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Troubled man plunges to death while in hospital. Dec 12, 2014 354
Conservative Leaders Ask Gov. Perry to Spare Life of Severely Mentally Ill Man. Dec 1, 2014 478
Mickey Rourke's Boxing Win In Russia 'Fixed,' Opponent A Mentally Ill Homeless Person. Dec 1, 2014 601
Mentally ill, homeless expat repatriated. Nov 29, 2014 337
Provision of Social rehabilitation field people with mental illness. Nov 25, 2014 112
Task force to improve care of mentally ill. Nov 24, 2014 135
Mentally ill patients hit by shortage of nurses. Nov 23, 2014 175
Mental Health and the "Holiday Blues": 64% of people with mental illness report that the holidays make their conditions worse. Nov 21, 2014 701
Provision of Social rehabilitation field people with mental illness. Nov 21, 2014 134
Six nurses killed in latest attack on Chinese medical workers. Nov 20, 2014 309
Dad killed by mentally ill neighbour in knife attack. Nov 20, 2014 510
Fewer police cells used for mentally ill. Nov 16, 2014 144
Drop in mentally ill held in cells; POLICE. Nov 15, 2014 158
Be more mindful of the mentally ill; FIONA PHILLIPS. Nov 15, 2014 433
Police alert on mentally ill woman. Nov 14, 2014 134
Man accused of killing girlfriend's former lover is 'mentally ill'. Nov 12, 2014 391
Cornton Vale failed my vulnerable daughter; TRAGIC TEENAGER TOOK HER OWN LIFE IN JAIL Heartbroken mum speaks out after death of mentally ill Dionne, 19. Nov 10, 2014 662
Mentally ill 'taunted' in X Factor act. Nov 5, 2014 178
FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 150 YEARS... INSIDE BROADMOOR; TV crew films at hospital for UK's most dangerous and disturbed criminals. Nov 2, 2014 1057
The care, treatment, rehabilitation and legal outcomes of referrals to a tertiary psychiatric hospital according to the Mental Health Care Act No. 17 of 2002. Madlala, D.P.; Sokudela, F.B. Nov 1, 2014 3828
The mental illness stigma. Brief article Nov 1, 2014 243
Ruling on mentally ill could cost PS2m a year. Oct 29, 2014 489
I just want my grandad home – Sakina Abbas; Schoolgirl starts petition calling for release of mentally ill Scot facing the death penalty. Oct 26, 2014 728
Latest White House fence jumper reported to be mentally ill. Oct 23, 2014 187
Residential and care with staffing of beds to the person with mental illness. Oct 22, 2014 147
Crisis for mentally ill teens. Oct 11, 2014 113
Provision of social services and social rehabilitation. Oct 11, 2014 271
Luxury hotel shooting. Krey, Patrick Brief article Oct 6, 2014 180
Purchase of housing and care services to the person with mental illness. Oct 5, 2014 198
Family history affects mental health care. Krisberg, Kim Oct 1, 2014 265
Pastors receive little training on how to help mentally ill congregants. McCarthy, Kathleen Oct 1, 2014 500
Some mentally ill inmates are isolated. Geller, Adam Sep 21, 2014 984
Supply of kitchen equipment for the home for mentally ill adults holy week nede E*ina with delivery and installation. Sep 19, 2014 112
Killer dad was not mentally ill. Sep 18, 2014 130
Mentally ill son lost temper and killed mum. Sep 17, 2014 178
THE REHAB QUEST. Sep 11, 2014 931
'Depressed' tigers: Expert says Bengal big cats are mentally ill at Dubai Zoo. Sep 10, 2014 511
Mental health shelter to close. Sep 6, 2014 712
Telepsychiatry is a tool that we must exploit. Kornbluh, Rebecca A. Sep 1, 2014 671
Every nurse is a mental health nurse. O'Brien, Anthony Editorial Sep 1, 2014 1009
Improving physical health for those with a mental illness. Lockett, Helen Sep 1, 2014 409
Australia : Work underway on new inner-city mental health service. Aug 30, 2014 368
Call to help men with mental illness. Aug 29, 2014 245
