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Minister persists with plans to link social housing with work

Caroline Flint Caroline Louise Flint (born 20 September 1961 in Twickenham, England) is a British Labour politician. She is the Member of Parliament for Don Valley in Northern England, the Minister of State for Employment and Welfare Reform in the Department for Work and Pensions and the , the housing minister, yesterday returned to her controversial call to make access to social housing dependent on seeking training or work.

Her call had been branded as disgraceful dis·grace·ful  
Bringing or warranting disgrace; shameful.

dis·graceful·ly adv.
 demonisation Noun 1. demonisation - to represent as diabolically evil; "the demonization of our enemies"

condemnation, disapprobation - an expression of strong disapproval; pronouncing as wrong or morally culpable; "his uncompromising condemnation of racism"
 by some Labour MPs and housing experts after she suggested those in social housing should be required to work. But yesterday she announced that two new groups headed by independent experts in the housing sector will look at "potential incentives, obligations and support" for those entering social housing.

Flint flint, mineral
flint, variety of quartz that commonly occurs in rounded nodules and whose crystal structure is not visible to the naked eye. Flint is dark gray, smoky brown, or black in color; pale gray flint is called chert.
 said: "The debate that I started a few weeks ago will continue over the coming months." She said the more she discussed the issues in housing, the more impressed she had been with the work that was already going on, including social landlords getting involved in a range of activities to overcome economic inequality
For the economic inequality among nations, see international inequality.

Economic inequality refers to disparities in the distribution of economic assets and income.

Jane Slowey, chief executive of the Foyer Federation, will lead the incentives and obligations policy group and June Barnes the housing support group, which will look at the support tenants may need to move into work and how this might best be delivered.

The plans were received with deep concern by Shelter, the housing charity.

Flint said a large number of young people coming into social housing were at risk of slipping into the pattern of inactivity inactivity Sedentary activity Internal medicine An absence of physical activity and/or exercise, a predictor of obesity. See Couch potato. Physical activity, Vigorous exercise  experienced by their parents.

She pointed to examples such as Notting Hill Housing Trust, which is to test commitment contracts through its Moving Forward project. New tenants will make a commitment to improve their skills and look for work.

Shelter said: "Social housing should be available for those in the greatest need and making people jump through hoops or sign contracts to get it will stop the most vulnerable from accessing a decent home."
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Date:Mar 21, 2008
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