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Mixed results among the mixed-use economy

With a strong employment base on the New Hampshire New Hampshire, one of the New England states of the NE United States. It is bordered by Massachusetts (S), Vermont, with the Connecticut R. forming the boundary (W), the Canadian province of Quebec (NW), and Maine and a short strip of the Atlantic Ocean (E).  side of the Upper Valley in Hanover at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, and Dartmouth College Dartmouth College, at Hanover, N.H.; coeducational; chartered 1769, opened 1770, the ninth colonial college (see Wheelock, Eleazar). Originally a men's college, Dartmouth began admitting women in 1972. , along with a renewal of economic activities in Springfield, and a relatively healthy manufacturing sector in Randolph, Orange and Windsor counties appear to be in a relatively healthy position to weather the recessionary winds now blowing across the state and the nation.

Local business leaders say these two counties can maintain their relatively low unemployment levels as long as the bottom doesn't completely fall out of the economy. For some, the hope is that a good snow season will keep local ski areas busy which is important in many of the ski dependent towns of Windsor County.

"Overall my concern is for the smaller mom and pop Mom and Pop

An adjective denoting a small-scale and family-like atmosphere, often used to describe these types of businesses and investors.

A mom-and-pop business is typically a small family-run business.
 businesses because credit is difficult to get this year," voiced Gail Ottmann with the Eastern Region RMP RMP right mentoposterior (position of the fetus).  in Quechee.

"The unknown is the new administration and the policies that will be enacted in Washington and its impact on jobs," cautioned Tom Kennedy

For other people named Tom Kennedy, see Tom Kennedy (disambiguation).
Tom Kennedy (born James Narz on February 26, 1927, in Louisville, Kentucky) is a television game show host who had his greatest fame in the 1960s and 1970s.
 with the Southern Windsor County Regional Planning regional planning: see city planning.  Commission in Ascutney.

"I'm not hearing in the Route 4 south corridor that would indicate the economy is getting very bad," says Frank Heald n. 1. A heddle.  Ludlow's town manager.

"We generally weather things well in the Upper Valley as many major employers are not affected as they are in health care and education. However, support business is affected and they face challenging time ahead," explains Peter Gregory Dr Peter Gregory was the team doctor (chief medical officer) for the England cricket team from November 2002 to 15 November, 2006.

Gregory was the first person to be appointed to the role of chief medical officer by the England and Wales Cricket Board in 2002.
 with Two Rivers Two Rivers, city (1990 pop. 13,030), Manitowoc co., E Wis., on Lake Michigan at the mouth of the Twin River; inc. 1878. Two Rivers is closely associated with its twin city, Manitowoc, both of which are highly industrialized.  Ottauquechee Regional Commission in Woodstock.

The overriding drivers of the economy in Windsor Co. are tourism, its proximity to the Lebanon/Hanover area and a declining population, notes Andy Condon with the Department of Employment and training.

Orange Co., with Randolph as the employment base, is more manufacturing dependent. The manufacturing sector here is generally 'sound" but the future of manufacturing in general is uncertain, and a constraining factor on the future of the economy here.

The White River Jct./Hartford and Woodstock reporting districts have long been the lowest unemployment areas in the state and this is because "a significant number of these workers work in New Hampshire," says Condon. Figures for the number of Vermonters who cross the Connecticut River Connecticut River

River, New England, northeastern U.S. Rising in the Connecticut Lakes in northern New Hampshire, it flows south for a course of 407 mi (655 km) to empty into Long Island Sound. It forms the entire boundary between Vermont and New Hampshire.
 each day are not available.

Industries in Windsor of importance are accommodation and food services food services Hospital services A 24/7 department in a hospital that provides for the nutritional needs of inpatients–eg, those needing special diets, preparing meals and transporting them to the floor and, through the cafeteria, the hospital staff and , with 3700 employees, a sector that grew 1.2 percent in the first quarter of 2008, professional technical services, at 1400 jobs up 5.9 percent and construction at 1380 jobs, down 8.1 percent.