Frequency and correlates of comorbid psychiatric illness in patients with heroin use disorder admitted to stikland opioid detoxification unit, South Africa. Dannatt, L.; Cloete, K.J.; Kidd, M.; Weich, L. Report Aug 1, 2014 4259
Provision of social services social rehabilitation. Jul 30, 2014 276
Providing social services social rehabilitation. Jul 28, 2014 206
First aid applies to mental health too. Griffin, Suellen Jul 25, 2014 602
Latest data on murder of Victoria Gania: murderer mentally ill. Jul 25, 2014 375
JO BRAND: CRUEL BGT EXPLOITS MENTALLY ILL; Stop wheeling on victims for nation to mock, blasts comic. Jul 25, 2014 386
Doc quits profession over patient affair; Psychologist Amy admitted meeting mentally ill man. Jul 17, 2014 555
Man kills pregnant wife & mentally ill son in Delhi. Jul 17, 2014 189
'Unethical nonsense' Tory MP blasts IDS plan to grab mentally ill's cash as brainless. Jul 14, 2014 224
Back into society and work (ZpEitky do spolecnosti i do prEice). Jul 9, 2014 407
Ministry Warns against Israeli Attempts to Depict Abu Khdeir's Murderers as Mentally Ill. Jul 9, 2014 168
Employment of people with mental illness (ZamestnEivEinE[degrees] lidE[degrees] s du evnE[degrees]m onemocnenE[degrees]m). Jul 8, 2014 419
Mentally ill person causes havoc in Makkah. Jul 5, 2014 163
Education to better mental health care (VzdelEivEinE[degrees]m ke kvalitnej E[degrees] peci o du evnE[degrees] zdravE[degrees]). Jul 4, 2014 468
U.S. District Court Approves Settlement; Individuals With Mental Illness To Live In Community-Based Residences With Support. Jul 2, 2014 905
Oscar Pictorius Not Mentally Ill When He Shot His Girlfriend: Psychiatric Report. Jul 1, 2014 313
Collboration, partnership and education: essentials for the management of mentally lll offenders. Diane, W.; Fulks, Thomas; Taylor, Nicole Jul 1, 2014 2480
Internal motivation to respond without prejudice as a mediator of gender-attitudes toward mental illness. Hampton, Nan Zhang; Sharp, Seneca Report Jul 1, 2014 8019
Dr. Paul J. Fink was champion for people with mental illness. Henderson, Gina L. Jul 1, 2014 761
USA today continues its special report on mental health: "cost of not caring". McCarthy, Kathleen Excerpt Jul 1, 2014 205
Coping strategies to prevent relapse (Strategie zvlEidEinE[degrees] stresu jako prevence relapsu). Jun 30, 2014 479
Systematic training of staff in direct care for people with mental illness (Systematicke vzdelEivEinE[degrees] pracovnE[degrees]ku v prE[degrees]me peci o osoby s du evnE[degrees]m onemocnenE[degrees]m). Jun 30, 2014 410
Mental health art group. Jun 25, 2014 188
Mental health patients twice as likely to be victims of homicide than general public. Jun 18, 2014 438
PROGRESS! Ensuring education of providers of social services for people with mental illness in the South Region in the context of the planned reform of care for people with mental illness. (PROGRES! Zaji tenE[degrees] vzdelEivEinE[degrees] pracovnE[degrees]ku poskytovatelu soci. Jun 12, 2014 454
Dementia patient abused at hospital; Worker faces jail sentence after being convicted on charge of sexual activitywith a person with mental disorder. Jun 7, 2014 410
Service Support Center Supported Employment (Podpora slu eb Centra podporovaneho zamestnEivEinE[degrees]). Jun 7, 2014 469
An open door to 'a place of hope': Cathedral's mental health ministry offers outreach and support. Gunter, Julie Jun 6, 2014 1302
USA Today runs special report on mental health. McCarthy, Kathleen Jun 1, 2014 334
On the edge - education to fulfill the vision (Na okraji - vzdelEivEinE[degrees] k naplnenE[degrees] vize). May 28, 2014 499
Who is the advice that help (Komu je rady, tomu je pomoci). May 26, 2014 502
