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MicroTouch's Ibid 2.0 Software Brings New Functionality to Ibid Electronic Whiteboards.

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METHUEN, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 1, 2000

The Business Products Division of MicroTouch Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ NASDAQ
 in full National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations

U.S. market for over-the-counter securities. Established in 1971 by the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD), NASDAQ is an automated quotation system that reports on
:MTSI MTSI Modern Technology Systems, Inc.
MTSI Member of the Trading Standards Institute
MTSI Master Translating Services, Inc (Miami, FL) 
) today introduced Ibid(TM) 2.0, the next generation software for the company's award-winning electronic whiteboards.

Ibid electronic whiteboards connect to a PC and let users instantaneously save, print, e-mail, and fax everything written on the whiteboard The electronic equivalent of chalk and blackboard, but between remote users. Whiteboard systems allow network participants to simultaneously view one or more users drawing on an on-screen blackboard or running an application. . The Ibid Professional series whiteboards can also be used as interactive touchscreens for presentations using LCD projectors See LCD TV, data projector and LCD panel. . Ibid 2.0 enhancements include:

--Touchscreen Presentation Control - Delivering presentations using an LCD projector has been simplified by eliminating the need for user interaction at the computer and allowing users to control all computer functionality directly from the touch-enabled whiteboard. Its patent pending On-Board On board usually means to be traveling on some vehicle. For example, Baby On Board. Compare with overboard.

Metaphorically, the term on-board is often used to refer to some piece of technology that is integrated in a moving vehicle, for example:
(TM) set up feature lets the user switch between whiteboard and touch-sensitive &uot;projection screen&uot; with the touch of a new projection icon.

--Teleconferencing - Ibid 2.0 provides automatic whiteboard recognition and easier teleconferencing. Automatic integration with Microsoft(R) NetMeeting(R) provides users complete control of the NetMeeting whiteboard using the Ibid whiteboard tools.

--Web Publishing - Ibid 2.0 enables users to publish their whiteboard notes to web sites where interested parties can view the notes with a web browser The program that serves as your front end to the Web on the Internet. In order to view a site, you type its address (URL) into the browser's Location field; for example,, and the home page of that site is downloaded to you. .

Ibid 2.0 enhances whiteboard functionality and makes the whiteboards simpler to use. Many presenters are hesitant to deal with the complexity of conducting their presentation from a computer. Ibid 2.0 allows presenters to easily activate the whiteboard as a touchscreen See touch screen.  for their presentations using a simple icon on Ibid Professional Series whiteboards. They can conduct entire presentations from the whiteboard/touchscreen, without touching the computer. The simple icon strip on the whiteboard makes this easy even for novice users who typically may not be comfortable doing computer presentations.

Additionally, Ibid 2.0 greatly simplifies conducting teleconferences using a digital whiteboard Digital Whiteboard is a technology that allows you to manipulate an image or virtual image and capture or record your actions digitally. This technology can consist of a projector, electromagnetic pens and sensors or a digital display with a touchscreen.  by detecting when Microsoft NetMeeting Microsoft NetMeeting is a VoIP and multi-point videoconferencing client included in many versions of Microsoft Windows (from Windows 95 OSR2 to Windows XP). It uses the H.  is open and linking the Ibid whiteboard user interface into the NetMeeting teleconferencing application. No special knowledge or training on the Ibid whiteboard is required. If the user knows how to use NetMeeting, Ibid does the rest.

With corporate Intranets becoming a major repository for corporate data, Ibid 2.0 also enables conference room whiteboard discussions to be published directly to a web site. This lets departments maintain a password-protected web site where department members can save, view, and retrieve their meeting notes using a simple web browser. This eliminates the need to save and disseminate meeting notes at a later time.

Designed for education and business environments, Ibid 2.0 facilitates and promotes interactive training sessions and meetings. New features in the 2.0 software let presenters annotate annotate - annotation  PowerPoint(R) presentations and Excel(R) spreadsheets directly at the whiteboard. Edited documents can then be saved as computer files, printed, e-mailed, and even posted to corporate network and web sites, allowing students and employees easier accessibility to important information. Save formats include bitmap (.BMP (1) (BitMaP) Also known as a "bump" file, it is the native, bitmapped graphics format in Windows. A BMP can be saved in several color options: 1-, 4-, 8- and 24-bit color provide 2, 16, 256 and 16,000,000 colors respectively. BMP files use the .BMP or . ), Windows metafiles The native vector graphics file format in Windows. Windows Metafiles also can hold bitmaps and text. The original 16-bit format uses the .WMF file extension. The subsequent 32-bit format, which supports more sophisticated graphics functions, generates .EMF (Enhanced MetaFile) files.  (.WMF (filename extension) wmf - The filename extension for a Windows Metafile. ), JPEG JPEG
 in full Joint Photographic Experts Group

