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Milling spndle cuts machining time, cost.

A cylindrical milling spindle adaptable to existing boring mills increases cutting speeds, improves accuracy, and provides better surface finish than conventional endmills in slotting and other operations.

Developed by Edge Technologies Inc, Roseville, MI, the spindle is adaptable to any mill using a 4" or larger spindle bar. The internally geared spindle changes the machine rotation transversely to allow for side, surface, or slot cutting operations. The spindle and machined cast-iron housing provide a 20" extension to the machine table with higher strength and accuracy than an extension bar, says Edge Technologies president Roger Smigiel.

"We adapt to the machine using a #50 taper collet and attach to the existing drive of the machine. The cutter has bearing support on both sides, reducing the amount of vibration in the cut and increasing insert life. Also, the spindle is nodular iron, which promotes a harmonic balance that results in a true, precise cut at higher speeds than traditional ball-nose end mills--up to a 10- or 20-fold increase," he says.

Edge Technologies designs and manufactures both the cutter body and inserts used for the process. Inserts can be slot-type, ballnose, concave, or convex, with widths up to 2". Inserts have a double cutting edge analogous to a twin-blade razor to maximize the number of cutting edges around the cutter body. The result is lower machine rpm because the cutters are doing more work. The inserts are preindexable so that they lock down in the pockets with no indicating.

Although they are more expensive than standard inserts, the upfront tooling costs are offset by longer insert life. "Depending on the application, inserts will last up to ten times longer because of minimal vibration, and they can be ground up to six times," Mr Smigiel says.

The spindle also features a right-angle adapter assembly for face milling, drilling, tapping, and other operations.

An example of the benefits possible using the spindle is replacement of endmills for machining 10 key slots, each 130" long x 0.690" wide x 0.700" deep, in a 1020 hot-rolled steel component for a plastic injection molding machine. With five passes (rough, two semi-finish, and two finish) at feedrates of 2 ipm, 3 ipm, and 3 ipm, respectively, the job took nearly 40 hours using conventional endmills.

Using the Edge milling spindle with a 12" cutting head at 92 rpm and feedrate of 12 ipm, the job was completed in two passes while maintaining tolerance of [+ or -]0.0005" on slot width. Total milling time: 3 hours and 40 minutes.

Mr Smigiel points out that productivity in this application is further increased because the Edge inserts do not require changing to complete the job, as opposed to multiple tool changes for the conventional endmills.

Edge Technologies Inc, Roseville, MI, circle 3 1 1.

High speed spindles

IBAG North America will demonstrate several new products at EMO 93 in Hannover, Germany this September.

The Model HF250-A10 is a high power, high speed milling spindle that utilizes a size 50 taper and can be supplied with CAT, BT, ISO, SKI50, or HSK style tooling. The Vector-controlled spindle is available in three power versions--40hp, 80 hp, and 120 hp--with speeds up to 12,000 rpm.

Also on display will be several models of IBAG active magnetic bearing high speed spindles, with speeds up to 200,000 rpm; Vector-controlled high speed spindles using both IBAG SKI tooling and HSK tooling styles; and high speed milling of hardened tool steel with solid cermet cutters at 24,000 rpm.

The Model HF100-A30 high speed spindle is equipped with an internal battery buffered RAM memory that stores spindle data, including spindle loading, power used, and speeds, for a period of ten years. The historic record of the spindle's performance and use can be used to optimize the high speed cutting process.

IBAG North America, Milford, CT, circle 367.

Snap-in jaws

Accu-Snap snap-in jaws from Toolex Systems Inc, Meadville, PA, can reduce setup times up to 95% while maintaining accuracy and repeatability. The quick-change jaw system is adaptable to most vise brands and configurations, including Kurt, Chick, Huron, Yuasa, Eron, and HDT.

Users replace original vise jaws with Accu-Snap master jaws, which allow a variety of other jaws to be mounted and removed with a single turn of a hex. A locking gib on the accessory front-loads into a spring-loaded locking receptacle on the master jaw to hold the accessory firmly in place during machining. Accessory jaws come in a variety of configurations, including V-jaws, parallel sets, angle plates, modular workstops, and soft (machinable) jaws. A one-piece center master jaw also is available for double vises.

