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SSFUSD Launches Summer STEM Institute for Elementary and Middle School Students. Jun 20, 2016 880
School Textbooks From First To Eighth Graders. Jun 16, 2016 116
Seoul virtue sixth grader small island themed educational travel services stage 2 (standard price) tender. Jun 15, 2016 117
58.11.5 - publishing books for a fee or on a contract basis (79970000-4 - Printing services) (publication of textbooks for 8th grade students of secondary schools with Ukrainian, Russian and other languages of national minorities and for students in speci. Jun 11, 2016 126
Foul Ups Prompt State to Scrap School Test Scores. Jun 10, 2016 805
Infusing career development to strengthen Middle School English Language Arts curricula. Lapan, Richard T.; Marcotte, Amanda M.; Storey, Robert; Carbone, Patricia; Loehr-Lapan, Sharon; Guer Statistical table Jun 1, 2016 6775
PenFed Educational Branch Teaches Lessons Beyond Middle School. May 31, 2016 860
Transport Services For The Implementation Of The Project - Visit 8Th Grade Students By Signing The Framework Agreement For 2016 And 2017. May 27, 2016 155
Middle school til laptop refresh. May 24, 2016 126
Seventh graders impress TI and NASA with innovative solutions to support a mission to Mars. May 19, 2016 735
First-ever Nation's Report Card for Technology and Engineering Literacy measures how eighth graders solve real-world problems using innovative scenario-based tasks on computers. Report May 17, 2016 1652
Georgia STEM Day: Randstad US and Junior Achievement to Show Middle Schoolers How to "Assemble Your Career". May 6, 2016 905
Indiana Mathletes compete at the 2016 Raytheon MATHCOUNTS National Competition. May 5, 2016 642
Washington Mathletes compete at the 2016 Raytheon MATHCOUNTS National Competition. May 5, 2016 642
Rhode Island Mathletes compete at the 2016 Raytheon MATHCOUNTS National Competition. May 5, 2016 645
Massachusetts Mathletes compete at the 2016 Raytheon MATHCOUNTS National Competition. May 5, 2016 643
Plastics pioneers ... in middle school. May 1, 2016 249
United States : Middle schoolers get high praise (and high fives!) for app that helps kids with autism. Apr 29, 2016 878
United States : These middle schoolers are building their own roving robot mascot. Apr 28, 2016 445
China,Colombia : Santosh Sadasiuam wins state of Alabama chemistry competition sponsored by BASF Corporation and The University of Alabama in Huntsville. Apr 26, 2016 336
2017 school year, middle school students geumok uniform (winter clothes) manufacturer. buy electronic bidding. Apr 25, 2016 108
May 2016 purchased the castle middle school students for lunch mon-corrosion. Apr 21, 2016 118
May 5, 2016 the castle middle school students for the purchase of meat meal. Apr 21, 2016 126
Australia : Battle of the School Bands Heats Up. Apr 9, 2016 357
A walk through Qatar's past. Apr 7, 2016 521
The service commutation of students in primary and middle schools for which the governing body is the municipality of wieliczka in the school years 2016 / 2017-2017 / 2018. Apr 7, 2016 320
Celebrating nation's rich history. Apr 6, 2016 686
2016 founding year junior high school students on-site experiential learning songyong rentals. Apr 1, 2016 109
2016 year of sichuan middle school students school uniforms winter clothing, havok school sponsored purchases tender notice. Mar 21, 2016 104
2016 namil year middle school student learning experience on-site transportation vehicles leased a small number of electronic quotations submitted notice. Mar 21, 2016 143
A life-design-based online career intervention for early adolescents: description and initial analysis. Nota, Laura; Santilli, Sara; Soresi, Salvatore Report Mar 1, 2016 7379
Install Audio Enhancement Sound System At Palmer Junior Middle School. Feb 19, 2016 367
Akyaka district 5 middle school -contrast maha 14 junior-amlidere mah bulayl + castle + highland street and sirma district 16 middle school amasya district nergizlik street and amider mah central 20. Feb 16, 2016 103
Local News. Feb 7, 2016 543
Mary Kay And EverFi To Help Middle Schoolers Define Healthy Relationships For Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month. Feb 4, 2016 1126
Middle school students use Kickstarter to raise funds to publish their healthy kid's comic book. Feb 2, 2016 855
Top 7th Grade Students With Financial Need Can Apply For Cooke Foundation Scholarships. Jan 27, 2016 648
Announcement of the 2016 school year, school trips meeting 6th grade students songyong small number of leased vehicles. Jan 27, 2016 134
