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Minimize floor damage from moving large appliances.

MOVING ITEMS into and out of apartments can damage the floor. The greatest damage occurs when residents move large appliances themselves. Refrigerators, washing machines (storage) washing machine - An old-style 14-inch hard disk in a floor-standing cabinet. So called because of the size of the cabinet and the "top-loading" access to the media packs - and, of course, they were always set on "spin cycle".  and stoves are the worst culprits because they are the heaviest to move. Feet on these appliances are small and are not designed to slide across the floor. Stoves many times have feet that are jagged and can gouge gouge (gouj) a hollow chisel for cutting and removing bone.

A strong curved chisel used in bone surgery.


a hollow chisel for cutting and removing bone.
 a soft vinyl floor easily.

If an apartment community equips units with stoves, refrigerators, washers, dryers and other heavy items, damage will be minimized because residents won't be moving these large appliances at move-in and move-out. But if residents are responsible for providing their own appliances, owners and managers need to worry about potential floor damage during moving and mold or mildew mildew, name for certain fungi and protists, for the diseases they cause in various crops, and for the discoloration (and sometimes the weakening and disintegration) they cause in such materials as leather, fabrics, and paper.  damage from improperly installed items.

One solution is to move residents' appliances for them, and also to install or hook up appliances when necessary. Assign a community maintenance technician to be present during move-in and move-out, and equip them with rubber hose washers and other necessary hookup hookup,
n in the Trager method of therapy, the practitioner enters into a meditative state along with the patient, which allows him or her to work more intuitively and to feel subtle changes in the patient's movement and tissue texture.
 supplies. Attach an addendum addendum n. an addition to a completed written document. Most commonly this is a proposed change or explanation (such as a list of goods to be included) in a contract, or some point that has been subject of negotiation after the contract was originally proposed by  to the lease to specify that residents must allow community staff to move their appliances in and out and perhaps include a nominal fee for the service. Failure to comply could result in forfeit of a portion of the security deposit, an increase in the security deposit required or liability for damages the appliances might cause.


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