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Monsanto: rubber chemicals, instruments and equipment.

The Chemical Group of Monsanto, the world's largest producer of Rubber Chemicals, provides a wide variety of valuable products to meet rubber industry needs. From multiple sources around the world, Monsanto offers customers high quality products produced at state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. Additionally, customers of Monsanto utilize extensive technical service and sales support groups. These support groups are staffed with knowledgeable, experienced people who are dedicated to meeting the needs of the rubber industry today and in the future.

Monsanto's Rubber Chemical products include:

* Accelerators - Bearing trade names such as Santocure[R],

Santocure[R] NS, Thiofide[R], Thiotax[R], Vocol[R] and DPG.

* Antioxidants - Including Flectol[R], Santowhite[R]

Powder and Santovar[R] A.

* Antiozonants - Santoflex[R] 13, Santoflex[R] 77 and

Santoflex[R] IP.

* Stabilizers - Which protect synthetic rubber from oxygen,

heat and light degradation during their production such as

Santoflex[R] 134.

* Specialty Rubber Chemicals - Such as Santogard[R] PVI,

a prevulcanization inhibitor and Sulfasan[R] R, a

vulcanizing agent.

Monsanto's commitment to the rubber industry is evidenced in its capital investment in plants and support facilities. Monsanto has recently modernized and expanded its hydrogenation facility in Sauget, Illinois, its Flectol[R] facility in Ruabon, Wales, and its thiazole accelerator complex in Nitro, West Virginia. These investments and our multi-million dollar investments in environmental capital, illustrate Monsanto's commitment to meet the growing needs of worldwide markets.

Monsanto's fully-equipped analytical and rubber compounding laboratories in Akron, Ohio, and Louvain-la-Neuve (Brussels), Belgium, have a highly qualified research and development staff to satisfy the exacting technological demands of our customers.

Monsanto's ongoing efforts to meet the needs of the rubber industry can be found in its product development programs. New products that help users respond to environmental concerns and provide high performance are in varying stages of development. Duralink[R] HTS is a new product that was developed at the Belgian research laboratory. It is a post-vulcanization stabilizer that improves reversion resistance and steel cord adhesion. Sanctocure[R] TBSI is a newly commercialized accelerator from the Akron Research Center that acts like a secondary amine-derived product but is produced from a primary amine, avoiding the generation of stable nitrosamines.


Monsanto Rubber Instruments Group combines the resources of rubber chemistry experience and testing knowledge. This resource helps customers meet the demands of worldwide competition.

Wherever the world processes rubber, Monsanto people are available with products and services to help meet the needs of the rubber industry.


* In Marketing Technical Services with instrument

evaluations, problem solving and training.

* In Sales to monitor requirements and assist in instrument



* In Calibration and Preventive Maintenance Programs to

assist in obtaining agreement among instruments, laboratories

and continents.

* With training programs that help keep the testing process in

control. These are available either at Monsanto locations

or at your site.

* In Customer Service Toll Free convenience for U.S.

customers (1-800-356-9886) to expedite your orders.

Other customers can call Akron, Ohio, USA: 216-745-1641

(or FAX 216-848-7326) Swindon, U.K.: (0793)

531315 Brussels, Belgium: (02) 761.42.18 Louvain-la-Neuve,

Belgium: (010) 47.12.42


* For cure testing of compound rubber:

-MDR 2000[R] Moving Die Rheometer

-ODR 2000[R] Oscillating Disc Rheometer

* For processability, cure and, final property testing of

polymers and compound rubber:

-RPA 2000[TM] Rubber Process Analyzer

* For viscosity testing of raw polymer and scorch testing of

compounded rubber:

-MV 2000[R] Mooney Viscometer

* For physical testing of elastomer samples:

-Tensometer 2000[TM] Universal Testing Machine

-Densitron[R] Specific Gravity Tester

-Duratron[R] Hardness Tester

-Fatigue to Failure Tester

* For analysis of test results to help improve quality:

-RheoTrack, MooneyTrack and Logic Software Systems

-Eclipse Software Systems

-Networked Laboratory Information Systems [R] Registered trademark of Monsanto Co. or its subsidiaries [TM] Trademark of Monsanto Co. or its subsidiaries
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