Wages grew in accommodations and food by 6.8 percent over the 2007 level. In professional technical services wages were up 5.8 percent but construction wages were down 5.5 percent.

Condon notes that the population in Windsor County, currently ranked fourth in the state is declining. In July 2006-07 it lost 191 people for a .3 of a percent decline to 56,875. The county is now 11th in growth. Orange County at 29,002 people also declined by .3 of a percent.

"In the long run, it says that when we get out of the business cycle we are in a growth path that may become difficult to grow businesses as it may be hard to find workers," explains Condon. The hope is that "when labor markets labor market A place where labor is exchanged for wages; an LM is defined by geography, education and technical expertise, occupation, licensure or certification requirements, and job experience  do get tight in the future, wages should start to climb and we may attract people to the state."

In Woodstock and Hartford unemployment was up .8 of a percent from September 2007, somewhat below the state average of one percent. These areas are lower than the state because of the growth factors. The two drivers here remain Dartmouth Hitchcock and Dartmouth College. And this is a transportation hub Transportation hub is a location where traffic is exchanged across several modes of transport. These modes may include any of railway, tramway, rapid transit, bus, automobile, truck, airplane, spacecraft, ship, ferry, pedestrian or any other kind of transportation.  area with the two interstates intersecting in·ter·sect  
v. in·ter·sect·ed, in·ter·sect·ing, in·ter·sects
1. To cut across or through: The path intersects the park.

 in the Town of Hartford.

Currently, as of the latest figures for September show, the state overall had 5.2 percent unemployment.

"Without a doubt it will climb nationally to 8 percent it wouldn't surprise me to see it get into the 7 percent range in Vermont," predicts Condon.

Randolph and Orange County

Randolph is the economic heart of Orange County and the town appears to be holding its own in the late fall. Julie Iffland with Randolph Area Community Development Corp. sees local banks making loans and more industrial jobs added to the employment rolls.

Recently Monessen Hearth Systems in Paris, KY, purchased Vermont Castings, the stove maker in Bethel Bethel, in the Bible
Bethel (bĕth`əl) [Heb.,=house of God].

1 Ancient city of central Palestine, the modern Baytin, the West Bank, N of Jerusalem.
, after CFM Inc of Ontario declared bankruptcy and sold off its assets. The new owner is categorized cat·e·go·rize  
tr.v. cat·e·go·rized, cat·e·go·riz·ing, cat·e·go·riz·es
To put into a category or categories; classify.

 by Iffland as "a healthy and growing fireplace heating system company." That company primarily builds gas stoves and Vermont Castings adds a wood stove component to the product line.

After a brief closure Vermont Castings reopened and hired back 160 employees and will expand by building Dutchwest steel stoves. This is a new product for the Bethel stove manufacturer, as steel stoves are a lower end product. The company is expected to create 47 new jobs, and perhaps another 15 in first quarter.

Neil Fox Neil Andrew Howe Fox (born 12 June 1961) is a British radio and television presenter, known for many years as Dr Fox before he became "Foxy" in the 2000s. Early career  at Green Mountain Economic Development Corp in White River Junction, said his office was instrumental in getting a grant of $750, 000 from Vermont Economic Growth Incentives Funds (VEGI) for the expansion.

GMEDC also helped with a $250,000 grant to Vermont Precision Products in to expand their plant and hire a dozen workers in Randolph, That company makes shoe eyelets for military boots as well as brass clasp CLASP - Computer Language for AeronauticS and Programming  on manila envelops, and post office keys.

Another company benefiting from tax credits is New England New England, name applied to the region comprising six states of the NE United States—Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. The region is thought to have been so named by Capt.  Precision in Randolph, which does metal stamping. They will add six new workers for five years and 30 workers will eventually join the 50-person workforce.