Toolex Systems Inc, Meadville, PA, circle 312.

Automation clamps

Staylock clamps from Jergens Inc, Cleveland, OH, combine the features of hydraulic and mechanical clamps to provide sure clamping even when hydraulic pressure is disconnected.

Unlike most standard hydraulic clamps, Staylock clamps maintain clamping power even when hydraulic pressure is interrupted, and stay locked until hydraulic pressure is applied to the release port. This lets users move clamped fixtures from machine to machine, eliminating reclamping and reducing setup costs.

The clamps are available in swing, toe, die/mold, rocker, block, and retractable styles. Potential applications include automatic pallet changers, flexible manufacturing systems, and transfer machines, as well as quick-change in the injection molding and stamping industries.

Jergens Inc, Cleveland, OH, circle 376.

Auto-indexing turret

US Amada offers a four-station auto-indexing (4-AI) turret for the Vipros series NCT punch presses, providing greater flexibility for punching angles other than 90 degrees.

The 4-AI turret is equipped with 41 fixed stations and four auto-indexing stations--two that hold one B-size (1 1/4") tool each and two that hold one C-size (2") tool each--for a total tool capacity of 45 tools.

The turret has a 33-ton press capacity and can punch a maximum sheet thickness of .25". With an X and Y feed speed of up to 1969"/minute, the turret rotates up to 30 ipm and provides a punching accuracy of [+ or -]0.004.

US Amada Ltd, Buena Park, CA, circle 161.

Linear bearings

Linear air bearing assemblies by Ameropean Corp combine air pads with the compensating attraction of a permanent magnet, guiding the carriage by a single rail and resulting in a simpler and more compact design. The rail can consist of a granite piece with a steel strip affixed to it or of a steel bar or tube with lapped or ground surfaces.

The Dextair components can be supplied to the producer of air bearing assemblies or the complete assembly can be supplied to customers' requirements.

Ameropean Corp, North Haven, CT, circle 163.

Boring heads

Series 2113 small diameter boring heads feature a micrometer spindle that provides 0.0001" per dial graduation on the diameter and a 0.001" vernier, allowing fast, accurate setup and reducing scrap.

There is no movement between lock and unlock, eliminating setting errors. The through bored tool receiver allows the boring tool to be telescoped for maximum rigidity and permits through spindle coolant.

Parlec Inc, Fairport, NY, circle 162.

Linear motion actuator

The HRS Series of pre-engineered, highly rigid, compact linear motion actuators integrates brushless linear servo motors and recirculating-ball linear motion guide systems.

The circular-arc ball raceway design permits the application of significant preload for precision, zero-clearance positioning accuracy. The patented design also provides freedom in the actuator's mounting orientation in the horizontal plane, with rigidity in all four loading directions.

The permanent magnet, three-phase, sinewave driven linear motor provides a torque ripple-free, maximum linear velocity of 65.75"/sec, with a maximum thrust force of 68 lb. The matching model LD linear servo drivers operate from either the 115V or 220V line and do not require external power supplies. The drivers are compatible with virtually all industry standard motion controllers and have both a step-direction and a [+ or -]DC analog motor command interface for postion, velocity, and force control.

For multiple tasking systems, more than one slider can run on a single rail. Dust seals and bellows are options, as are electro-magnetic position brakes and brake controllers.

Three HRS model sizes are available, from 1.8" x 4.6" in cross-section to 3" x 8.5" in cross-section, with load carrying capacities from 88 to 400 lb.

Mechatronics Div, THK America Inc, Schaumburg, IL, circle 165.

Oil mist collectors

Aercology Inc has developed a series of compact, efficient, and economical mist collectors for use on machines that use either petroleum-based or synthetic coolants.

