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Molson revives "Canadian Wildlife" ads.

Molson revives "Canadian Wildlife" ads

Last summer, Molson Breweries USA introduced the appealing "Canadian Wild Life" promotional campaign. The promotion was so successful that Molson will continue to use the theme with some new twists for its 1991 on- and off-premise promotions.

The twists include "Do the Wild Thing!" on-premise promotions and an off-premise Speedo Surf Walker shoes offer.

On "Molson Nights," customers will be requested to "Do the Wild Thing" and a Molson representative will take an instant snapshot. Photos will then be displayed on the "Do the Wild Thing" corkboard and prizes will be awarded.

"It's the best on-premise promotion that we've created in years," said Rick Clay, vice president of sales, Molson USA eastern division. "There seems to be a lot of excitement surrounding these on-premise nights. The crowd really enjoys the Molson Goose character. Not only is it a great promotion tool, but it generates business for the retailer as well."

The Molson Goose will also be popping up on banners that will be flying over the Molson $120,000 Pro Beach East Volleyball Tour. Molson sponsors the 16-stop tour along the East Coast from Florida to Maine beginning March 16 and running through August 4.
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Title Annotation:Molson Breweries USA's advertising campaign
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:May 6, 1991
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