Another prospering manufacturer here is Vertek (a division of Applied Research Inc headquartered in New Mexico New Mexico, state in the SW United States. At its northwestern corner are the so-called Four Corners, where Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah meet at right angles; New Mexico is also bordered by Oklahoma (NE), Texas (E, S), and Mexico (S). ) located in the Randolph Industrial Park. That company announced a new $4 million US Government contract through the auspices of Senator Patrick Leahy to make the next generation of remote robots that sniff out land mines.

LED Lighting, a company making lighting and displays in Randolph, is also strong and employs 50.

The one manufacturing negative here was the closing of the Clearsource water bottling plant Noun 1. bottling plant - a plant where beverages are put into bottles with caps
industrial plant, plant, works - buildings for carrying on industrial labor; "they built a large plant to manufacture automobiles"
, which failed when its parent company Wissahickon Water Company went bankrupt. Sixty-five jobs were lost.

Iffland reports that nearby Vermont Technical College The Vermont Technical College (VTC) is a public technological institute located in the village of Randolph Center, Vermont (in the town of Randolph, Vermont). The college is a part of the Vermont State Colleges, a consortium of Vermont's five public colleges, governed by a common  is doing well and expanding its sustainable technology program, while also becoming more of a destination for conferences looking for Looking for

In the context of general equities, this describing a buy interest in which a dealer is asked to offer stock, often involving a capital commitment. Antithesis of in touch with.
 a central location. She praised college president Ty Handy for reaching out to the local community and being a partner. "VTC VTC - video teleconferencing  realizes that the community can benefit it and its students. It's a town/gown benefit."

The school, long an isolated entity on a hill a mile from town, is now "trying to find ways for students to be involved in town." There is a weekly shuttle bus bringing students downtown and they are shopping locally.

"Merchants are encouraging and incentivizing students to be downtown, and sponsoring a college women's and men's cross country team raising money to get them to national events."

Randolph's retail sector is active, reports Iffland with merchants holding events and promotions. Also important is the Chandler Arts Center more than half way towards its capital campaign goal. The famed concert hall will start work next year on upgrades to the hall.

RACDC is working to clean up the former Ethan Allen site of 4.5 acres in the downtown and develop it into a combination of rental and for-sale housing targeted at workforce and downsizing (1) Converting mainframe and mini-based systems to client/server LANs.

(2) To reduce equipment and associated costs by switching to a less-expensive system.

(jargon) downsizing
 seniors. Planned are 12 energy efficient and affordably priced apartments with detached and attached units. This $7 million plus project is expected to take three years to complete.

Like elsewhere in the state "local Realtors say sales are going on but it's a slow time, and a slow time of year."

Gifford Hospital, according to according to
1. As stated or indicated by; on the authority of: according to historians.

2. In keeping with: according to instructions.

 Iffland is "going great guns," expanding and renovating a building on Route 66.

A recent fire November 2 at VTC incubator building on Route 66 displaced some businesses. It housed the staff of the Small Business Development Center and several small companies. "The incubator has been a good idea but there were not a lot of results," acknowledged Dick Drysdale at the local newspaper The Herald. "It's a blow, was well insured and is expected to be rebuilt."

Assessing the current economic conditions, Drysdale was cautious. "I see the economy as certainly in a slow down, as of yet not really severe but people are obviously worried. The manufacturing news from Bethel and Randolph is obviously helpful."

"We're somewhat isolated and conservative in spending money," notes Bobette Schneider with the Bradford Community Development Corp. Businesses in this Orange County town "are seeing a slowdown but are not unsuccessful."

Eight acres of commercially zoned land are for sale next to the Park and Ride for by the Interstate. Also the local P&C Supermarket is improving its property and while still a food market there are plans for other uses for the property.