The centrifugal separators remove submicronic contaminants from the plant atmosphere at the source, minimizing problems encountered with old-style units such as unsightly ductwork, obstruction of lighting, and excessive maintenance. Ninety-eight percent efficiency at 1 micron is standard. With the addition of an HEPA filter, particulate filtration efficiency of 99.97% down to 0.3 microns is possible.

Capacities range from 100 to 1000 CFM Nom. Low sound pressure level ranges from 70 to 74 dbA Available accessories include mounting brackets, hoses, and floor stands.

Aercology Inc, Old Saybrook, CT, circle 166.

Direct drive indexer

The compact Tsudakoma RDH 200 direct drive indexer fits the space requirements of drilling and tapping machines with small working envelopes (typically 10" x 20").

Thirty percent smaller than previous models, the RDH 200 features high clamping torque of 1300 in lb, rotation speed of 25 rpm, and minimum incremental angle of 0.001 deg.

The indexer can be used in a variety of chucking applications, including 5" manual scroll chucks, 5" hydraulic and pneumatic power chucks, as well as a 140 mm faceplate.

The unit uses only one cable from the dividing head for easy setup. Allowable load capacity is 300 lb in the horizontal and 175 lb in the vertical position.

Koma Precision, Workholding Div, Warehouse Point, CT, circle 167.

Laser-based processor

The compact Gemini ceramic processor, integrated with Coherent's Diamond 64 Sealed [CO.sub.2] Laser, processes ceramics at higher speeds, improving productivity.

Scribe rates are 8"/sec with adjustable scribe pulse centers from 0.006" and up and a minimum scribe depth of 0.01". The Gemini also cuts 0.02" thick ceramic at 20"/min and 0.04" thick ceramic at 8"/min. Holes from 0.005" to 0.01" have typical drilling times of 50 to 200 milliseconds.

Designed to be practically maintenance-free, the Diamond laser uses no gas and is small, precise, and portable.

In addition to ceramics, the Gemini also processes a variety of materials from paper to galvanized steel.

Coherent General Inc, Sturbridge, MA, circle 168.

Chip wringer

Low cost recovery of expensive cutting oils used by metal chip producing operations is available with a batch-size chip wringer from Prab.

The Model 710-BW is suited for the small to medium-sized machining operation that may be generating various types (brass, stainless, steel, aluminum, etc) of swarf. A single unit can handle all types of material without cross contamination, centrifugally processing stringy turnings, curly chips, fine borings and other swarf to extract cutting oils or fluids.

Filtered cutting oils can be reused, thus reducing operating costs. Removing the oils from chips and turnings also helps users comply with environmental regulations on hazardous waste.

A single control panel automatically cycles, electrically brakes, and de-energizes the safety interlocks, allowing safe removal of te extractor bowl. External lubricating fittings reduce maintenance time.

The chip wringer has a rated capacity of over 3000 lb/hour, but throughput is determined by the cycle time, which is easily adjustable for different materials being processed.

Prab Conveyors, Kalamazoo, MI, circle 184.

Vacuum cleaning

Tiyoda's Fl Clean is an ultra-tight, ultrasonic spray cleaning and drying system that utilizes a vacuum "de-aired" solvent to enhance part cleanliness.

The vacuum technology allows the solvent to penetrate blind, deep, and thin holes fully, as well as ensuring complete part dryness. The closed-loop, self-contained unit keeps solvent loss down to less than 2 lb of total solvent emissions per month.

Tiyoda Manufacturing USA Inc, Torrance, CA, circle 187.

High precision chuck

HSV external wedge design chucks minimize the effect of centrifugal forces throughout their 10,000 rpm speed range and are suited for high-pressure, heavy-duty cutting and finishing applications that require light chucking pressure.

The US-made chucks feature built-in air cylinders, non-rotating air tubes, hardened master jaws and actuators, and through spindle coolant. Each chuck is double acting, for both OD and ID applications. Sizes are 3", 4", and 6".

Standard chucks deliver repeating accuracies to 0.00005" TIR, A super-precision model with 0.00002" TIR is available. Other options include a quick change jaw system and automatic lubrication.

