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Mola cards: you layer paper.

Mola cards: you layer paper

Inspired by the reverse-applique fabric molas made by Panama's Cuna Indians, these cards and ornaments layer paper cutouts to create simple graphic designs in vibrant combinations of colors.

You'll need good-quality art paper in different colors (including black), carbon paper, a fine-pointed craft knife, a pen, and spray adhesive.

Develop a simple design with bold shapes. Determine the best card size for the design, then cut four or five sheets of art paper (two black) to that size. Cut a final sheet, which--when folded in half--will be the same size as the others.

The idea is to cut progressively smaller "windows' through the paper layers. Each window reveals the color beneath it--the final color being the surface of the folded card. If necessary, reposition pattern and retrace designs onto inner layers.

Follow the same steps to make ornaments, but for the bottom layer use a single sheet of paper instead of a folded one. Cut around the outline of the design, leaving a 1/8-inch border. Use a pin to find the balance point along the top edge, then prick a small hole and suspend the ornament with thread or nylon fishing line.

Photo: Animal motifs and abstract shapes that decorate multilayer cards and ornaments were taken from American Indian art

Photo: 1 Using carbon paper, trace outline of your design onto top layer of art paper

Photo: 2 Cut center section out of design with a craft knife. Spray back of rectangle with adhesive

Photo: 3 Mount on black paper. Working about 1/8 inch inside top layer, cut through second (dark) layer

Photo: 4 Spray back of dark sheet; mount on third (light) sheet. Then--as pictured--cut out small inner shape

Photo: 5 Glue, then cut to produce last layer, working in smaller openings. Finally, glue completed design on folded card
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Date:Dec 1, 1987
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