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Milad represents subcontractors at STA event.

Subcontractors Trade Association (STA) member, Monet Milad of Milad Contracting recently attended the Associated Specialty Contractors, Inc. National Conference held in Palm Springs, Calif.

The meeting was hosted by Associated Specialty Contractors, Inc. (ASC ASC Ambulatory surgery center, see there ), Associated General Contractors Associated General Contractors of America is the nation's oldest and largest trade association representing the construction industry. It was formed in 1918 following a request by President Woodrow Wilson.  of America (AGC AGC Automatic Gain Control
AGC Automotive Glass Cartridge (fuse)
AGC Associated General Contractors
AGC Associated General Contractors of America
AGC Atypical Glandular Cells
AGC Attorney-General's Chambers
) as well as the American Subcontractors Association Founded in 1966, the American Subcontractors Association, Inc., is an IRS section 501(c)(6) non-profit, national, membership trade association of construction specialty trade contractors, suppliers, and service providers in the United States and Canada.  (ASA Asa (ā`sə), in the Bible, king of Judah, son and successor of Abijah. He was a good king, zealous in his extirpation of idols. When Baasha of Israel took Ramah (a few miles N of Jerusalem), Asa bought the help of Benhadad of Damascus and ), and served as a platform for subcontractors and contractors to exchange dialogue on new innovations within the construction industry such as "green" initiatives and new guidelines on Surety Bonding surety bond

An insurance fee required before a duplicate security is issued to replace one that has been lost. The fee is approximately 4% of the market value of the security to be replaced.
, Building Information Modeling (BIM BIM Building Information Modeling
BIM Building Information Model
BIM Bord Iascaigh Mhara (Irish Sea Fisheries Board)
BIM Brussels Instituut voor Milieubeheer (Belgium)
BIM Bharathidasan Institute of Management
), Volatile Price Adjustment Clauses and most heavily discussed, ConsesusDOCS.

"I found the meeting essential in creating common ground among subcontractors across the country. We each want to deliver quality work and use a systematic method for producing positive results. The conference allowed me to converse with other members of the industry on important matters and concerns we all share," said Mr. Milad. "Our discussion on ConsesusDOCS was particularly interesting. The standards it has initiated have proven to be one of the strongest developments for the industry over the last 20 years," he added.

The meeting also included discussion on the future of subcontractors throughout the nation, and highlighted key topics to be addressed in the years ahead such as: energy, public-private partnerships, improved collaboration between design professionals and contractors, business opportunities for women and minorities, alternate project delivery methods, utilizing new technology and confronting global outsourcing.

The current financial crisis brings a great deal of uncertainty, and subcontractors are especially concerned. The recent conference brought an opportunity to share these common concerns with regards to ensuring the receipt of payment for work completed. "The goal this year is to develop guidelines for subcontractors to verify the source and availability of funding and to achieve the comfort level needed to proceed with a project, knowing that payment is forthcoming," added Mr. Milad.
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Comment:Milad represents subcontractors at STA event.(ASSOCIATIONS, EVENTS & AWARDS)
Publication:Real Estate Weekly
Date:Dec 31, 2008
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