Textbook printing quote announcements for junior high school students. Jan 25, 2016 102
Responsive Classroom Introduces Courses for Middle School Educators. Jan 25, 2016 629
Hold that veggie: zero tolerance. Skenazy, Lenore Brief article Jan 18, 2016 200
Qualified 7th Graders Can Earn Special Consideration For Cooke Scholarships By Completing An edX Online College Course. Jan 6, 2016 1144
Emphasizing planning for essay writing with a computer-based graphic organizer. Evmenova, Anya S.; Regan, Kelley; Boykin, Andrea; Good, Kevin; Hughes, Melissa; MacVittie, Nichole; Report Jan 1, 2016 11904
PS10,000 target nearly achieved; Produced by the students of Monkseaton Middle School, North Tyneside. Dec 17, 2015 300
Implementation of school transport for managing community gerolzhofen with school associations gerolzhofen elementary school, donnersdorf primary school and middle school main steigerwald. Dec 14, 2015 208
2016 school year, middle school students sacred uniforms (copper, havok) purchase school sponsored phase 2 bid (specifications, prices separation), advertisements. Nov 30, 2015 105
Provision Of Design Consultant for School. Nov 28, 2015 506
2016 school year, middle school students gimhae uniform (winter clothes) purchase. Nov 26, 2015 115
Cooking up a win at Broadcom MASTERS. Brookshire, Bethany Nov 14, 2015 623
Classroom, Inc. Joins National Expanded Learning Middle School Initiative. Nov 11, 2015 473
Expanded Learning Groups Pledge $620 Million to Boost Middle School Education. Nov 10, 2015 908
Middle School Girls Claim Their Superpowers Against Bullying at the JNP Project Inner-Awesome Factory. Nov 6, 2015 590
Ten-year trends in overweight/obesity among Ontario middle and high school students and their use in establishing baseline measures for government reduction targets. Allison, Kenneth R.; Irving, Hyacinth M.; Adlaf, Edward M.; Faulkner, Guy E.J.; Boak, Angela; Manson Report Nov 1, 2015 5750
Tatvan district of national education department 45 villages and hamlets residential area 5 transportation center 503 elementary and middle school students in 39 vehicle to transport work. Oct 29, 2015 111
U.S. Math Scores Decline From 2013; Nation's Reading Scores Mixed. Oct 28, 2015 2066
The JNP Project (Jane NOT Plain) Works with 6th, 7th, 8th Graders Discovering Inner-Awesome Superpowers Against Bullying. Oct 25, 2015 376
Seoul gunam sixth grader small themed educational travel services entrusted bidding. Oct 21, 2015 103
Former Selah Junior High School Student Sues Teacher For Secretly Videotaping Underneath Her Desk In Classroom. Oct 12, 2015 384
Germany,United States : BASF makes science slimy for eighth graders at Worlds of Opportunity career expo. Oct 7, 2015 239
2015-2016 academic year middle school student transportation within the scope of ziya gokalp. Oct 6, 2015 109
2015-2016 academic year flood scope conqueror fazil first / middle school and junior high school students to carry imam. Oct 6, 2015 113
2015-2016 academic year covered kozluca great neighborhood primary / secondary school and levent first / middle school student transportation. Oct 6, 2015 112
Broadcom MASTERS finalists announced. Oct 3, 2015 498
Phys ed program boosts confidence, ability. Williams, Lauren Brief article Oct 1, 2015 193
Design/build services for a new, one story, approximately 98,750 gsf middle school designed to educate approximately 620 students in grades 6-8. Sep 29, 2015 208
Crushing the imam imam and preacher middle school to middle school student transport. Sep 24, 2015 105
Seoul dongdap sixth grader small themed educational travel services bidding. Sep 24, 2015 120
The effects of questioning the author on the reading comprehension of middle school students. Sencibaugh, Joseph M.; Sencibaugh, Angela M. Sep 22, 2015 3543
2015-2016 academic year bussed education coverage to be the first / middle school students in the transportation business for. Sep 10, 2015 107
Propelled elementary-middle school students within the scope of the day school transport hub transport union. Sep 4, 2015 111
2015-16 education E[micro]gert year propelled through alevkisl to-gumussu scope access to education, lucky elementary school and ganiseyh junior high school students (51 students for 181 days) moving the tra. Sep 3, 2015 102
Transport services for the implementation of the project - visiting vukovar 8th grade students. Sep 3, 2015 148
Broadcom Foundation and Society for Science & the Public Announce Middle School STEM Competition Semifinalists. Aug 19, 2015 1544
