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Miller starts "super" promotion.

Miller starts "super" promotion

Miller Brewing Co. will conduct the "biggest Super Bowl promotion in history," with 12 weeks of television, radio and print advertising as well as a sweepstakes to send consumers to Super Bowl XXIV, a brewery spokesman said.

The campaign, which began November 5, features seven new television spots, with special appearances by sitcom stars George Wendt and Richard Moll, and new Miller Lite All-Stars and former NFL stars Joe Klecko, Randy White and Joe Washington.

"This is the biggest set of commercials tied to one theme Miller has ever done," said Tom Gresk, low calorie director, Miller Brewing Co. "They're action packed and dynamic and include enough surprising twists and turns to keep viewers eagerly awaiting the next installment."

The spots will match the "Less Fillings" against the "Taste Greats," teams made up of the former football heros.

Miller is concurrently running a national Super Bowl consumer promotion. Consumers can win a pair of Super Bowl tickets, plus airfare, hotel and spending money. Winning certificates are hidden inside 50 cases.
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Title Annotation:Miller Brewing Company Super Bowl Game promotion
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Nov 13, 1989
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