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Microstructural Principles of Food Processing and Engineering.


by Jose Miguel Aguiliera and David W Stanley. 343 pages with index. Price: 56.00 [pounds]. (UK: Elsevier Science Publishers Ltd).

Food engineering and food science both build on basic sciences like chemistry and mathematics. However, the science of food in becoming that of how one can manipulate ingredients. There is where microstructural procedures come in. Such knowledge can be borrowed from biologists and material scientists who have a similar problem examining intricate molecular arrangements.

So this is a book where we look at food through a microscope to learn that the view is both beautiful and geometric. The patterns themselves are not just pretty but they also have a reason - maybe it is caused by surface tension, maybe pressure or some other unknown force of nature.

Chapters are entitled Examining food microstructure; Aspects of food materials science; Microstructure of food components; Food structuring; Food microstructure and quality; Microstructural aspects of a fluid food - milk; Solid-liquid extraction; and Simultaneous heat and mass transfer-dehydration.

Some of these titles sound fairly mundane but if one stops to think one can visualize the enormous strides in microscopy that have been made this century. We have moved from the light microscope to the transmission electron microscope and the scanning electron microscope. Firstly, this means that magnifications of the order of 100,000 times are fairly routine but by the same token what you can see is most informative. And this is the field of endeavour of interest to the two authors. This is a specialist book for those with an interest in particle science as it is applied to food materials. Ultimately it is hoped that such techniques will give us a much greater understanding of how food 'works in us and for us'.
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Date:Aug 1, 1990
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