Educational intervention/case study: implementing an elementary-level, classroom-based media literacy education program for academically at-risk middle-school students in the non-classroom setting. Draper, Michele; Appregilio, Seymour; Kramer, Alaina; Ketcherside, Miranda; Campbell, Summer; Stewar Report Aug 1, 2015 3846
Northrop Grumman Foundation Space Camp Scholarships Promote Space Exploration and Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Jul 31, 2015 2644
2015 elementary and junior high school students learning foreign cultural services bidding (urgent). Jul 27, 2015 125
2016 school year, school uniforms yeoksam middle school students organized purchased bidding. Jul 25, 2015 101
Coral Beach 6th Grader Presents Poster on Artificial Pancreas Experiment Among PhDs at INFORMS Healthcare Conference in Nashville. Conference news Jul 20, 2015 874
2016 school year, middle school students school uniforms gideon production, purchase electronics bidding. Jul 20, 2015 103
Seoul seorae sixth grader small consignment theme travel services bidding. Jul 17, 2015 116
Dream on: Ohio middle-schoolers plan for the future, thanks to success for teens. Greenwood, Chelsea Jul 1, 2015 535
Improving reading comprehension and social studies knowledge among middle school students with disabilities. Swanson, Elizabeth; Wanzek, Jeanne; Vaughn, Sharon; Roberts, Greg; Fall, Ana-Mari Report Jul 1, 2015 8724
Wisconsin college students aid in construction of robotic fishing pole: collaboration with middle schoolers allows quadriplegic man to go fishing. Uhlig, Keith Jun 22, 2015 965
Creating mathematics websites in middle school. King, Alessandra Jun 22, 2015 2109
Seoul noryangjin sixth grader small island themed educational travel services entrusted bidding (change notification). Jun 19, 2015 125
Derryfield's breakthrough: the program encourages middle school students to strive for a college education. Cook, Brad May 29, 2015 714
Raytheon awards $300,000 in MathMovesU middle school scholarships and grants. May 15, 2015 489
Transport services for the implementation pilot - project - visiting vukovar 8th grade students. May 13, 2015 119
Gale Meets Important Market Need with Launch of Research In Context, an Engaging Middle School Research Tool. May 11, 2015 638
Nation's middle school math masters meet in Raytheon MATHCOUNTS National Competition. May 6, 2015 748
Santander And Bridgewater Expand Educational Opportunities For Local Middle School Students In Gateway Cities. May 6, 2015 886
Using social cognitive theory to predict intention to smoke in middle school students. Miller, Garrett; Sharma, Manoj; Brown, David; Shahbazi, Mohammad Report Mar 22, 2015 5318
Potential analysis for all eighth graders in general education in 2015/16 mEnrkischen circle, bridging the gap participate in the country~s initiative. Mar 21, 2015 157
"NATIONAL RUN A MILE DAYS" Elementary and Middle School Students Throughout Nation Can Learn to Run A Mile This Spring. Mar 20, 2015 514
Fourth- and Eighth-Grade Students in Puerto Rico Fall Short in Mathematics. Mar 12, 2015 1264
Atlanta Afterschool Program Wins National Award for Improving Literacy Skills of Middle School Students. Mar 11, 2015 901
Greenville, NC 3rd Graders And Sayreville, NJ 8th Graders Win $10,000 Each In National Video Contest Celebrating the Role of Trees in Our Lives. Mar 4, 2015 619
AFS staff introduce metalcasting to 5th, 6th graders. Mar 1, 2015 153
Social goal orientations, perceived beliefs of significant others, and adolescents' own beliefs about unsportspersonlike play. Stuntz, Cheryl P.; Weiss, Maureen R. Report Feb 26, 2015 6384
2015 school year, middle school students jeonjuseo enhance school safety private security service announcements. Feb 19, 2015 126
2015 school year, middle school students in Gunsan seoheung enhance school security guard service announcements Quote guidance. Feb 19, 2015 131
2015 school year, middle school students last week correspondence strengthen school security guard service announcements Quote guidance of a small number. Feb 19, 2015 128
Middle-Aged White Man Indicted for Chapel Hill Murder of 3 Muslim Students. Feb 17, 2015 329
Middle school students given 'Fifty Shades of Grey' puzzles, parents turning red. Feb 12, 2015 249
Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Seeks Brightest 7th Graders with Financial Need for Prestigious National Scholarship. Feb 9, 2015 492
Lower-income Students in China Found to Have Better Vision than Middle-class Peers. Feb 5, 2015 1478
