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Milk-carton architecture: with half-gallon cartons and contact paper, it's easy to make 'granite' blocks.

TOYS FROM TRASH? It's time to have some fun with your recycling. Half-gallon milk cartons can be easily transformed into sturdy, inexpensive, and remarkably realistic-looking granite building blocks like the ones shown here. They might even get your kids to drink more milk: the more they drink, the more blocks they get.

Rinsed, dried cartons are easy to cut and fold into three basic block shapes--rectangles, cubes, and wedges.

With one standard (18-inch by 12 1/3-foot) roll of contact paper, you should be able to cover 21 blocks, 4 cubes, and 4 wedges.

You can buy contact paper, which has an adhesive backing, at hardware stores and at many supermarkets. The paper comes in a variety of textures and patterns, such as wood, marble, stripes, checks, and solid colors.

For the building blocks, follow the step-by-step directions here. Before taping down the tops of the cartons, you might put a handful of sand or gravel inside for the sound effects and to give the blocks a little more stability. Keep them on the light side, however, to make high-rise construction--and its demolition--risk-free for young engineers and their household surroundings
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Date:Dec 1, 1991
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