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Monkal boost for GCC industries.

Hannecard's Monkal polyurethane range, world renowned for coating behaviour, is now available in this region, the company's Saudi subsidiary has announced. Hannecard Saudi executive director Saleh Al Bargan said the soft Monkal polyurethanes were launched at the beginning of this year in the GCC GCC: see Gulf Cooperation Council.

(compiler, programming) GCC - The GNU Compiler Collection, which currently contains front ends for C, C++, Objective-C, Fortran, Java, and Ada, as well as libraries for these languages (libstdc++, libgcj, etc).
 region and would be available along with its other rubber covering capabilities that it has been selling since 2001. Monkal has been described as a breakthrough product. "All our polyurethane and rubber compounds are specially designed for coating purposes and combine extreme purity with high and consistent performance," said Al Bargan. "By installing high-precision grinding capabilities, through the development of new concepts and thanks to its world-wide production and distribution possibilities, Hannecard has achieved a position as leader in the field of coating coverings, he added. The company says the combination of high performance, purity and reliability remained unrivalled. "The development of special Monkal formulas has led to a product range that is unique in the market: compounds with improved solvent resistance (up to 50 per cent for certain solvents), compounds with improved physical properties (tear and abrasion abrasion /abra·sion/ (ah-bra´zhun)
1. a rubbing or scraping off through unusual or abnormal action; see also planing.

2. a rubbed or scraped area on skin or mucous membrane.
 resistance), compounds ideal for long runs without change-over and compounds with special filler technology, offering a previously unseen degree of purity, wetability and grindability." Thanks to the high surface energy, water-based coatings can be perfectly spread and applied, offering a high-end solution for chemcoating, it said To meet the requirements of different coating applications, other polyurethane compounds such as Hannecoat and Hanneflex were developed as well as a full range of special rubber compounds based on EPDM EPDM Ethylene-Propylene-Diene-Monomer
EPDM Enterprise Product Data Management
EPDM Ethylene Propylene Dimonomer (industrial/commercial piping/plumbing components)
EPDM Engineering Product Data Management
 (ethylene-propylene-diene monomer monomer (mŏn`əmər): see polymer.

Molecule of any of a class of mostly organic compounds that can react with other molecules of the same or other compounds to form very large molecules (polymers).
), chlorosulfonated polyethylene, butyl butyl /bu·tyl/ (bu´t'l) a hydrocarbon radical, C4H9.

A hydrocarbon radical, C4H9.


a hydrocarbon radical, C4H9.
 and other elastomers. "All these compounds combine extreme purity with high performance. The development of composites technology has opened a multitude of new possibilities: underlayers to restore old applicator ap·pli·ca·tor
An instrument for applying something, such as a medication.

n a device for applying medication; usually a slender rod of glass or wood, used with a pledget of cotton on the end.
 rollers, sleeves that allow easy stock and covering management, lightweight rollers and integrated solutions such as Handy-Coat and Ebosleeve are just a few examples." Within Hannecard-Kalker's long tradition as roller specialists, the know-how related to coating processes has always been of strategic value. "With the development of the Monkal polyurethane range, Hannecard-Kalker has achieved a major breakthrough," the company said. Hannecard provides a suitable product, covering or surface whether the coat is for steel, aluminium or a non-ferrous strip, whether the process is continuous or not or whether one applies solvent or water-based products. "The Monkal polyurethanes are renowned world-wide for their unique coating behaviour, their purity and their long lifetime. Monkal is easy to grind and can be obtained in hardness between 35 and 60 shore A. "But Monkal would not be half as good without the special vertical casting process that guarantees homogeneity throughout. Nothing pleases a coil, can or sheet coater more than the comforting certainty of consistent quality," the company said. Hannecard-Kalker provides a multitude of products for the metal packaging ( steel and aluminium) industry. These include rubber and polyurethane covering for all sheet pre-coating applications and machine type; special multi-layer EPDM blankets in 30 and 40 shore A for sheet coating; easy-to-mount magnetic blankets for coating and a patented Handy-Coat concept that is considered unique for can coating with wheels. "Being coating specialists, we no longer need to establish a reputation," the company says. "Our know-how applies to all coating domains in the metals industry: continuous coil coating on steel, aluminium, zinc and copper strip (paint, varnish varnish, homogeneous solution of gum or of natural or synthetic resins in oil (oil varnish) or in a volatile solvent (spirit varnish), which dries on exposure to air, forming a thin, hard, usually glossy film. , weldable primers etc) continuous varnishing var·nish  
a. A paint containing a solvent and an oxidizing or evaporating binder, used to coat a surface with a hard, glossy, transparent film.

 for electrical steel Electrical steel, also called lamination steel, silicon electrical steel, silicon steel or transformer steel, is specialty steel tailored to produce certain magnetic properties, such as a small hysteresis area (small energy dissipation per cycle, or low  strip, continuous chemcoating (chromate chromate /chro·mate/ (kro´mat) any salt of chromic acid.

A salt of chromic acid.


any salt of chromic acid.
 and phosphate coaters, anti-fingerprints, protective coverings etc); skin plating, laminating lam·i·nate  
v. lam·i·nat·ed, lam·i·nat·ing, lam·i·nates
1. To beat or compress into a thin plate or sheet.

2. To divide into thin layers.

, glue and hot-melt applicators; sheet coating, precoat and finish-coat for metal packaging, crown-corks, lids etc and can coating (beverage cans, food cans, aerosols etc)." On top of applications for the metal industry, Monkal coverings are well appreciated in wood & MDF (1) (Main Distribution Frame) A wiring rack that connects outside lines with internal lines. It is used to connect public or private lines coming into the building to internal networks.  plate colour-coating as well as being a high-performance alternative for inking rollers of carboard flexo printing machinery. In the latter case, where the covered inking roller is running against an anilox roller, the outperforming mechanical performance of a PU covering versus a traditional rubber covering results in extremely long service time and excellent inking capabilities, Hannecard highlighted. "Our high-precision grinding and grooving machines and our special control equipment allow us to obtain high precision finishes. Grooved and laser engraved en·grave  
tr.v. en·graved, en·grav·ing, en·graves
1. To carve, cut, or etch into a material: engraved the champion's name on the trophy.

 finishes can be supplied on coverings for metal packaging pre-coat. "High precision grooving can be provided on applicator rollers for electrical steel, including microscopic control of the groove shape." Additional information is available on:

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Date:Apr 1, 2009
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