Gallup Student Poll: Job Confidence Lower in Higher Grades. Lopez, Shane; Busteed, Brandon Feb 3, 2015 531
Middle schoolers make castings in Manitowoc. Feb 1, 2015 156
Implementation of school transport for school middle school association alteglofsheim. Jan 27, 2015 126
2015 school year, middle school students school uniforms Atlantic (top, Havok) Step 2 (standard-price) Simultaneous Bidding price. Jan 27, 2015 120
Eighth Grader Girl Detained for 19 Consecutive Days in Israeli Prison. Jan 18, 2015 566
EdX and Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Announce Middle School Scholarship Challenge. Jan 14, 2015 773
Middle school students come 'Face2Face' with drug issues. Jan 2, 2015 516
Middle-schoolers donate quilts. Dec 26, 2014 117
Dudley Middle School adopts kids for Christmas. Dec 19, 2014 770
Questar Assessment to Develop and Administer the District of Columbia's Field Test for Middle School Social Studies. Dec 17, 2014 447
Estate Attorney Merrell Bailey Cites Growing Nexus between Student Loan Debt and Middle-Class Clients Seeking Strategies to Relieve Heirs of Its Burden. Dec 8, 2014 659
Turkey Teachers crowned and feathered; Dudley Middle School students collect for Webster-Dudley Food Share. LaPlaca, Debbie Dec 5, 2014 185
Can Bullies Be Identified As Early As Kindergarten, and Stopped Before Reaching Middle School? Nov 17, 2014 811
Sewing study stitches up Broadcom prize. Perkins, Sid Nov 15, 2014 653
Veterans share their experience with students at middle school. Nov 14, 2014 109
Potomac River "Border Supremacy": Team Maryland is victorious: Girls and boys from Maryland sweep Potomac XC Cups for 2nd straight year. Nov 1, 2014 500
Dudley Middle School honors eight-grader. LaPlaca, Debbie Oct 17, 2014 309
Trustees of The Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow Foundation recently awarded $4 million to Delta College (Mich) to expand science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education of middle- and high-school students in the Great Lakes Bay Region. Oct 13, 2014 215
Lilly DeBell - Eighth Grader from Baltimore - Is Nation's Top Student Entrepreneur. Oct 10, 2014 823
School bus service elementary and middle schools of the township. Oct 4, 2014 118
Verizon Program Provides 24/7 Schoolwide Access to Mobile Technology in 8 Middle Schools. Oct 2, 2014 1143
Belk, Discovery Education And ISTE Inspire Middle School Students To Drive Change In Their Local Communities With The Belk Service Learning Challenge. Oct 1, 2014 1532
'The Fault in Our Stars' Banned In Middle Schools, John Green Responds. Sep 30, 2014 435
Violence prevention in middle school: a preliminary study. Killam, Wendy K.; Roland, Catherine B.; Weber, Bill Report Sep 22, 2014 3497
Broadcom Foundation and Society for Science & the Public Announce 30 Finalists in 2014 Broadcom MASTERS Middle School STEM Competition. Sep 17, 2014 1641
Victim of stabbing recovering but might spend birthday in hospital. Sep 11, 2014 543
Broadcom Foundation and Computer History Museum Introduce Design_Code_Build Program for Middle School STEM Education. Sep 10, 2014 1286
Students at Flinn Middle School in Rockford Await Visit by RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon and Crew on Sept. 10. Aug 23, 2014 363
Istation Reading Improves Overall Reading Growth for 1st-8th Grade Students, Study Confirms. Aug 21, 2014 582
2014/2015 Academic Year Bussed Education, Which Covered Three Transportation Center School 16 Residential Units From 273 Elementary and Middle School Students 180 Days Carriage Tender ( (23)) T. Aug 21, 2014 107
Semdinli in the 2014-2015 Academic Year Can Be Carried in 4,019 Elementary-Middle School Student 14 To 16 with A Capacity of 288 Vehicles and 15 September 2014 To 12 June 2015, Between the 181 Working. Aug 20, 2014 103
Hakkari Central District and the Pit By the District in the 2014-2015 Academic Year Can Be Carried in 2,204 Elementary-Middle School Student 14 To 16 with A Capacity of 176 Vehicles and 15 September 2. Aug 20, 2014 112
Deputy Sheriffs And Target Team Up to Host Back to School Shopping Spree Event for Underprivileged 6th Graders in Visitacion Valley. Aug 18, 2014 583
2014 school year, the third year middle school student Anshan car rental services small number of training activities Quote Information Bulletin. Aug 13, 2014 124
Before attending Rio Hondo College's (Calif.) Career and Technical Education Career Exploration Academy, Lakeside Middle School student Natalie Fernandez didn't know much about alternative energy. Aug 4, 2014 146
