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Modelo brewing expands to Europe.

Modelo Brewing expands to Europe

A ribbon-cutting ceremony in Brussels, Belgium, recently launched Eurocermex, S.A., the Modelo Brewing Group's new importer for Europe.

In a speech commemorating the event, Alfonso Guerrero, director general, Eurocermex, noted that Corona Extra is one of the largest-selling Mexican beers in the world, as well as the import beer with the largest growth in U.S. history. "Corona's volumes," Guerrero said, "account for two-thirds of Mexican beer exports.

The Eurocermex opening comes closely on the heels of Corona Extra's launch in Europe earlier this year, and represents Modelo's desire to compete in the beer industry on a worldwide basis.

"Europe continues to be one of the most promising markets for our industry," said Valentin Diez, vice president, Modelo Brewing Group. "The European consumer is always searching for something new, something transcending tradition."

Modelo's marketing plan for Europe calls for promotional and advertising activities in cooperation with Corona importers there, according to Diez.
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Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Sep 3, 1990
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