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Miller Genuine Draft sports a new look.

Miller Genuine Draft sports a new look

Miller Genuine Draft's secondary packaging will sport a new look in the coming months as designs for the brand's exterior packaging were unveiled recently during Miller Brewing Co.'s national sales meeting.

All of the packaging material, including carriers for 12-oz. non-returnable bottles, 12-oz. longnecks, 12-pack cans and 24-pack cans, reflects the boldness of the Miller Genuine Draft label and conveys a strong image of cold draft refreshment, according to Tom Cardella, brand manager, Miller Brewing Co.

"This is the first major packaging change we've made for Miller Genuine Draft," Cardella said. "This new look is bold and fresh, just like our product."

The extreme close-up of the Genuine Draft logo on the secondary packaging is similar to other Miller brand packages. Close-ups of the Miller High Life and Lite labels also dominate those brands' packages. The Genuine Draft logo, however, is tilted at a different angle and is surrounded by ice to convey the beer's cold-filtered distinction, Cardella added.

The new packaging will be rotated into distributors existing stock and the Milwaukee brewer expects the packaging will be at retail outlets throughout the country before the end of the year.

PHOTO : SHARP's NON-ALCOHOLIC BEER, Miller Brewing Co.'s recent entry into the category, will be

PHOTO : available nationally January 1, 1990.
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Date:Nov 13, 1989
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