An investigation of the look-ask-pick mnemonic to improve fraction skills. Everett, Gregory E.; Harsy, Jennifer D.; Stephen D.A. Hupp; Jewell, Jeremy D. Report Aug 1, 2014 6844
Potential analysis for all eighth graders in general education. Jul 22, 2014 118
Local elementary and middle school students will spend a week "building bridges to the future" using robots at Davidson County Community College's (N.C.) annual STEM Camp, thanks to a donation from PPG Industries. Jul 21, 2014 163
Northrop Grumman Foundation Announces Space Camp Scholarships to Promote Space Exploration and Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Jul 16, 2014 2211
3-Propelled Training Practice Within the Scope of Secondary Education and the Imam-Khatib Middle School Students in the Tender Document in the Table Annexed Specified Residential Units Transport To Ce. Jul 9, 2014 111
Belvoir Christian Academy Partners with Fuel Education to Deliver Blended Middle School Program with Textbook Replacement. Jul 8, 2014 1009
Propelled Training Practice Within the Scope of Secondary Education and the Imam-Khatib Middle School Students in the Tender Document in the Table Annexed Specified Residential Units Transport To Cent. Jul 7, 2014 101
Standard laptop for middle school students. Jul 1, 2014 101
Sixth grader hopes to publish fantasy novel. Jun 28, 2014 507
Winning Educators Announced for 11th Annual Teacher of the Year Contest. Jun 23, 2014 1027
Students gauge year in limbo; Sutton class of 2014 shuffled to church, middle school. Spencer, Susan Jun 22, 2014 1285
New Software Helps Middle School Students Combat Bullying. Jun 10, 2014 608
The achieving success everyday group counseling model: fostering resiliency in middle school students. Rose, Joy; Steen, Sam Report Jun 1, 2014 5993
Memorial kids Lead the Way; Middle-schoolers learn technology, engineering. Stanway, Eric May 30, 2014 718
US school doling out condoms to sixth graders. May 30, 2014 138
Schools aim to spark middle-schoolers. Boynton, Donna May 14, 2014 341
Raytheon awards $300,000 in MathMovesU middle school scholarships and grants. May 7, 2014 746
Elementary and Middle School Students From Across the Country Earn Top Honors in 2014 National Handwriting Contest. May 7, 2014 869
School marks rebirth. May 4, 2014 864
Mmol of middle school students school bus rental services. May 3, 2014 108
Business feedback puts seventh graders on technical job track. Williams, Lauren May 1, 2014 329
Be a miler! National run a mile days 2014 gains more miles. May 1, 2014 997
Descriptive assessment of the impact on reducing behavioral disorders, sixth-grade students of Elementary Schools Ghaderabad. Khosravanian, Omid; Afsha, Jahangir Mehr; Sattar, Reza Report May 1, 2014 2350
Through Partnership with Seattle Public Schools Area Middle School Students Get Hands-On Science and Art Experience at Chihuly Garden and Glass. Apr 28, 2014 748
1.3 million eighth graders take first session of standardized exams. Apr 28, 2014 515
Recycled robots: a 3-D project for middle school students. Loder, Gail E. Apr 26, 2014 413
Maddux Elementary Sixth Graders Plant Trees to Celebrate Earth Day. Apr 22, 2014 235
Seventh grade student sodomised. Apr 19, 2014 264
Middle school students in Ansan car rental services small number of training activities Quote Information Notice. Apr 17, 2014 124
Jefferson Township Middle School Students to Be Recognized on April 10 for Win in Verizon Innovative App Challenge. Apr 8, 2014 766
Nutrients for Life Foundation And Discovery Education Bring Integrated Earth Science Program To Middle School Students Nationwide. Apr 4, 2014 1050
Arizona McDonald's to Offer 3rd - 8th Grade Students Free Breakfast First Two Days of AIMS Test - April 7 & 8. Apr 3, 2014 299
E.a. Young Academy Middle School Students Present Projects at 2014 ExxonMobil Texas Science and Engineering Fair. Emily Baker Wins Second Place in Physics and Astronomy.. Mar 29, 2014 460
Resaca Middle School Students to be Recognized on March 26 for Win in Verizon Innovative App Challenge. Mar 21, 2014 756
Marcus Trufant to host Flag Football Event for 1st thru 8th Graders; Share Inspirational Message with Youth. Feb 28, 2014 557
2014 school year, middle school students busong acid enhance school security guard services, number of personnel announcements estimate. Feb 21, 2014 132
2014 school year, middle school students in Gunsan Seoheung strengthen school security guard services, the number of minority Quote Information Notice. Feb 21, 2014 132
Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Seeks Exceptionally Promising 7th Graders for Generous Educational Program. Feb 4, 2014 468
Tutoring middle school students with disabilities by high school students: effects on oral reading fluency. Lingo, Amy Shearer Report Feb 1, 2014 7824
Here's what Einstein told sixth grader when asked whether scientists prayed. Jan 31, 2014 317
Tween Publishing's Curriculum Series Provides College Preparatory Skills for Middle School Students. Jan 29, 2014 535
EVENT: Glassford Hill Middle School Students Answer "Why iChoose GHMS" in Contests, Assembly -- January 31. Jan 28, 2014 658
services consisting of the conducting English classes for students in middle school pozostalychuczacych in Tuchlinie project Fri: "Key Competences most wgimnazjum. The development of key competencies. Jan 10, 2014 140
Examining the results of a brief experimental analysis and reading fluency intervention with a middle school student. Lewis-Lancaster, Amity; Reisener, Carmen Report Dec 22, 2013 4472
Honeywell And NASA Launch Hip-Hop Physics Show For Middle School Students In The Cedar Rapids And Iowa City Area. Nov 18, 2013 838
Clinton Middle School MCAS scores disappointing. Gottesman, Jan Nov 15, 2013 923
Comcast, Coach Tony Dungy & Middle School At Parkside Kick Off Year Three Of Internet Essentials, Connecting Nearly 13,000 Low-Income Michigan Families To The Power Of The Internet At Home. Nov 11, 2013 1353
Honeywell And NASA Launch Hip-Hop Physics Show For Middle School Students In The Chicago Area. Nov 11, 2013 833
All Charges Dismissed Against North Shore Middle School Teacher. Nov 8, 2013 502
Not good enough: Math, reading up slightly. Hefling, Kimberly Nov 8, 2013 694
Latest Reading, Mathematics Assessments Show Progress. Nov 7, 2013 1034
Honeywell And NASA Launch Hip-Hop Physics Show For Middle School Students In The Detroit Area And Northwest Michigan. Nov 4, 2013 829
The Scarlett Family Foundation Offers Scholarships to High School and College Students from Middle-Tennessee Who Are Pursuing Business Degrees. Nov 2, 2013 301
Seeing the negative can be positive. Laird, Shirley Nov 1, 2013 707
Honeywell And NASA Launch Hip-Hop Physics Show For Middle School Students In South Bend And Granger. Oct 28, 2013 833
Police: US Middle School Gunman was 12 Years Old. Oct 23, 2013 172
Intensive Afterschool, Summer Supports Can Change Trajectory For Middle School Students, According To New Groundbreaking Study. Clinical report Oct 23, 2013 828
Honeywell And NASA Launch Hip-Hop Physics Show For Middle School Students In Buffalo Public Schools. Oct 23, 2013 946
Apply now! Raytheon's MathMovesU Middle School Grant and Scholarship Program is open for submissions. Oct 21, 2013 590
Tortoise-studying teen takes top Broadcom prize. Perkins, Sid Oct 19, 2013 691
Improvement plan sep, text support students 4th at 7th basic and ia iv middle-liceu amanda labarca. - details in annex basis of tender. Oct 18, 2013 107
Honeywell And NASA Launch Hip-Hop Physics Show For Middle School Students In Central New York. Oct 15, 2013 834
Honeywell And NASA Launch Hip-Hop Physics Show For Middle School Students In New York And New Jersey. Oct 7, 2013 835
The White House hosts student researchers. Oct 5, 2013 568
K12 video games grow up: designers create elaborate graphics and engrossing plots to engage students in lessons. Zalaznick, Matt Oct 1, 2013 2494
In September, judge Mary D'Ambrosio and attorney Nicole Hessen met with third-,fourth-, fifth-, and sixth-grade students at S.D. Spady Elementary School in Delray Beach as part of the justice teaching program. Oct 1, 2013 110
Honeywell And NASA Launch Hip-Hop Physics Show For Middle School Students In Schuylkill County And Whitehall. Sep 30, 2013 836
Fun fitness friday builds lifelong fitness. Brief article Sep 22, 2013 296
The effect of the juvenile fiction on the reading skills of junior high school students. Turkyilmaz, Mustafa Sep 22, 2013 5160
Oklahoma Middle Schools Select National Geographic World Cultures and Geography for More Than 21,000 Students in the State. Sep 10, 2013 662
Education minister explains controversial new exam system. Sep 4, 2013 742
AdigE-zel Village 1-4. E[pounds sterling]ceylE-l and Primary School Students in Grade 7-8, 5-6. Middle School Students in Class Yasar Bug Moving To Middle School and Imam-Khatib. Sep 3, 2013 102
Study the mental health of smart teenagers in Tehran middle school. Kamkari, Kambiz; Shokrzadeh, Shohreh; Mirghaemi, Tahereh Sadat; Gholamshahi, Najme Report Sep 1, 2013 2053
