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Dynamic testing of green sand: can metalcasters better monitor sand properties by adopting additional testing methods? Ramrattan, Sam; Khoshgoftar, Mo; Makino, Hiroyasu Sep 1, 2015 1920
Crystallization behavior and spherulitic morphology of poly(lactic acid) films induced by casting process. Houichi, Hikmet; Maazouz, Abderrahim; Elleuch, Boubaker Report Aug 1, 2015 5297
Achieving lightweight, wear resistant steels through nitriding: a low cost heat treatment method could improve the wear resistance of austenitic manganese and aluminum steels. Bartlett, Laura; Serino, Sabra Jun 1, 2015 2176
Dry ice-based cleaning method cuts costs, improves safety. Jun 1, 2015 443
8 ways to drive quotes to competitors. Mehling, Mark May 1, 2015 848
Material of the future: 3-D printed molds improve titanium casting's potential: researchers developed molding methods and materials to provide exceptional design flexibility while simplifying production. Ravi, Sairam; Thiel, Jerry Apr 1, 2015 2695
Developing passion. Spada, Alfred T. Editorial Mar 1, 2015 484
Rooting out respirable crystalline silica: an advanced method helps metalcasters determine the causes of exposure. Pylkas, Eric; Scholz, Robert Dec 1, 2014 2542
Optimizing aluminum's tensile properties: a new test bar casting method for aluminum alloys yields more accurate data. Nov 1, 2014 2794
Eliminating veining defects: simulation software and lab testing methods were used to pinpoint why the defect occurs and how to avoid it. Jul 1, 2014 1959
Laboratory study on the influence of casting on properties of ultra-high performance fibre reinforced concrete (UHPFRC) specimens. Zofka, Adam; Paliukaite, Migle; Vaitkus, Audrius; Maliszewska, Dominika; Josen, Ramandeep; Bernier, Report Jun 1, 2014 5136
Professor, students pursue new 3-D printing technique. Mar 1, 2014 422
Identification and ranking of indicators on the quality of the casting silica sand by using a multi-criteria decision making technique. Alhamdy, S. Ahmad Shibet; Ghalandary, Mohammad Feb 14, 2014 2324
10 Pressure casting technique for transtibial prosthetic socket fit in developing countries. Lee, Peter Vee Sin; Lythgo, Noel; Laing, Sheridan; Lavranos, Jimmy; Thanh, Nguyen Hai Jan 1, 2014 5271
Basic Metal Jewelry Techniques. Book review Nov 1, 2013 142
Antireflective coatings using organically modified silica and polyimide via solution casting method. Cao, Y.; Cakmak, M.; Soucek M.D. Report Oct 1, 2013 7222
Comparing green sand filling technology using a quick technique: researchers at Western Michigan University used a modified cone jolt test to compare gravity and aeration sand filling techniques. Ramrattan, Sam; Khoshgoftar, A.; Makino, H.; Hirata, M.; Takasu, S.; Miyazaki, H. Sep 1, 2013 1535
An alternative method to methylene blue clay test: spectrophotometry could take subjectivity out of the molding sand test for better reproducibility and repeatability. A. Pike; Pekarovic, Jan; Ramrattan, Sam Aug 1, 2013 1603
New manual for testing machinability aims to improve efficiency: designers and production engineers can use the method to select machining parameters for their cast parts. Mar 1, 2013 1687
Acuity brands' light idea: through Acuity Brands' partnership with its in-house casting facility, a rapid tooling method was developed that illustrates how the lighting manufacturer stays at the top of its market. Wetzel, Shannon Feb 1, 2013 1343
Cutting energy costs in steel casting facilities: researchers at Missouri S&T analyze methods for improving melting efficiency. Feb 1, 2013 1804
Which molten aluminum transfer system is for you? The best method for moving molten metal from the furnace to the mold is different in each shop and depends on a number of variables. Oehrlein, Randy Aug 1, 2012 1663
Tips from the floor: in search of the perfect pour: don't let pouring variation stop you from producing sound castings before the metal starts to cool. Gibbs, Shea Sep 1, 2011 1458
How it's done: single crystal casting: the techniques used in the casting of single crystal investment parts are well-guarded secrets. We look behind the curtain of the secretive niche. Gibbs, Shea Company overview Aug 1, 2011 1426
A systematic method for identifying contradiction of casting process/Sisteminis kontrastu nustatymo liejimo procese metodas. Liu, Feng; Yang, Yi; Wu, Min Report Jul 1, 2011 3401
Flatness of mechanical interface of housing filter: comparing methods. Hodak, Marko; Barisic, Branimir; Katalinic, Branko; Krsulja, Marko; Car, Zlatan Report Jan 1, 2011 1247
3 lost foam developments: several new methods of improving the lost foam process could mean more high strength castings on the horizon. Dec 1, 2010 1105
Fulfilling Da Vinci's dream: computational fluid dynamics software proved Leonardo Da Vinci's method for casting a 70-ton bronze horse would have been successful. Wetzel, Shannon Apr 1, 2010 740
Nano's Frontier: some said it couldn't be done. But researchers have found a way to disperse nanoparticles into metal castings to achieve great strength in lightweight alloys. Wetzel, Shannon Cover story Mar 1, 2010 1504
