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Mobile development tools.

Developing "code for the road" is no easy task. Developers have to
create applications for users who are used to large screens,
eye-catching multi-media features, and lots of memory--but do it on
devices that fit in the palm of your hand. The tools in the category
range from development platforms with all the bells and whistles to
tools that let users whip up their own simple mobile applications
without the need for any programming at all.


AppForge Crossfire

AppForge                        AppForge Crossfire is an enterprise-                level solution for cross-platform
$1,000                          mobile application development. It's
                                part of the AppForge Enterprise
                                Developer Suite and integrates into
                                Microsoft NET or Visual Basic 6.0.
                                Developers can create and deploy mobile
                                applications for all leading mobile and
                                wireless devices including Palm QS,
                                Pocket PC, Windows Mobile 2003, Series
                                60, and Symbian UIQ.

AppForge Enterprise Developer Suite (EDS)

AppForge                        The AppForge Enterprise Developer Suite                is designed for enterprises and system
$1,800                          integrators that want to leverage their
                                Microsoft Visual Studio.NET and Visual
                                Basic 6 resources for mobile and
                                wireless application development. The
                                AppForge EDS is an end-to-end system
                                that promises to increase developer

apps for phones

apps for phones                 apps for phones is a point-and-click,           visual, rapid application development
Call for prices                 tool that lets non-developers create
                                applications for J2ME phones.
                                Integration with Web services makes it
                                easy to integrate these applications
                                into any network system. This tool
                                promises to solve an important issue
                                associated with J2ME development,
                                namely porting the applications to
                                different phones.

Borland C++ BuilderX Mobile Edition

Borland                         Borland C++ BullderX Mobile Edition                 includes integrated design tools (the
$400                            Together designer), integrated
                                interfaces to source management (you
                                can choose from a wide variety of
                                source management tools), as well as
                                all the standard project management,
                                code editing, integrated debugging, and
                                resource manipulation features you'd
                                expect in a mobile development tool.

Borland JBuilderX Mobile Edition

Borland                         Borland JBuilderX Mobile is similar to                 Borland's JBuilder tool. Developers get
$400                            a pane-centric workspace, integrated
                                source control hooks, integrated
                                debugging, collapsible code, full
                                references to the JDK on their machine,
                                tabbed access to design and source
                                views of code, as well as automatic
                                identification and integration of a
                                number of SDKs.

IBM WebSphere Studio Device Developer

IBM                             IBM WebSphere Studio Device Developer                     (WDD) is based on the Eclipse platform.
$599                            Eclipse gives developers a single
                                open-source tool environment into which
                                they can plug Java development tools
                                from different vendors. The focus of
                                WDD is J2ME, but it also supports C,
                                C++, and full Java development as well
                                as a wide variety of platforms
                                including several Palm variations,
                                Nokia, Linux, Windows CE, and Pocket

Metrowerks CodeWarrior

Metrowerks                      Metrowerks has a history providing              development tools for the breadth
Price depends on                of the world and provides more than 31
development platform            different versions to support various
                                architectures. Metrowerks CodeWarrior
                                is the only game in town for some of
                                the environments you might need to
                                develop for.

Microsoft eMbedded Visual Tools

Microsoft                       Microsoft eMbedded Visual Tools is a               development tool for devices that
$7.50 (for shipping and         support Pocket PC, but not Pocket PC
handling)                       2002. The tool is similar to the Visual
                                Studio environment you've become used
                                to seeing if you've used Visual Studio
                                6 or NET. In this environment, you can
                                develop applications for any device
                                that runs Windows CE, Pocket PC, or

Mobile Visual Studio .NET

Microsoft                       Visual Studio NET is a development tool               for every type of developer, mobile or
$799 for Professional           otherwise. Specific to mobile, the
  Edition                       development platform includes
$1,799 for Enterprise           integrated support for the Microsoft
  Developer Edition             NET Compact Framework. Developers can
$2,499 for Enterprise           build, debug, and deploy applications
Architect Edition               for the Pocket PC, Pocket PC Phone
                                Edition, and other smart devices
                                powered by the NET Compact Framework.
                                They can also build thin-client
                                Web-based applications that render on
                                (WAP) phones, wireless personal digital
                                assistants (PDAs), and pagers.

MobileDataforce Intercue Mobility Suite

MobileDataforce                 The Intercue Mobility Suite lets users         design, develop, and publish electronic
$379                            forms to handheld computers such as
                                Pocket PCs and Palms. Business users
                                can take advantage of the XML-based
                                forms for field data collection and
                                integration with enterprise databases. abcDB Professional Database                   abcDB Database for Pocket PCs is a               database solution to help developers
$19.89                          build mobile applications. They get a
                                form builder, query builder, scripting
                                language, and more. Users can import
                                data from Microsoft Access and other
                                ODBC data sources, and keep it

PointBase UniSync

PointBase                       PointBase UniSync is a Java API that               lets developers synchronize data
$499 per seat                   between databases residing on mobile
(volume discounts available     platforms and corporate back-end
                                databases. It supports platform-
                                independent, bi-directional
                                synchronization with Oracle, Microsoft
                                SOL Server, and other JDBC-compliant
                                databases. Its publish-and-subscribe
                                model supports both incremental delta
                                changes and full-snapshot changes.

Qualcomm BREW SDK

Qualcomm                        Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless                (BREW) is a standard for creating
Free                            applications to run on COMA devices.
                                BREW runs in between the application
                                and the chip operating system software,
                                so the application can use the device's
                                functionality without the developer
                                needing to code to the system
                                interface. The BREW SDK provides some
                                general development and debugging
                                tools, sample applications (with
                                source), an emulator, reference
                                materials, and user guides.

Sun J2ME Wireless Toolkit

Sun                             The J2ME Wireless Toolkit is a free             implementation of the J2ME environment,
                                which is the portion of the Java
                                platform oriented toward developing
                                applications for small-footprint
                                The Wireless toolkit comes with a
                                variety of tools for building
                                and testing J2ME applications.

SYWARE mEnable

SYWARE                          SYWARE mEnable lets developers build                  or extend data-driven applications with
$499                            interactive, wireless access to
                                corporate data. mEnable lets any
                                application written in C++ or Visual
                                Basic wirelessly read from or write to
                                any ODBC-enabled data source, such as
                                Microsoft SOL Server and Access,
                                Oracle, and Sybase. mEnable combined
                                with Visual CE, promises to eliminate
                                the need for synchronization that
                                forces handheld users to rely on local
                                data that isn't always current.


SYWARE                          SYWARE Visual CE lets users create                  forms and databases on Pocket PC
$79 far Lite Edition            devices. Users can collect, display,
$129 for Personal Edition       modify, and synchronize data without
$399 for Professional Edition   any programming. It includes a forms
$599 for Enterprise Edition     design tool, flexible interface
                                options, and support for an unlimited
                                number of controls. Users can share
                                data with ODBC-enabled software such as
                                Microsoft SOL Server and Access,
                                Sybase, and Oracle, and print custom
                                reports, invoices, quotes, and receipts
                                with SYWARE Report CE.
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