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Mobiles: Making Art That Moves.

MOBILES: MAKING ART THAT MOVES. Education Dimensions, 792 Pacific St., P.O. Box 126, Stamford, Connecticut 06904. Mobiles: Making Art That Moves is a filmstrip/cassette program that introduces students to the concepts of mobile art, with particular emphasis on the important historical contributions of Alexander Calder.

Part explores movement in toys as a predecessor to Calder's work. Works of other artists, painters and sculptors in their historic search for movement are reviewed, pointing out that, in most cases, the nature of the artists' media defeated their goal. The filmstrip shows how constructive artists used new and different materials to achieve movement.

Part II moves beyond Calder, showing other artists using movement in different ways, and encourages students with step-by-step methods and design principles -- to begin experimenting with mobile construction.

This program combines history, motivation and instruction which will inspire students to create and appreciate movement in art.
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Publication:School Arts
Article Type:Audiovisual Review
Date:Jan 1, 1989
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