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The following local students were named to the honor roll honor roll
A list of names of people worthy of honor, especially:
a. A list of students who have earned high grades during a specified period.

b. A list of people who have served in the armed forces.
 at Bancroft School This article is about the school in the United States. For the school in England, see Bancroft's School.

Bancroft School is a private, K-12 preparatory school, located in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Boylston: Allison Bennett and Benjamin Trotter, both in grade 11, were awarded high honors; Jocelin Lee and Gabrielle Trotter, both grade 10, high honors; Rachel Whaley, grade 9, high honors; and Samuel Millette, grade 9, honors.

West Boylston: Alexandra Kennedy, grade 9, honors.

The following local students were named to the yearly honor roll at the Bancroft Middle School Bancroft Middle School can refer to:
  • Bancroft Middle School (San Leandro) (San Leandro,California)
  • Bancroft Middle School (Los Angeles)
  • Bancroft Middle School (Long Beach, California)
  • The Middle School level at Bancroft School (Worcester, Massachusetts)

Boylston: Kelly Goonan, grade 8, high honors; Edmund Brose n. 1. Pottage made by pouring some boiling liquid on meal (esp. oatmeal), and stirring it. It is called beef brose, water brose, etc., according to the name of the liquid (beef broth, hot water, etc.) used. , Casey Lewis, David Lewis, David (Kellogg)

(born Sept. 28, 1941, Oberlin, Ohio, U.S.—died Oct. 14, 2001, Princeton, N.J.) U.S. philosopher. He taught at the University of California at Los Angeles from 1966 to 1970 and thereafter at Princeton University.
 Millette and Casey Wagner, all in grade 7, high honors; Emily Johnson, grade 8, honors; Rachel Levy Rachel Levy (Hebrew: רחל לוי ) was killed at age 17 on March 29, 2002 when a teenage Palestinian female suicide bomber, wearing a belt of explosives around her waist, blew herself up at the entrance to a supermarket in Jerusalem's Kiryat Hayovel  and Justine Murphy, grade 7, honors.

West Boylston: High honors were given to Danielle Cahn, grade 8; Nicholas Vangos, grade 7; and Olivia Pellegrini, grade 6.

Several local students were named to the fourth quarter honor rolls at Holy Name Central Catholic Junior/Senior High School, in Worcester:

Boylston: Jessica Probst and Lilly Stairs, both grade 10

West Boylston: Madeleine Bonneau, grade 12; Courtney Watson, grade 11; Julia Barry, Erica Rayworth, both grade 9; Elizabeth Holland, Sarah Spellane, both grade 9.

Allison Bennett, grade 11, of Boylston was awarded the Brown University Book Prize; and Emily Johnson, grade 8, of Boylston, was awarded the George Alden Scholarship, from Bancroft School in Worcester.

Christina Amaral and Christopher Benson, students at West Boylston Middle School, were honored at the ninth Annual Middle Level Scholar Leader Awards Banquet, held at the DCU Center in Worcester. Each student was presented with an award recognizing his or her achievements. The criteria for being chosen to receive the Middle Level Scholar Leader Award include demonstrating academic initiative and scholarship, providing service to classmates Classmates can refer to either:
  •, a social networking website.
  • Classmates (film), a 2006 Malayalam blockbuster directed by Lal Jose, starring Prithviraj, Jayasurya, Indragith, Sunil, Jagathy, Kavya Madhavan, Balachandra Menon, ...
 and school, exemplifying positive attitudes, and demonstrating leadership in the classroom and school activities.
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Date:Aug 21, 2008
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