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Miller Sharp's ahead of non-alcohol pack.

Miller Sharp's ahead of non-alcohol pack

Miller Brewing Co.'s Sharp's non-alcoholic brew has emerged as the best-selling product in the non-alcohol brew category, capturing almost one-third of all category sales, according to its producer.

In a released report, Miller recently estimated that the brand will ship nearly 400,000 barrels in 1990, outpacing its closest competitors, O'Doul's, which should ship approximately 239,000 barrels; and Kingsbury, which analysts figure will ship an estimated 236,000 barrels throughout the entire year.

"We've really had a tremendous record-breaking year for Sharp's, thanks to consumers who have discovered our breakthrough beer taste," said Rick Burton, Sharp's brand manager. "Last year at this time, the jury was still out on the viability of the non-alcohol brew category. However when one looks at this year, it seems that the verdict is in and it is especially gratifying to see that beer drinkers have made Sharp's their top choice."

Due to the increased demand for the product, Miller has added and expanded production at its breweries in Forth Worth, TX, and Irwindale, CA.

"Consumer interest in Sharp's has been strong and we felt we needed to bring on two more breweries in order to keep up with current and future demands," Burton explained. "It has become very apparent that consumers agree Sharp's is the non-alcoholic brew that offers the refreshing taste and satisfaction of real beer without its alcohol."
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Title Annotation:Miller Brewing Co.
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Dec 31, 1990
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