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Mountains From Space: Peaks and Ranges of the Seven Continents.

MOUNTAINS FROM SPACE: Peaks and Ranges of the Seven Continents STEFAN DECH DECH Down East Community Hospital (Machias, Maine) , REINHOLD MESSNER Reinhold Messner (born September 17 1944) is a mountaineer and explorer from South Tyrol in Italy, often cited as the greatest mountain climber of all time, noted for making the first solo ascents of Mount Everest without supplemental oxygen and for being the first climber to , RUDIGER GLASER, AND RALF-PETER MARTIN

The lofty peaks of Earth's most majestic mountain ranges have traditionally been accessible only to the most daring and capable of climbers This list of climbers includes both mountaineers and rock climbers, since many (though not all) climbers engage in both types of activities. The list also includes boulderers and ice climbers. . But modern remote-sensing technology and digital imaging enable readers of Mountains from Space to take a virtual journey to the tops of such giants as Kilimanjaro, the Alps, Mount Everest, and K2. The book features breathtaking, full-color images of each continent's most famous mountain ranges captured from as far as 500 miles to as close as 15 miles, offering a unique, unobstructed perspective of Earth's surface Noun 1. Earth's surface - the outermost level of the land or sea; "earthquakes originate far below the surface"; "three quarters of the Earth's surface is covered by water"
. Accompanying these images is in-depth commentary by scientists who study these ranges and their glaciers. They consider what mountains can tell us about Earth's geologic past and future. Also included are essays by such notable mountaineers as Reinhold Messner and Sir Edmund Hillary, who have firsthand first¬∑hand ¬†
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 experience with being on top of the world and whose reverence for these mountains, through these magnificent images, can be understood. Abrams, 2005, 244 p., color photos, hardcover, $50.00.
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