Texas mom on trial for killing her baby. May 23, 2014 533
Accused 'not mentally ill'. May 21, 2014 384
Provision of social services to support independent living in the Karlovy Vary region for people with intellectual disabilities and mental illness. May 21, 2014 289
Psychiatric Institute begs for an overhaul. May 20, 2014 755
Don't treat the mentally ill as if they don't matter. May 16, 2014 456
Ministry launches mental health program. May 9, 2014 541
Australia : $171 million investment for mental health and drug treatment across Victoria. May 7, 2014 427
What exactly defines a behavioral healthcare facility? Marietti, Charlene Editorial May 1, 2014 474
Nurse stopped my care early to start an affair with me. I landed in jail... so should she; MURDER BID PATIENT DEMANDS NEW INQUIRY; EXCLUSIVE. Apr 27, 2014 570
Lawmakers to Examine Rehab of Mentally Ill, Addicted Inmates. Apr 22, 2014 985
PATIENTS SUFFER AS CUTS CLOSE WARDS; Mum claims mentally ill son put at risk. Apr 19, 2014 402
'God never wastes a hurt': California Catholics, evangelicals gather to break silence on mental illness. Sweas, Megan Apr 11, 2014 818
Ban on 'cruel restraint' of mentally ill. Apr 6, 2014 107
Finding the best employers for young adults on the spectrum. White, Terri Apr 1, 2014 1940
Profile of rape victims referred by the court to the Free State Psychiatric Complex, 2003-2009. Calitz, F.J.W.; de Ridder, L.; Gericke, N.; Pretorius, A.; Smit, J.; Joubert, G. Report Apr 1, 2014 4022
Study shows mentally ill more likely to be victims, not perpetrators, of violence. McCarthy, Kathleen Apr 1, 2014 376
Smoking cessation may improve mental health. McCarthy, Kathleen Apr 1, 2014 397
AMHCA's "dashed hopes" report receives national publicity. McCarthy, Kathleen Apr 1, 2014 387
AMHCA issue briefs throw light on important issues related to healthcare reform. McCarthy, Kathleen Brief article Apr 1, 2014 251
Pawar launches scathing attack against Modi, calls him mentally ill. Mar 31, 2014 324
Professional training center and a sheltered workshop for mentally ill people. Mar 29, 2014 118
The mentally ill are our lepers. Mar 28, 2014 461
Six stabbed to death in family dispute in Beijing. Mar 27, 2014 134
Impact of a training program for caregivers of neurological patients on depression, prostration, and subjective burden. Hirsch, Oliver; Leyh, Johanna; Karch, Carina; Ferlings, Roland; Schafer, Dietmar Report Mar 22, 2014 5863
IT'S HARD TO SWALLOW; Mentally ill 'get pills, not real help'. Mar 20, 2014 223
NYC inmate 'baked to death' in cell. Pearson, Jake Mar 20, 2014 957
Ameritox Launches New Method to Help Assess Medication Non-Adherence for Patients Prescribed Top-Selling Drug Abilify. Mar 17, 2014 704
Doctors struggle to care for the mentally ill and traumatized. Mar 5, 2014 936
Syrian doctors struggle to care for mentally ill and traumatized. Mar 4, 2014 929
'Woeful' care of mentally ill kids put in jail. Mar 3, 2014 121
Dashed Hopes--or a second chance?--for people with mental illness. Miller, Joel E. Mar 1, 2014 1026
Medicaid expansion: an investment in states' mental health. Miller, Joel E. Mar 1, 2014 2171
A poor choice of words. Grantham, Dennis G. Editorial Mar 1, 2014 574
4 Million Uninsured People With Mental Illness Will Be Denied Health Insurance Because Their Home States Refuse to Participate in the ACA Medicaid Expansion Program. Feb 26, 2014 910
Concern over mentally ill in police cells. Feb 24, 2014 633
Pennsylvania Department of Corrections Responds to US Department of Justice Findings Following Review of Mental Health Services. Feb 24, 2014 1187
Australia : New Mental Health Act puts people at the centre. Feb 22, 2014 422
