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Microanalytics routing and scheduling software.

Microanalytics Routing and Scheduling Software

The Truckstops 2 Fleet Routing System is offered by Microanalytics. According to the company, is one of the most widely used computerized routing systems, with over 1000 users worldwide. Users include Anheuser-Busch, John Labatt Brewery Ltd. and numerous distributors.

Microanalytics reports that a significantly improved version of Truckstops 2 will be released at the beginning of the new year. Major new features and improvements include mouse interface, graphics capability, mapping files and individualized report formats.

The new Truckstops system can now be operated with a mouse in addition to the keyboard. Microanalytics says that the mouse enables users to perform many operations in Truckstops more quickly, particularly in the graphics mode. In graphics, users can point to a stop with the mouse and change the stop's route assignment (e.g. move or delete a stop), display information about that stop as well as geocode its location on the screen. In the editor mode, users can select specific data fields to edit with the mouse without having to use the arrow keys to move from field to field one line at a time.

Graphics capability has also been added to the editor mode in the new Truckstops system. In addition to seeing their stops displayed on maps, users can geocode stop locations, generate barrier and landmark files and set up route territories using the graphics in the editor.

A new menu structure has been added to graphics to make it consistent with those found in the text modes of Truckstops. Nine routes can be displayed on the screen at one time, up from the current limit of five routes. Users can highlight roads, cross streets, stops and other map details of their choosing in graphics. Users can also see a window of information (name, address, delivery times, quantities, etc.) for each stop assigned to a route.

Microanalytics notes that users have the option of converting their landmark files from the current ASCII format to a record format that will load and draw the maps much faster. Also, map files from other sources (e.g. Map Info maps) can be used in the new Truckstops systems because of the new data transfer routines that enable the system to read and write ASCII files with the help of a specification file.

In respect to reports, Microanalytics says that users can now create their own report formats on the screen in the Truckstops system by selecting and positioning the desired data fields and adding text, lines, etc. These reports can then be printed.

For more information, contact Microanalytics, 2300 Clarendon Blvd., Suite 404, Arlington, VA, 22201-3367. Tel: (703) 841-0414.

PHOTO : A sample screen from Microanalytic's Truckstops 2 computerized routing system.
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Title Annotation:Micro Analytics Inc.
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Date:Jan 20, 1992
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