Standard computer file format for storing graphic images in a compressed form for general use. JPEG images are compressed using a mathematical algorithm.
, Tiff, and HTML HTML
 in full HyperText Markup Language

Markup language derived from SGML that is used to prepare hypertext documents. Relatively easy for nonprogrammers to master, HTML is the language used for documents on the World Wide Web.

&uot;We wanted to make it simpler for the average person to take advantage of the new electronic whiteboard capabilities,&uot; said Randy Smith Randy Smith can refer to any of the following people:
  • Randy Smith (game designer), who worked on the Thief series of games for Looking Glass Studios
  • Randy Smith (basketball), a retired professional basketball player
, General Manager of MicroTouch's Business Products Division. &uot;Our primary goal is to make it easier for a non-technical user to conduct a presentation using an LCD projector. With Ibid 2.0 the user can stand at the whiteboard, touch the new projection icon, and turn the whiteboard into a touch-sensitive projection screen without going back to the computer. They can then run the entire presentation right from the whiteboard. This greatly simplifies making a presentation.&uot;

Compulabs, Kennesaw, GA, a leading dealer of education and presentation equipment in the U.S., has tested Ibid 2.0 for several months. &uot;Ibid 2.0 far surpasses the competition in convenience, functionality, and ease-of-use,&uot; said Kevin Talentino, Compulabs president. &uot;We know this product will more than meet the needs of teachers in functionality and performance because 99 percent of their work can now be done at the whiteboard. Information is easily accessed, saved, updated and printed right from the whiteboard. We believe this product will change the way teachers have been teaching for the last 50 years.&uot;

&uot;We are very excited about our new Ibid with 2.0 software,&uot; said Xavier Barrera, director of IT for the Fenn School, Concord, Mass. &uot;We went through an exhaustive search process before committing to the Ibid product. We involved teachers and trainers at the school in the selection process; it basically came down to two products and we went with Ibid. We had a few recommendations/concerns, but they were addressed by MicroTouch and actually incorporated into 2.0. We look at this product as a substantial expansion to our LCD projection presentation capabilities.&uot;


Available immediately, the new 2.0 software comes standard as part of the entire Ibid product line. Current Ibid users can download the 2.0 software at Complete upgrade kits containing an icon strip upgrade, stylus stylus: see pen.

(1) A pen-shaped instrument that is used to "draw" images or select from menus. Styli (the plural of stylus, pronounced "sty-lye") come with handheld devices that have touch screens, such as PDAs and video games.
, software, and documentation are available through Ibid dealers at a suggested retail price of $199.

Ibid Product Line

Ibid electronic whiteboards are designed to fit into any environment including, offices, cubicles cubicles

individual cow bed spaces separated by half height and half length partitions. Usually located in loose housing cow accommodation in which the cow is free to wander at will.
, conference rooms, and teaching facilities. MicroTouch's line of whiteboards includes the Business Series, its standard line of electronic whiteboards and the Professional Series, MicroTouch's premier line.

--Business Series - Ibid Business Series whiteboards range in size from 1' x 2' to 4' x 6'. Each is easy to install and connects to a PC through a standard serial port. Once installed anything written on the whiteboard can be saved, printed, e-mailed, faxed or posted to a web site directly from the whiteboard.

--Professional Series - Ibid Professional Series whiteboards range in size from 2' x 3' to 4' x 6'. Ibid Professional Series builds on the Business Series capabilities and provides enhanced functionality such as projection screen support with On-Board set up and control, multiple board tiling, and the ability to place custom overlays and forms direct to the whiteboard.

Additional information on all Ibid products can be found at

About MicroTouch

MicroTouch Systems, Inc., is the world's leading manufacturer of computer touchscreen display products and award winning electronic whiteboards. Founded in 1982, MicroTouch is headquartered in Methuen, Mass. The MicroTouch Business Products Division, formed in 1996, is a market leader in touch-enabled electronic whiteboards. Its Ibid product line has earned awards from such industry leading magazines as Presentations, Windows, PC Computing, and Media &Methods. More information on Ibid can be found at
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