Museum Dr. Guislain and Janssen R&D Seek Global Nominations for 2014 Dr. Guislain "Breaking the Chains of Stigma" Award. Feb 20, 2014 1063
Professional training center and a sheltered workshop for mentally ill people. Feb 20, 2014 142
CARE UNIT STAFF ON ASSAULT CHARGES; Court told victims are mentally ill. Feb 19, 2014 258
Clegg: Don't put mentally ill kids in cell. Feb 18, 2014 115
Ensuring social rehabilitation for people with mental illness. Feb 14, 2014 226
Cabbie assault story never happened, say Taif police. Feb 13, 2014 346
MAN FACING DEATH OVER CLAIMING TO BE PROPHET; MP backs campaign to save mentally ill grandad. Feb 2, 2014 569
People with mental illness unfazed by smoking trends. Moon, Mary Ann Feb 1, 2014 581
Mentally ill children 'still being sent to police cells'. Jan 27, 2014 163
Pakistan Judge Sentences Mentally Ill Briton to Death for Claiming to be Prophet Muhammad. Jan 25, 2014 286
Mentally ill Scot is told he must die. Jan 25, 2014 318
Switzerland : Switzerland needs to improve its approach to mental-health issues in the labour force, says OECD. Jan 24, 2014 445
Governor's Call for the Closure of Taunton State Hospital Represents an Abandonment of the Mentally Ill, says MNA/NNU. Jan 23, 2014 1630
COP CAR THIEF IS CLEARED; Man had mental disorder when he broke into station and stole marked police car before high-speed chase. Jan 16, 2014 353
Report reveals American tourist's suspected murderer not mentally ill. Jan 9, 2014 499
Ensuring social rehabilitation for people with mental illness. Jan 9, 2014 226
US Cops Kill Mentally Ill Teen after Parents Call Police to Help. Jan 8, 2014 464
Father appeals for help to find mentally ill son. Jan 7, 2014 358
UPMC Center for High-Value Health Care Awarded Major Research Contract. Jan 7, 2014 1179
Obama proposes new gun rules for mentally ill. Jan 4, 2014 439
Severely mentally ill abuse alcohol, tobacco, drugs more than general population. Jan 2, 2014 291
The gun rights next assault. Jan 1, 2014 883
Recovery in mental health. Parker, J. Jan 1, 2014 1009
Health and well-being of homeless veterans participating in transitional and supported employment: six-month outcomes. Leddy, Meaghan; Stefanovics, Elina; Rosenheck, Robert Report Jan 1, 2014 8957
Israel Extends House Arrest of Mentally ill Boy. Dec 31, 2013 174
Mentally ill, backers, fill orchestra in Vt. Gram, Dave Dec 27, 2013 347
Home for mentally ill proposals spark fears. Dec 26, 2013 350
ALAN CARR 'THE QUEEN LOOKED AT ME LIKE I WAS MENTALLY ILL...' The funny Chatty Man, 37, on getting strange looks from Her Maj, doing some dirty dancing with Rihanna, the flamboyant man in his life and serious puppy love... Dec 22, 2013 757
Treating offenders with mental illnesses in iowa. Brownfield, Chad; Eichinger, Leanne Dec 22, 2013 3825
Mentally ill face stigma. Dec 18, 2013 357
ISIL Terrorists Execute Mentally Ill Syrian for Alleged "Blasphemy". Dec 9, 2013 195
Soulful connections spring from prison writing program. Redmond, Marybeth Christie Dec 6, 2013 1157
Over 68 thousand people with mental disorders registered in Kyrgyzstan. Dec 5, 2013 118
Sons of madness; growing up and older with a mentally ill parent. Book review Dec 1, 2013 134
Variation in the implementation of California's Full Service Partnerships for persons with serious mental illness. Gilmer, Todd P.; Katz, Marian L.; Stefancic, Ana; Palinkas, Lawrence A. Dec 1, 2013 7871
Commentary: 'prescribing' pets for patients with mental illness. Wittenauer, Justine; Ascher, Michael Dec 1, 2013 869
Working with mental health movers and shakers to reduce the stigma of Mental Illness. Langer, Karen Conference notes Dec 1, 2013 670