Cleveland State Community College (Tenn.) hosted its first Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Summer Camp for middle school students. Aug 5, 2013 106
Northrop Grumman Foundation Announces Space Camp Sponsorship to Promote Space Exploration and Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Jul 26, 2013 2093
Matters of design and visual literacy: one middle years student's multimodal artifact. Pantaleo, Sylvia Report Jul 1, 2013 10813
Prevalence and predictors of adolescent alcohol use and binge drinking in the United States. Patrick, Megan E.; Schulenberg, John E. Jun 22, 2013 5943
USC Eighth Grader Commit: Who Is The WR Phenom Recruit That Lane Kiffin May Add To The Trojans? Jun 10, 2013 318
Musical honors beloved teacher. Jun 6, 2013 705
Evan Guthrie Law Firm Speaks About Legal Profession at Northwoods Middle School in North Charleston, SC. May 29, 2013 532
Area Student to Participate in Important Leadership Summit at Harvard University-Chavez Malik Luckett, an 8th Grade Student at Garrison School for Performing Arts Chosen. May 29, 2013 398
Middle-schoolers share awareness of geography. May 24, 2013 256
Students' art celebrated at bank opening. May 24, 2013 414
Navigating uncharted territory with your middle-schooler. Tunzi, Porsia Column May 24, 2013 772
Raytheon awards $300,000 in MathMovesU middle school scholarships and grants. May 23, 2013 668
North Carolina 8th Graders Win $10,000 at 2013 National School SCRABBLE Championship in Washington, DC. May 4, 2013 196
Taking STEM to the Jungle. DeNisco, Alison May 1, 2013 444
1,000 eighth graders get intro to the trades. May 1, 2013 186
Visitor Center to Host Student Performances During the Month of May. Apr 29, 2013 696
First Lady Susan Corbett Highlights Opening Doors Initiative During Visit to Woodrow Wilson Middle School in Erie County. Apr 26, 2013 413
Odds and ends. Brief article Apr 26, 2013 232
NYU-Poly Partners With HEAF To Offer "STEM" Education To Middle School Students. Apr 18, 2013 1336
Air Force Association Announces Middle School Cyber Program. Apr 11, 2013 484
Arizona McDonald's To Offer 3rd - 8th Grade Students Free Breakfast First Two Days Of AIMS Test - April 15 & 16. Apr 10, 2013 291
Middle school efforts pay off. Apr 9, 2013 526
Five Michigan students chosen as finalists in "Make the Play for Healthy Habits" video contest. Apr 9, 2013 544
Study: Random Drug Testing of Middle School Students Proves Effective In Preventing Substance Abuse. Clinical report Apr 9, 2013 797
Students Denied Lunch: 25 Mass. Middle Schoolers Forced To Dump Food In Garbage. Apr 5, 2013 332
Lions Club International. Gallion, Mari Brief article Apr 1, 2013 125
Voke ed choked? Families maintain enrollment discouraged. Mar 31, 2013 1394
Sixth-Grade Students Petition School Board for Missing Piece in Their Education. Mar 28, 2013 891
Middle schoolers excel at jazz competition. Concert review Mar 22, 2013 169
Putting multiliteracies into practice: digital storytelling for multilingual adolescents in a summer program. Angay-Crowder, Tuba; Choi, Jayoung; Yi, Youngjoo Report Mar 22, 2013 3924
Assault Weapon Ban: Feinstein Snaps, 'I'm Not A Sixth Grader!', After Lecture From Freshman Sen. Cruz. Mar 14, 2013 269
6th Grader Brings $20K To School: Student Has Backpack Full Of Money, Gives Cash Away To Students. Mar 13, 2013 201
Tourette Syndrome and Bullying a Part of Memorial Middle School's Advocacy and Awareness Efforts. Mar 7, 2013 672
Playing it strictly by the book. Mar 3, 2013 732
Grauer School 6th Grade Student Exemplifies Impact of Small Schools Movement. Mar 2, 2013 712
CITGO Lemont Refinery Teams Up With Old Quarry Middle School To Educate Students About Petroleum Refining. Feb 28, 2013 471
SECU Provides Workplace Education Activity for NC Middle School Students. Feb 27, 2013 458
Middle schoolers in Clinton, Lancaster win spelling bees. Feb 22, 2013 134
Pennsylvania Governor Corbett Presents Civil War 150th Anniversary Program to Allegheny County Middle School Students. Feb 15, 2013 264
Prevention efforts focused on youth reduce prescription abuse into adulthood. Report Feb 14, 2013 139
Parents resisting new middle school schedule. Feb 12, 2013 840
12-year-old US student arrested for plot to kill classmates. Feb 11, 2013 392
Middle schoolers take SATs. Feb 8, 2013 328
Changing tomorrow 2; leadership curriculum for high-ability middle school students. Book review Feb 1, 2013 140
As Cold and Flu Season Peaks, The American Association of Poison Control Centers Teams up with Scholastic to Educate 6th Graders about Over-the-Counter Medicine Safety. Jan 30, 2013 411