The planning commission Noun 1. planning commission - a commission delegated to propose plans for future activities and developments
commission, committee - a special group delegated to consider some matter; "a committee is a group that keeps minutes and loses hours" - Milton Berle
 recently approved an outdoor furnace next to the Copeland's Furniture Store and The Mill, which houses several small businesses. This furnace will reduce heating costs. .

A local committee is working on a potential renovation of the Old Church Community Theater, which would continue as a theater. A crafters group has formed to give studio tours and distribute brochures for the many local crafters.

Middle Earth, a local entertainment venue, closed in the spring ending a decade of live club performances that now brings less weekend traffic to the town.

However, "overall, Bradford is staying the course," says Schneider. 'We have not heard about massive layoffs. Bradford appears to be in fairly good shape we haven't seen all the downturns that we see in other areas to date."

Windsor County

Hartland and White River Junction

Perhaps a typical sign of the times here was the recent closing of a Saturn car dealership in White River Jct., says Ottmann. While that closing indicates the problems car dealers face, Ottmann sees the local economy here as otherwise "doing fine."

Fox is generally upbeat as well. The new aquatic center a $40 million venture in the Town of Hartford on Route 5 opens in January. For competitive swimmers this will be the most advanced pool between New York City New York City: see New York, city.
New York City

City (pop., 2000: 8,008,278), southeastern New York, at the mouth of the Hudson River. The largest city in the U.S.
 and Montreal and is expected to host large swim meets. Fox believes the events will bring "many competitors and their entourages to the area and they will be spending on lodging and hospitality." A large family restaurant and new motel are expected to pick up the hospitality slack in an area that may not have enough rooms and meals to accommodate the expected crowds.

In White River, the Prospect Street redevelopment of nine acres, currently home to auto repair and storage businesses adjacent to the Connecticut River will become a gateway to Vermont. The nearby interstate bridge will be rebuilt on Route 4 by the State of N.H. Plans call for this area to be leveled and rebuilt to commercial and residences in three new buildings at a cost of $47 million with funding to be determined.

GMECD will do some financing and United Construction from Claremont has this project under contract for the demolition and construction the project has a 2011 completion date.

Also of importance here is the new Army Reserve/National Guard Armory for both Vermont and New Hampshire. Fox calls this a new idea of a combo and multi-state facility. It will be located on Route 5 south of Hartford Village and constructions starts next summer, It will serve 700 people. "That's a big one," exclaimed Fox.

"Its hard to gauge the overall economy here we're not a retail center," says Town of Hartford planning director Lori Hirshfield. However, observationally she sees engineering firms with less business as some are cutting back staff and fewer applications for planning are being submitted.

"We're seeing a slowing down in terms of big applications for commercial construction. It could be concern for the economy or the time to put projects together," says Hirshfield.

Local real estate is not seeing a decline in housing costs but homes are taking longer to sell and there is "no huge drops in values. The demand for housing is still there."

Recently the town received a state grant of $40,000 to develop a growth center application. This will encompass the core centers of the villages. The town will complete the application for submission by next August. The Vermont Growth Center program relaxes Act 250 provisions.

Downtown White River is stable and "nothing is closing downtown," says Hirshfield. She categorized the business climate here as "concerned and cautious." As reported by other Vermont towns, banking is not as problematic here as in other states. "We have local banks, they advertise that they have money to lend and we are cautiously moving forward."


Robert Flint Robert Flint (1838 – 1910) was a Scottish theologian and philosopher, who wrote also on sociology.

He was born near Dumfries and educated, at the University of Glasgow.
 with the Springfield Regional Development Corp points to more redevelopment of a former machine tool plant as a sign that this town is revitalizing. This site, currently owned by Precision Valley Development Corp, a non-profit, is at the original location of Fellows Gear Shaper The introduction to this article provides insufficient context for those unfamiliar with the subject matter.
Please help [ improve the introduction] to meet Wikipedia's layout standards. You can discuss the issue on the talk page.