Mental Health Advocacy to Improve Human Rights and Reduce Poverty of Poor People with Mental Illness and Epilepsy in Ashanti and Brong-Ahafo Regions of Ghana. Nov 30, 2013 119
Twenty Years After U.S. Requires Gun Background Checks, New FBI Data Shows Nebraska Undermines Gun Background Check System by Failing to Submit Records on Dangerously Mentally Ill. Nov 21, 2013 1208
Twenty Years After U.S. Requires Gun Background Checks, New FBI Data Shows Hawaii Undermines Gun Background Check System By Failing To Submit Records On Dangerously Mentally Ill. Nov 21, 2013 1210
Twenty Years After U.S. Requires Gun Background Checks, New FBI Data Shows Mississippi Undermines Gun Background Check System by Failing to Submit Records on Dangerously Mentally Ill. Nov 21, 2013 1218
Twenty Years After U.S. Requires Gun Background Checks, New FBI Data Shows Oklahoma Undermines Gun Background Check System By Failing To Submit Records On Dangerously Mentally Ill. Nov 21, 2013 1218
Twenty Years After U.S. Requires Gun Background Checks, New FBI Data Shows South Dakota Undermines Gun Background Check System By Failing To Submit Records On Dangerously Mentally Ill. Nov 21, 2013 1213
Twenty Years After U.S. Requires Gun Background Checks, New FBI Data Shows Vermont Undermines Gun Background Check System By Failing To Submit Records On Dangerously Mentally Ill. Nov 21, 2013 1209
The following is being released by Mayors Against Illegal Guns: Twenty Years After U.S. Requires Gun Background Checks, New FBI Data Shows Wyoming Undermines Gun Background Check System By Failing To Submit Records On Dangerously Mentally Ill. Nov 21, 2013 1179
Twenty Years After U.S. Requires Gun Background Checks, New FBI Data Shows Alaska Undermines Gun Background Check System By Failing To Submit Records On Dangerously Mentally Ill. Nov 21, 2013 1221
Mentally ill need far more support. Nov 16, 2013 107
Concern at mentally ill held in police cells. Nov 15, 2013 341
Police fears for mentally ill woman. Nov 3, 2013 167
Meeting the needs of the mentally ill: a Jail's perspective. Foxall, Mark; Boganowski, Cindi; Early, Mary; Gaines, Denise; Cook, Catherine Nov 1, 2013 2439
International study reveals core of mental illness stigma. Nov 1, 2013 277
People with mental health problems say romantic partners are 'not fazed' by their condition. Nov 1, 2013 336
Gun grabs: blue-state seizures. Doherty, Brian Brief article Nov 1, 2013 226
Facility for Mentally Ill Youths in Limbo Amid Legislative Delays. Oct 29, 2013 746
Police seek indictment for fired officer who shot mentally ill man. Merchant, Nomaan Oct 25, 2013 279
A new era for the mentally ill. Master, Robert J. Oct 23, 2013 663
Police criticised over mum and son deaths. Oct 23, 2013 459
'Reality TV disturbs me- it's like watching the mentally ill' Comic actress Julie Walters on playing Paul Potts' mum, being a bit of a show off and embarrassing her daughter. Oct 20, 2013 1315
Praise for mental health charity. Oct 18, 2013 244
Campaigner backs street team to assess mentally ill. Oct 17, 2013 522
Psychiatric hospitals can provide proper care. Oct 12, 2013 332
To preventive interventions for persons with mental disorders. Oct 12, 2013 309
Some 70 thousand people with various types of mental disorders registered in Kyrgyzstan YTD. Oct 9, 2013 186
Mentally ill face greater risk of crime. Oct 7, 2013 114
My son was let down by the system, says killer's mother; Death on the No.9 bus: 'Phillip was ill and crying out for help that wasn't there'. Oct 5, 2013 432
The effect of parity on expenditures for individuals with severe mental illness. McConnell, K. John Oct 1, 2013 6899
Apple pie, baseball ... and mass shootings and mental illness ... and healthcare reform. Miller, Joel E. Oct 1, 2013 933