MicroCentric Corp, Plainview, NY, circle 188.

Modular fixtures

Modular fixtures from Royal Machine and Tool hold entire parts families, reducing the number of dedicated fixtures required for production machining.

The universal fixtures are designed to expand along the X, Y, and Z axes to fit the largest and smallest parts in a family by rearranging the location of clamping and locating components. Load and unload time is reduced with self-centering Vee rails, adjustable in 1/8" increments.

Six sizes are available, from 16" (400 mm) to 40" (1000 mm). A high tensile strength chain conforms t workpiece configurations.

Dual model fixtures are available for increased throughput.

Royal Machine and Tool Corp, Berfin, CT, circle 189.

Drilling/tapping center

The Mycenter-Zero/APC (Spark Changer) vertical drilling and tapping center features an automatic tool changer with a 0.9 second tool-to-tool change time and a 3.9 second pallet changer. Rapid feed rate is 1575 ipm.

The finely tuned cartridge-type spindle is able to withstand heavy cutting loads, because it is supported by a combination of double-row cylindrical roller bearings at the top and two double-direction angular thrust bearings at the base. The spindle is coupled with a COG belt, enabling it to cut and tap a wide variety of materials, including heavy steel.

Kitamura Machinery of USA Inc, Wheeling, IL, circle 169.

Automatic grinder

Parker-Majestic's surface grinder features a two- or three-axis full automatic control, enabling it to perform both unattended wet grinding (with optional coolant system installed) and gage precision hand grinding.

Simple controls, automatic lubrication, and electronic motor drives make the grinder easy to set up, operate, and maintain. All of the features of the automatic grinder are available as an economical retrofit package to current owners of P-M grinders.

Parker-Majestic Inc, Troy, MI, circle 191.

Duplex machining

The duplex version of Cellular Concepts' Cell Con H-15 modular design HMC features two machines mounted to a single worktable.

The H-15D includes two interfaced GE Fanuc controls, providing a highly productive machining center for milling, drilling, or boring a single workpiece from both sides in a single setup or two workpieces or multiple fixtured parts simultaneously.

Axes travels for each Cell Con are 24" (X), 17" (Y), and 18"(Z). Positioning is [+ or -]0.0002". Repeatability is [+ or -]0.0001" in each axis. The spindles are driven by a GE Fanuc 15-hp AC motor up to 2000 rpm (6000 rpm optional). Maximum feedrate is 600 ipm.

Each spindle is equipped with a six-tool automatic toolchanger. Maximum tool weight is 15 lb; maximum tool diameter is 4". Optional automatic pallet indexers or rotary table can be added for greater processing flexibility and productivity.

Cellular Concepts, Detroit, MI, circle 164.

Centerless grinder

The Tschudin TC-400 centerless grinding machine is designed for making high-precision, high-production round parts and is capable of through-feed and plunge grinding of workpieces.

The TC-400 uses a 16" diam grinding wheel and can grind diameters ranging from 0.02" to 1 1/2". Features include: automatic plunge cycle; infinitely variable rpm of the regulating wheel; low rpm dressing for grinding and regulating wheels; copy dressing units for grinding and regulating wheels; infinitely variable dressing speeds of the wheel; axially adjustable grinding wheel spindle; and automatic central lubrication.

Tschudin Grinding Systems Inc, Hauppauge, NY, circle 190.

Collet chucks

Series LZK multi-blade, high-precision collet chucks have large clamping ranges within each collet size.

The individual blade-type jaws are part of an all-steel collet system, which provides evenly distributed clamping force over its entire clamping range. With the low mass of the clamping blades, there are no perceptible losses from centrifugal forces, resulting in more accurate machining performance. The wide gripping range of each collet reduces the number of collets needed.

LZK chucks come in seven sizes that can handle components from 0.06" to 7.875" diameter. Dead length and draw-in types are available. Multi-blade steel collets are offered with smooth or serrated gripping surfaces for round, hex, and square stock.

Forkardt Inc, East Granby, CT, circle 192.

