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MobileIGNITE Announces Release v1.0 of Functional Specification for Fixed Mobile Convergence Handover.

CHICAGO & BRUSSELS, Belgium -- Today MobileIGNITE, the leading industry association fostering collaboration to accelerate fixed-mobile convergence (FMC See fixed mobile convergence. ) through interoperability, announced the release of v1.0 of its Functional Specification for FMC Handover n. 1. The act of relinquishing property or authority etc. to another; as, the handover of occupied territory to the original posssessors; the handover of power from the military back to the civilian authorities s>. .

Developed by the Handover Interoperability Group of MobileIGNITE, the Functional Specification will allow an FMC Service Provider to specify Session Initiation Protocol (protocol) Session Initiation Protocol - (SIP) A very simple text-based application-layer control protocol. It creates, modifies, and terminates sessions with one or more participants. Such sessions include Internet telephony and multimedia conferences.

It is described in RFC 2543.
 (SIP) based technology from vendors that allows a user with a dual-mode cellular/Wi-Fi mobile phone to be able to connect via both Wi-Fi (fixed) and GSM/UMTS (mobile) access networks. The user will receive the same voice services using a single phone number as the user crosses networks - including the seamless continuity of an in-process voice call.

The Functional Specification covers implementation of FMC Handover on current GSM Networks that conform to Verb 1. conform to - satisfy a condition or restriction; "Does this paper meet the requirements for the degree?"
fit, meet

coordinate - be co-ordinated; "These activities coordinate well"
 the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP GPP Government Performance Project
GPP General Purpose Processor
GPP General Physical Preparedness
GPP Gambian People's Party
GPP Good Pharmacy Practice
GPP Gross Primary Productivity
GPP Green Procurement Program
GPP Generic Packetized Protocol
) Release 99 and Release 4 reference architectures, as well as IMS (1) See IP Multimedia Subsystem.

(2) (Information Management System) An early IBM hierarchical DBMS for IBM mainframes. IMS was widely implemented throughout the 1970s under MVS and continues to be used under z/OS.
 reference architectures that conform to 3GPP's Release 5, 6 and the upcoming Release 7. By specifying these guidelines to their vendors, FMC Service Providers can deploy FMC Handover in the short term on their current networks, and be assured of continued multi-vendor interoperability between handsets and network elements during the transition to IMS.

3GPP is in advanced stages of completing the Voice Call Continuity (VCC An electronics designation that refers to voltage from a power supply connected to the "collector" terminal of a bipolar transistor. In an NPN bipolar (BJT) transistor, it would be +Vcc, while in a PNP transistor, it would be -Vcc. ) standard, which defines FMC Handover in a strict IMS network conforming to the to-be-released 3GPP Release 7 reference architecture. MobileIGNITE's Functional Specification is fully consistent with and references the draft 3GPP VCC specification(a) - and provides a level of detail necessary to progress to the protocol implementation agreements and test cases necessary for formal interoperability certification.

MobileIGNITE enjoys Market Representation Partner status with 3GPP - and has the formal mandate to provide expert consensus market requirements on FMC application interoperability to 3GPP.

A key goal of the Functional Specification was to ensure that dual mode cellular/Wi-Fi handsets that perform handover on current networks will not need to be modified or replaced when the network evolves to IMS, and becomes compliant with the VCC standard - and can continue to operate with no impact to the user. This removes the risk for handset manufacturers and service providers to deploy SIP based handover capable dual mode handsets for use on current networks and accelerates the market for FMC Handover services.

"The v1.0 release specifies a Phase 1 deployment solution for 2007 market deployment based on today's commercially available network equipment and dual mode terminals - which will continue to function properly to support FMC services throughout network upgrades and evolution to full IMS Release 7 functionality - at a market pace," said Leo Leo, in astronomy
Leo [Lat.,=the lion], northern constellation lying S of Ursa Major and on the ecliptic (apparent path of the sun through the heavens) between Cancer and Virgo; it is one of the constellations of the zodiac.
 Nikkari, Executive Director of MobileIGNITE. "Service providers can now address time-to-market urgencies for SIP FMC services without the risk of terminal obsolescence ob·so·les·cent  
1. Being in the process of passing out of use or usefulness; becoming obsolete.

2. Biology Gradually disappearing; imperfectly or only slightly developed.
 or undesired upgrades or change out of user equipment."

The document can be downloaded from the MobileIGNITE web site at

Current MobileIGNITE members: 724 Solutions, Accuris, Acme Packets, Apertio, Aruba Networks, BCT BCT Brigade Combat Team
BCT Basic Combat Training
BCT Best Conventional Pollutant Control Technology (EPA)
BCT Business Cards Tomorrow
BCT Banque Centrale de Tunisie (Central Bank of Tunisia) 
 Global, Blueslice Networks, Boingo Wireless, BridgePort Networks, BroadSoft, Centile Noun 1. centile - (statistics) any of the 99 numbered points that divide an ordered set of scores into 100 parts each of which contains one-hundredth of the total
, Colubris Networks, Comfone, CommuniGate Systems, Convergin, CoreMobility, CounterPath, E28 Limited, F1 Interop Solutions, FG Microtec, FirstHand Technologies, Glenayre Messaging, HelloSoft, Iristel, Kyocera Wireless, Meru Networks, Net2Phone, Netrake, NewHeights Software, Oberthur, Openwave, Pandora Networks, Paragon Wireless, PCTEL, QualPhone, Reef Point Systems, sentitO, Sonim, Sylantro, Tekelec, tekVizion, TapRoot taproot

Main root of a primary-root system. It grows vertically downward. From the taproot arise smaller lateral roots (secondary roots), which in turn produce even smaller lateral roots (tertiary roots).
, VK Corporation, VeriSign, Vivox, and WorldCell.

About MobileIGNITE

MobileIGNITE is an independent industry association of leading service providers and vendors that collaborate on accelerating the time to market for multi-vendor fixed-mobile convergence solutions that work in existing fixed and mobile networks with a smooth transition to the IP Multimedia System (IMS) environment. Key initiatives include interoperability best practices, market requirements development and liaison with industry standards organizations and other industry groups. Further information and application procedures may be found at

(a)Reference 3GPP VCC documents TR 23.806, TS 23.206 and TS 24.206
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Sep 25, 2006
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