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Molson adds agency and drops another.

Molson adds agency and drops another

Molson Breweries U.S.A. announced it is dropping AC&R Advertising Inc. from its current agency roster and awarding all brands previously handled by AC&R to Angotti, Thomas, Hedge Inc.

"AC&R has served us well as an agency on the Foster's brand," reported Suzanne Nault, Foster's brand manager, Molson U.S.A. "They have given us award-winning creative advertising and helped us broaden the appeal of the brand beyond its Australian heritage.

"Our decision to make a change," Nault continued, "was not at all based on performance by the agency, but rather because of our concern over the future direction of the agency and its relationship with Backer Spielvogel Bates and potential competitive conflicts that may arise."

Angotti, Thomas, Hedge is not new to Molson Breweries U.S.A.'s roster, having served as part of the company's agency roster until February of this year, at which time an agency reduction took place.

"We are very happy to be working once again with Angotti, Thomas, Hedge," said Peter Reaske, Molson's director of brand management. "They have always given us a 100-percent effort and first-class creative work. They were, and now are again, a welcome member of our creative team."

In addition to the Foster's brand, the agency will now be responsible for John Courage, Kronenbourg and Caribe beers.
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Title Annotation:Molson Breweries USA Inc.; AC and R Advertising Inc.; Angotti, Thomas, Hedge Inc.
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
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Date:Oct 21, 1991
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