Returned to the town in the 1970s, it was rehabbed and became a multi-tenant incubator for many years. In the past decade the site struggled financially with a handful of tenants and this year an agreement was reached to sell the property to Washington, DC, developers One Hundred River Street LLC (Logical Link Control) See "LANs" under data link protocol.

LLC - Logical Link Control

Flint says this entity will do a $6 million development for mixed use, which will include light industrial, offices, and a restaurant. A major tenant will be the Springfield Hospital, which will include Springfield Medical Group, a walk in clinic and primary care physicians. Plans are currently under way for a 30,000-square-foot renovation and an October 2009 completion date to the former Fellows Building.

According to Flint the current economy "clouds everything and brings a lot of nervousness and caution." There are few new jobs or vacancies yet, "companies are still frustrated frus·trate  
tr.v. frus·trat·ed, frus·trat·ing, frus·trates
a. To prevent from accomplishing a purpose or fulfilling a desire; thwart:
 finding new people and workforce development remains a focus."

Housing and construction have "slowed dramatically." Housing prices are in decline and the market "is slow."

Another blow to the town was the July fire that destroyed the Ellis Block and the Springfield Theater. That theater had become famous after it hosted the opening of the Simpson's movie in 2006. Currently vacant it had a boarding house and retail space. There is a tentative agreement with Housing Vermont and Springfield Housing Unlimited to purchase the property, save the building, and renovate it. Planned is a conversion to housing with eight or nine efficiency apartments. The theater will also be brought back.

As to the future, Flint sees "people riding things out. Who knows what the future is and energy costs are a roller coaster What a bad CD-R disc is often called. See CD-R and underrun. ."

He categorized the mind set here as "not gloom and doom but there is anxiety."


The economic picture is mixed, according to Tom Kennedy with the Southern Windsor County Regional Planning Commission. Ski areas are an important economic generator here and the Ascutney Mountain resort Ascutney Mountain Resort is a ski area located on the western side of Mount Ascutney in Brownsville, Vermont. It opened in the winter of 1946 under the ownership of Catharine Cushman. Since 1993, it has been owned by Steven and Susan Plausteiner. History
The Mt.
 recently sold off some of its hotel and condos to Orange Lake, a North Carolina North Carolina, state in the SE United States. It is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean (E), South Carolina and Georgia (S), Tennessee (W), and Virginia (N). Facts and Figures

Area, 52,586 sq mi (136,198 sq km). Pop.
 resort developer. The hope is to bring capital into the area. The ski area continues to work on a master plan and is expected to expand when credit loosens up.

In the Town of Windsor new businesses have opened including Paradise Bicycle Shop, and Vermont Mercantile Exchange, a country store.

The town completed reconstruction of the Windsor Welcome Center a former brownfields site and former machine tool building. Armory Square Armory Square is a small neighborhood on the west side of Downtown Syracuse, New York. It began life as a busy commercial and industrial area just to the west of the central city.  Apartments, a $17.3 million renovation project, is under way with a 2009 completion date. An expansion is planned for the Harpoon Brewery Harpoon Brewery is an American microbrewery, with plants in Boston, Massachusetts and Windsor, Vermont. Founded in 1986, the brewery was the first company to obtain a permit to manufacture and sell alcohol in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in over 25 years.  in the Windsor Industrial Park. However, the Morgan Meadows single-family housing project in Windsor is stuck in the permitting process.

Elsewhere in the county, Cavendish has a completed a 14-unit housing project on a former brownfield See greenfield.  site in the Village of Proctorsville, also a rehabbed commercial building that is now fully occupied.

"Overall we're starting to see the effect of contraction in many sectors and unemployment increasing," says Kennedy of the local economy.

Gas prices will affect the ski area if they rise in price. Locals keep their fingers crossed that the snow falls and skiers drive to Ascutney because many businesses are associated with the ski industry. "A dramatic decline in skiers would have a negative impact on the related ancillary businesses," says Kennedy. He anticipates "another tough year ahead of us."


