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Merck Patent obtains United States patent.

Merck Patent GmbH (Darmstadt, Germany) has patented methods for producing fusion proteins with the heterodimeric cytokine, interleukin-12. In order to insure that the proper ratio of fused and non-fused subunits are obtained in the fusion protein, a specific stepwise stepwise

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 approach to genetic engineering is used. This consists of first expressing the non-fused p40 IL-12 subunit in a production cell line, followed by or simultaneously expressing in the same cell, a second recombinant fusion protein A fusion protein is a protein created through genetic engineering from two or more proteins/peptides. This is achieved by creating a fusion gene: removing the stop codon from the DNA sequence of the first protein, then appending the DNA sequence of the second protein in frame.  consisting of the fused polypeptide polypeptide: see peptide.  linked by a peptide bond to the p35 subunit of IL-12. Molecules containing the p35 fusion protein cannot be secreted from the transfected mammalian cell without first complexing in a one to one ratio with the p40 subunit, thus ensuring the production of active heterodimeric fusion proteins. (US 7,576,193)
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Publication:BIOTECH Patent News
Date:Aug 1, 2009
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Merck Patent obtains United States patent.

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