Diamond dressing tool

Ernst Winter & Son offers a line of high-performance diamond Fliesen dressing tools that deliver greater accuracy, consistency of dress, and durability. Advanced bonding technology and precision engineering help Fliesen tools deliver a lower per-piece cost. Maintenance-free operation also keeps costs low. Made entirely in the US.

Ernst Winter & Son Inc, Travelers Rest, SC, circle 193.

Saddle-type grinders

The ACC-DX saddle type surface grinder series features MDI control for precise input of grinding parameters.

The series consists of seven machines with working chuck sizes ranging from 8" x 20" to 20" x 40". Distance under the standard grinding wheel ranges from 15.6" to 21.6". All models are powered by a 5 hp wheel spindle motor, except for the smallest model, which utilizes a 2 hp spindle motor. Table load capacities range from 445 lb to 1540 lb.

All ACC-DX grinders have recessed saddles for convenient worktable accessibility. Heavily ribbed cast-iron construction provides rigidity and durability.

Features include centralized controls for operator convenience, longitudinal table feed, automatic crossfeed reversal, automatic downfeed, surface/crisscross and plunge grinding capability, a hydraulic tank unit, automatic lubrication, splashguards, and more.

Options include electro-magnetic chucks, magnetic dust separator, a coolant system with pump, automatic demagnetizing control, and side and angle dressers. All grinders are available in a DXNC version that allows for fully automatic grinding.

Okamoto Corp, Buffalo Grove, IL, circle 194.

Swiss-type CNC

The TNL-32G is a 32mm CNC swiss-type turning center for the production of precision components with diameters from 1.26" to 31" long.

The machine features two turrets which can operate independently or simultaneously on the two opposed spindles. Each spindle has its own C axis capable of full helical interpolation. Both spindles are fully synchronized.

The travelling guide bush is incorporated into the first turret slide, assuring maximum rigidity and tolerances for the workpiece. The rear turret can be indexed in 7.5 deg increments, permitting angle hole drilling, milling, tapping, etc, without the need for special driven tools.

A quick change tooling system is part of the turret design. Each turret has eight tool positions for static and/or rotating turret toolholders with internal, programmable coolant supply,

Traub Automatics Inc, Hauppauge, NY, circle 171.

Aqueous degreasing

The Greco aqueous degreasing/recycling system saves on cleaning compounds and reduces the need for running rinse water by utilizing a dragout tank and a series of rinse stations which feed the first station rinse water back to the reservoir.

A suitable replacement for vapor degreasers, the system utilizes a stacked disc pad filtration system efficient down to 0.5 micron. Options include a wheel skimmer to constantly remove oil from a special collection compartment.

The system is constructed of stainless steel, and various size models with one or more recycling stations are offered.

Greco Brothers, Providence, RI, circle 170.

Low-cost HMC

The VH-1 travelling column horizontal machining center from Haas Automation will be formally introduced later this summer at a price of less than $80,000.

The machine features travels of 18" on all axes, a geared head that delivers 100 ft-lb of torque at 400 rpm, a 10-hp drive motor capable of speeds up to 7500 rpm, and a 24-position tool changer offering 4-second tool change times.

The VH-1 employs a 32-bit Fanuc-compatible CNC control that processes up to 180 blocks per second and comes with a two-year warranty.

Haas Automation Inc, Chatsworth, CA, circle 172.

EDM workholding

ManoSet clamping equipment enables wire EDM operators to position and reposition workpieces with known reference points, improving setup efficiency and decreasing the possibility of human error.

Clamping and gripping beams, vises, and other clamping elements are attached to two base rails, which are fitted to the existing machine base. A grid system of ground holes and stop pins permits precise workpiece positioning without measuring.

All Erowa integrated tooling system electrode holders and vises fit into ManoSet, allowing off-line setups with a guaranteed repeatability of less than 0.000 08". ManoSet can expand into a wire EDM pallet system for automatic handling of workpieces.

Erowa Technology, Arlington Heights, IL, circle 177.
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