Casting vs, swaging: which is best? When ammo was cheap and plentiful, it was easy to dismiss making your own bullets as just too much trouble. Ammo hoarding and a tight economy mean it's time to have another look at these old-fashioned skills. Shell, Bob Jan 1, 2010 3286
BMW casting plant installs new low emissions core production method. Nov 1, 2009 210
Studio uses `lost wax' method for casting. Apr 23, 2009 199
Rapid prototyping method works for industry, art. Feb 1, 2009 480
Balls casting simulation and practice for Hadfield Stell. Marta, C.; Doroftei, I.; Prisacaru, G.; Hamat, C.; Suciu, L.; Zgardea, E. Report Jan 1, 2009 4043
Two ways to be right. Spada, Alfred T. Aug 1, 2008 483
New 3-D modeling method smooths casting simulation. Jul 1, 2008 420
Good pouring techniques. Nov 1, 2007 212
Casting the future: today's casting providers offer improved technology, stronger materials and cost savings. Whitney, Jennifer Nov 1, 2007 2322
New diecasting method is on the runner: a method of diecasting runner design that induces a restricted flow can save process costs and improve quality. Gunasegaram, Dayalan; Giverd, Michel; O'Donnell, Robert; Finnin, Barrie Sep 1, 2007 2182
Modeling filters in the future: the standard method of modeling filtration devices is good, but the ability to model actual filters in the future will be better. Midea, Anthony; Oliveira, Luciano Sep 1, 2007 1713
The influence of mold humidity and pouring temperature on occurrence of residual stresses in iron castings. Budic, Ivan; Novoselovic, Daniel; Vitez, Ivan Report Jan 1, 2007 1086
Transforming mold line data ... into process knowledge: translating collected data on your nobake mold line into knowledge will aid your facility in identifying opportunities where improvements can be made and time and resources can be saved. Cory, John Jan 1, 2006 1745
Jumping from hot water. Lobenhofer, Roy Jan 1, 2005 754
Q We see primary carbides in a ductile iron 80-55-06 casting with relatively thin cross-sections (0.25-0.0375 in.). Is it normal to anticipate a certain amount of primary carbides in a casting like this? What is the acceptable amount that can be tolerated? What specific practical measures can be taken to minimize the formation of carbides? Brief Article Nov 1, 2004 304
Military makeover the investment casting way. Nestor, Robert Dec 1, 2003 1709
Improving sand control with wet tensile testing. Strobl, Scott Dec 1, 2003 1445
Straightening out an induction melting misconception. Dunn, Edward J. Letter to the Editor Nov 1, 2003 152
Starting lost foam from scratch. Boudignon, Daniel Nov 1, 2003 1849
Ironing out the pouring options. Lerner, Yury S. Nov 1, 2003 2036
Casting a concert piano. Nov 1, 2003 434
Baume: complete coating control? Oct 1, 2003 2004
Bringing SSM casting to the masses. DasGupta, Rathindra Oct 1, 2003 2049
Littlestown Foundry increases productivity with new molding systems. Oct 1, 2003 478
Effective riser use. Kay, Ian Aug 1, 2003 762
International Truck & Engine Corp. Waukesha Manufacturing Facility. (2003 Foundry Casting of the Year). Spada, Alfred T. Jul 1, 2003 2915
Casting answers & advice. Jul 1, 2003 860
Battling the elusive lustrous carbon defect. Naro, Rod L. May 1, 2003 2405
Casting answers & advice. Column Jan 1, 2003 823
Voice of the Industry. Brief Article Feb 1, 2000 966
Promote Homogeneity for Optimal Green Sand Conditioning. Pickrell, Kevin Feb 1, 2000 2615
New Conditioning Practice Improves Sand Performance. Krysiak, Mary Beth Feb 1, 2000 1865
Mold venting: a return to the basics. Scheil, Steve Nov 1, 1997 1566
Wire injection for ductile iron lends flexibility to Gunite Corp. Tandon, Laxmi C. Jun 1, 1996 1390
Value analysis/engineering cuts costs by weighing alternatives. Miller, Robert E. Apr 1, 1995 1863
How to improve green sands through more effective mulling. Strobl, Scott, M. Feb 1, 1995 2187
Expendable pattern casting: state of the process. Lessiter, Michael J. Jan 1, 1994 2223
The shell process: taking a new look. Roubitchek, Larry Mar 1, 1993 1288
Carbon sand: a nonsilica, round-grain carbon. Clausen, Clare Aug 1, 1992 1467
Perils of oil contamination: keeping a closer eye on how hydraulic oil enters your molding sands may be the answer to poor casting finish mysteries. Salyer, Robert K. Jul 1, 1992 721
Gate, runner location critical to quality castings. Strobl, Scott Jun 1, 1992 726
Gray iron inoculation revisited. Bex, Tom Nov 1, 1991 3872
Willard Industries pioneers new EPC applications. Thomas, Susan P. Cover Story Aug 1, 1991 2265
Venting cores and molds. Bex, Tom Aug 1, 1991 764
Metal saturation and finning problem can be avoided: controlling metal saturation is a function of knowing refractory porosity, permeability. Stark, Ronald A. Jul 1, 1991 3126
Calculating liquid metal temperature loss due to bath additions. Kern, Ronald Oct 1, 1990 490
Controlling sand and additives. Schoen, John May 1, 1990 791
Unique casting applications with foam patterns. Patz, Murray Oct 1, 1989 1123
How to use hot-pressed cutoff wheels. Wagner, John G. column Jun 1, 1989 779

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