Dixit, Tania
  • Haydée Tamara Bunke Bider, communist revolutionary
  • Tania (queen)
  • Tania was an alias of Patricia Hearst
  • Tania Borealis and Tania Australis, stars in the constellation Ursa Major
  • Tania Emery, actress
  • Tania Lacy, comedian
  • Tania Libertad, singer

Whitinsville: Penny White, Quiyesha Williams

Worcester: Russel Addy, Yvonne Adjorlolo-Maxwell, Ayotunde Akibu, Mavis Akoto, Shabnam Akrami, Claire Allen, Charles Artey, Esmelinda Asamoah, Adwoa Asare, Mairama Ashon, Vivian Assie, Sonya Atherley, Lee Aylward, Laurie Behrmann, Donna Berrios, Aimee Berube, Cleris Bethancourt, Phoupheng Bouthsarath, Sonnia Bright, Minh Bui, Elizabeth Byrd, Theresa Callaghan, Kim Campanale, Lexamarie Carrero, Allen Chamberland, John Chambers, Ophelia Darko, Gayan Don Amarasinghe, Marissa Durnan, Lucimayre Dutra, Stephanie Dvareckas Plante, Safoula Farrington, Tatiana Fernandes, William Finnegan, Kayla Fisher, Robbie Flow, Jonathan Giachelli, Florence Gichuhi, Hannah Gitau, Jason Grant, Ciatta Gray-Gayflor, Krzysztof Grudzinski, Adela Hashimi, Roya Hashimi, Gildjon Haxhi, Bing Henglin, Johnney Huynh, Khuong Huynh, Nnenna Ifegwu, Jessenia Irizarry, Jessica Jacob, Dorota Kalinowski, Rose Kamau, Anjuli Kinell, Margaret Koigi, Sadi Kosovrasti, Anatoli Krivitski, Agnes Latendress, Patricia Lavallee, Kerry LeBlanc, Camille Leto, Quy Ly, Darshan darshan
 or darsan

In Hindu worship, the beholding of an auspicious deity, person, or object. The experience is often conceived to be reciprocal and results in a blessing of the viewer.
 Mahlert, Tania Marcano, Alaina Masterson, Lucy Mbelle, Anne Mbugua, Monalisa McArthur, James McCoy, Joseph Mensah, Anthony Merolla, Julia Miru, Timothy Miville, David Moeng, Viryuana Moreira, Susan Mujjumbi, Paul Muliira, Jane Muroki, Fredrick Mutitu, Prossy Nalubega, Shakirah Naluwugge-Carr, Bich-Chau Nguyen, Alexander Nieves, Helen Njane, Lucy Njeri, Jovany Ocasio, Love Olongo, Randell Ormo, Patience Osei-Waree, Max Palubinskas, Denise Pelletz, Paola Penn, Adam Piskorz, Dorothy Przyborowski, Laurie Purdy, Anthony Quatela, Stacy Ruiz, Wassem Salih, Melinda Sargent, Betty Shea, Lauren Shea, Eugene Shuhman, Kristi Simaku, David Tardie, Vida Tatum, Elaine Theodorou, Jon Tsianco, Arben Tupja, Cynthia Vega, Marilyn Villatoro, Bezaida Vilomar, Lyn Vincent, Ruth Wachira, Tiffany Wagher, Hillary Walsh, Tammy Wessels, Sharon Wilbur, Katherine Williams, Luz Witt-Mesa, Aliaksandra Zagalskaya, Alvin Zoaryan.


CUTLINE: (1) Kelvi Brea, left, of Worcester, adjusts his mortarboard mortarboard

closefitting cap with flat square piece and tassel; part of academic costume. [Am. and Br. Culture: Misc.]

See : Education
 while waiting for the start of the Quinsigamond Community College commencement at the college yesterday. (2) Quinsigamond Community College students march during the start of the commencement yesterday.

PHOTOG pho·tog  
n. Informal
A person who takes photographs, especially as a profession; a photographer.
: T&G Staff Photos/TOM RETTIG
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