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Moosehead features 92-oz. thermal 'cask.' (Moosehead Canadian Lager beer)

Moosehead features 92-oz. thermal |cask'

A refillable, thermal-lined cooler, in the shape of an oldtime cask, has been introduced exclusively by Moosehead Canadian Lager for serving to patrons in on-premise accounts.

The thermal cask is filled directly from the tap with 92 ounces (almost a pitcher and a half) of Moosehead draught, explained a spokesperson from Guinness Import Co., the brands American importer. The cask has a cap to keep the beer cold and a spigot so patrons can dispense their own beer into glasses.

"Consumers will love the cask because it keeps their Moosehead draught beer cold and instantly accessible, without having to flag down a waiter for refills," said Tom Rose, Guinness' marketing manager. "This fun mini-barrel is designed to increase sales while making Moosehead stand out from other beer choices."

The cask program, titled "92 Ounces of Canada's Best," offers the new draft tool to stimulate trial and boost on-premise Moosehead sales. The logoed, table-top cask, Rose explained, also educates consumers with information on Moosehead's history and heritage.
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Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Apr 29, 1991
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