"Traffic is mixed with people coming to town and lower gas prices will help bring more people," says Peter Gregory with Two Rivers-Ottauquechee Regional Commission. "We are cautiously optimistic op·ti·mist  
1. One who usually expects a favorable outcome.

2. A believer in philosophical optimism.

." The big factor in the health of this community is the amount of disposable income disposable income

Portion of an individual's income over which the recipient has complete discretion. To assess disposable income, it is necessary to determine total income, including not only wages and salaries, interest and dividend payments, and business profits, but also
 for tourists. "We're hopeful for the ski season The examples and perspective in this article or section may not represent a worldwide view of the subject.
Please [ improve this article] or discuss the issue on the talk page.
 with Killington already open and gas prices down."

Retail here is "holding its own." Construction or new housing is at a standstill.

What will help the Upper Valley in general notes Gregory is a new transit routes from Orange Co. allowing Stagecoach stagecoach, heavy, closed vehicle on wheels, usually drawn by horses, formerly used to transport passengers and goods overland. Throughout the Middle Ages and until about the end of the 18th cent.  Transit in Randolph to carry more commuters down I-89. With buses remaining full in the river route coming down I-91 from Bradford and Newbury, and more people commuting by bus, even as lower gas prices have not affected the use of these buses, there may be more money in the pockets of locals to spend.

Gayle Ottmann working at the Quechee Gorge notes strong local tourism. She saw heavy Route 4 and gorge traffic although a wet July slowed visitors. This past fall saw "three great weeks," although numbers did not exceed 2007. Quechee Gorge registered 1,000 fewer visitors but still had 8,000 registered visitors.

"We saw weekends and families, but tours were good. Our foreign traffic was up more than US traffic."


First quarter tax receipts were as expected here with no significant delinquencies. What the second quarter will bring is unsure said Town Manager Frank Heald.

He can point to a good foliage season and positive Christmas reservations at Okemo Mountain Okemo Mountain Resort is a ski resort located in Ludlow, Vermont. It is one of the few remaining family-owned ski areas. Before becoming a popular ski resort destination, Ludlow was originally a mill town, and was the home of a General Electric plant until 1977.  Ski Resort as signs that all is not doom and gloom doom and gloom
Gloom and doom.

doom-and-gloom adj.

"We are hoping the rising tide Noun 1. rising tide - the occurrence of incoming water (between a low tide and the following high tide); "a tide in the affairs of men which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune" -Shakespeare
flood tide, flood
 of winter business floats all boats." He sees steady local employment and points to local door manufacture Jeld-Wen who continues to run advertisements for workers.

This is not the opinion of Sharon Bixby at Ludlow Economic Corp. who sees "the local economy slowing." She notes that "workers are feeling the pinch here" and some are "seeking a second job at Okemo more than in the past."

There is hope for the winter here as "a lot of the hospitality folks are getting strong rentals for the ski season."

Also, larger homes are selling, an encouraging sign as "some builders are trying to hold on to workers."

Marji Graff at the Okemo Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce in Ludlow anticipates the December 15 opening of Okemo Ski Area. From her standpoint, "things look good in the valley. It appeared we had a great summer."

She is "very optimistic for the winter," as the Rutland Airport, a half-hour drive from here is a destination via Jet Blue to skiers from Philadelphia and Boston.

Fall tourism here was "tremendous."

Ludlow has three new retail businesses on Main Street. a sign that optimism reigns here. "We haven't seen the economic downturn," states Graff. "Our location is a plus, we are in southern Vermont an easy drive from Connecticut and it is easy to get here.

Sandy Gregg at the Golden Stage Inn in Proctorsville confirms what many here and elsewhere in the ski industry hope will mitigate an otherwise sour economic climate for the nation. Her inn has many winter bookings and this indicates that "people will go skiing this winter."

The expectation is that in this recession "many skiers will not go west but instead will come to Vermont, as a means of saving money."

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