Local 8th-graders to partake in Project 351 at Statehouse. Jan 25, 2013 235
Cool kids in middle school 'bully more'. Jan 25, 2013 398
Middle school students bully for 'cool' tag. Jan 25, 2013 330
Apple to supply 0-eighth graders attending public and private education approved / accredited for a period of 50 days of schooling. Jan 25, 2013 120
Dade Middle Schools Converge On Streets Of Downtown Miami For ING Run For Something Better At ING Miami Marathon. Jan 24, 2013 1391
MathFileFolderGames Helps Middle-Schoolers Conquer Fractions with New Ordered Fractions Game for iPad, iPhone, and iTouch. Jan 22, 2013 788
FROM THE REGION. Jan 22, 2013 615
Spring Hill Middle School Students to Explore America's Cultural Heritage Through Ethnic Dance Performances. Jan 20, 2013 426
Availity to Be Honored for Commitment to Achievers for Life, Service to Ribault Middle School Students. Jan 17, 2013 665
Junior Achievement presents: are you smarter than a 6th grader? Jan 1, 2013 328
A good Scout does Santa duty; 8th-grader spearheads Toys for Toys drive. Dec 21, 2012 577
Paragon Commercial Bank Staff Teaches Daniels Middle School Junior Achievement Economics for Success. Dec 21, 2012 542
Utah Sixth Grader Brings Unloaded Gun To School, Says His Parents Encouraged Him To Following Sandy Hook Shooting. Dec 18, 2012 238
Students collect coins for Make-A-Wish; Middle schoolers make donation in memory of Audrey LaBonne. Obituary Dec 14, 2012 412
Charlton Middle School students donate 4,231 items to Chip-In. Dec 14, 2012 121
Spelling it out at Clinton Middle School. Dec 14, 2012 592
Belk, Discovery Education And ISTE Help Middle School Students Impact Local Communities. Dec 13, 2012 1046
STEM Expo for Middle School Girls Connects Industry with 90 Students from 3 RI Schools. Dec 6, 2012 743
College Foundation, Inc. announces 2012 winners of Victor E. Bell, Jr. Scholarship. Dec 6, 2012 483
Law and justice elective course offered to middle school students. Dec 4, 2012 287
STEM Expo for Middle School Girls Connects Industry with 90 Students from 3 RI Schools. Dec 4, 2012 807
Choosing to read; connecting middle schoolers to books. Book review Dec 1, 2012 126
New National Survey Finds That More Than a Third of Middle School Students Use Mobile Devices for Homework; Yet Mobile-Device Use Is Still Not Common In Classrooms. Nov 28, 2012 1106
Listen Up, Elementary- and Middle-School Students: "Water" is the Theme of the 22nd Annual International Children's Painting Competition on the Environment. Nov 14, 2012 1210
Tween Publishing Releases Study Skills Curriculum for Middle School Students. Nov 13, 2012 509
7th Grader Publishes Android App in Google Play Store. Nov 12, 2012 230
Calling all middle school students! Raytheon's MathMovesU Middle School Grant and Scholarship Program is now open. Nov 8, 2012 629
Pennsylvania First Lady Susan Corbett Highlights Opening Doors Initiative During Visit to Abington Heights Middle School. Nov 8, 2012 414
Parental Advice On Careers To "Do Whatever Makes You Happy" Isn't Enough For Middle School Girls, Survey Finds. Nov 1, 2012 856
The Barnes Foundation and PECO Launch New Arts Education and Outreach Program for Local Middle Schoolers. Oct 9, 2012 860
U-turn teaching; strategies to accelerate learning and transform middle school achievement. Book review Oct 1, 2012 136
Counseling multiple heritage adolescents: a phenomenological study of experiences and practices of middle school counselors. Maxwell, Michael J. Report Oct 1, 2012 7788
Okla. Junior High Student Shoots Self At School, Police Report. Sep 26, 2012 376
Some Oregon districts screen middle-schoolers. Sep 23, 2012 431
Young scientists make the cut: thirty finalists named in middle school competition. Rosen, Meghan Sep 22, 2012 638
Student motivation in physical education and engagement in physical activity. Bryan, Charity Leigh; Solmon, Melinda A. Report Aug 23, 2012 7074
Junior Achievement of Southeast Texas Receives $10,000 Grant to Provide Hands-On Learning Initiatives for High School and Middle School Students. Aug 20, 2012 486
7th grader links 42 of 43 U.S. Presidents back to King John of England. Aug 6, 2012 196
Middle School Students Set Sights on Future Careers Through Office Depot Foundation 'Dream Up' Program. Jul 2, 2012 933
KidWind Design Challenge. Gallion, Mari Jul 1, 2012 175
NASA and Dyer Observatory Bring Fun Summer Learning to Nashville Middle School Students. Jun 21, 2012 555

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