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CMA Magazine (Mississauga) Professional Magazine/Journal Jul 1, 2011
CMA Management Professional Magazine/Journal Jun 1, 2010
Economic Commentary (Cleveland) Trade Magazine/Journal Apr 16, 2015
Journal of Consumer Affairs Trade Magazine/Journal Mar 22, 2015
Strategic Finance Trade Magazine/Journal May 1, 2015
  • Raise your technical intelligence: digital Darwinism is here to stay, and technology is only going to advance quicker than before. Are you ready to...
  • Fast and lean! The fastcap story: Founder and CEO Paul Akers has built a company culture that embraces change and continuous improvement by using...
  • Succeed at change: When making significant changes in the work environment, organizational change management can ensure everyone is aligned.
  • The importance of respect.
  • Shattered trust: fraud in the family; to keep your business safe, make sure you have proper internal controls, including a written statement on...
  • Lean leadership: coaching to connect the dots: this is our second article in a series about Lean leadership. Investing time in coaching your best...
  • Reach your potential.
  • Chip cards are consumers ready? Consumers say they support replacing magnetic-strip payment cards with new embedded-chip cards requiring PINs. If...
  • Excel creating territories: the Group Selection feature in pivot tables makes it possible to group the results of branch offices into territories,...
  • Tools for ethical success: a new report predicts ethical pitfalls for 2015 and suggests ways to stay ahead of the curve.
  • The global growth of the CMA: IMA's highly respected certification is becoming more in demand by professionals around the world.
  • Len, left, and right.
  • MID and INSTR.
  • Concatenate.
  • Employee table.
  • Small business bill faces Veto: Significant support from Senate Democrats will be needed to win any override vote.
  • Redefining "Fiduciary".
  • Understanding the India way: the management principles driving India's top businesses.
  • Marc Palker named IMA Chair-Elect.
  • A collective shrug about privacy: Despite revelations of government monitoring, users haven't changed their online behavior.
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