Say It Forward Anti-Stigma Campaign Uses Truth To Break The Chains Of Stigma. Sep 30, 2013 469
GPs 'ignoring physical care of mentally ill'. Sep 26, 2013 121
"Call Me Crazy," "Grey's Anatomy," "Mary and Martha" and "Bill Maher" Among Winners for 2013 Sentinel for Health Awards. Awards list Sep 26, 2013 1054
New Jersey Supreme Court Upholds Property Tax Exemptions for Supportive Housing. Sep 25, 2013 732
NRA member: No guns for mentally ill; Group supports Second Amendment. Owen, Paula J. Sep 23, 2013 693
Violence Behind Bars and a Tie to Mental Illness. Sep 22, 2013 1257
Blood marker may predict suicide: activity of gene could help doctors assess risk. Sanders, Laura Sep 21, 2013 332
Health and social work services. Sep 19, 2013 213
Violent video games took over his life, he could play for up to 18 hours a day.. they pushed his dark side - KILLER'S BEST FRIEND YESTERDAY; MASSACRE AT U.S NAVAL BASE. Sep 18, 2013 1103
Violent video games took over his life, he could play for up to 18 hours a day.. they pushed his dark side - KILLER'S BEST FRIEND YESTERDAY; MASSACRE AT U.S NAVAL BASE. Sep 18, 2013 1149
NAVY GUNMAN OBSESSED WITH VIOLENT GAMES; Military unaware of killer's sickness By Chris Bucktin Sep 18, 2013 328
MP supports test rethink. Sep 17, 2013 159
New service to help those with mental illnesses. Sep 12, 2013 162
United Kingdom : LANCASHIRE HEALTH ORGANISATION cooperates with national charity to launch project to improve services for PEOPLE. Sep 12, 2013 131
Call to end stigma of depression; HEALTH. Sep 10, 2013 115
Men more prone to fall ill than women. Sep 10, 2013 214
Health and social work services. Sep 4, 2013 389
Meet Joel E. Miller, AMHCA's new executive director & CEO: a Q&A with Joel Miller. Interview Sep 1, 2013 1913
Australia : Coalition Government announces new $2 million mental health unit for outer Eastern Suburbs. Aug 31, 2013 334
Ohio Gun Owners to Urge Senator Portman to Support Common-Sense Background Checks at Press Conference Friday. Conference news Aug 29, 2013 713
Media Advisory: New Hampshire Gun Owners to Urge Senator Ayotte to Support Common-Sense Background Checks at Press Conference Thursday. Conference news Aug 28, 2013 662
Media Advisory: Nevada Gun Owners To Urge Senator Heller To Support Common-Sense Background Checks At Press Conference Thursday. Conference news Aug 28, 2013 635
Media Advisory: Arkansas Gun Owners to Urge Senator Pryor to Support Common-Sense Background Checks at Press Conference Thursday. Conference news Aug 28, 2013 718
Montana Gun Owners To Urge Senator Baucus To Support Common-Sense Background Checks At Press Conference Thursday. Conference news Aug 28, 2013 623
Depressed: Lunatic or normal person in need of support? Aug 21, 2013 777
Should you reveal your mental illness on a CV? Carina Edwards, Hafal's North Wales regional manager, looks at some of the difficulties faced by those with mental health issues in applying for jobs. Aug 19, 2013 626
Hong Kong : Matthew Cheung visits SSPo. Aug 10, 2013 211
Gather us in, the lost and forsaken: God's mercy falls on the heroin relapsers, the long-term mentally ill, and all who are stuck on the path to the cross. Patrick, Ronald Aug 1, 2013 1260
Florida, guns and mental health. Cramer, Clayton E. Aug 1, 2013 1379
YES Youth Education Support. Aug 1, 2013 433
Policing and the mentally ill; international perspectives. Brief article Aug 1, 2013 140
Provider-initiated HIV counselling and testing (PICT) in the mentally ill. Moosa, M.Y.H.; Jeenah, F.Y. Report Aug 1, 2013 5346
Attitudes of undergraduates towards mental illness: a comparison between nursing and business management students in India. Vijayalakshmi, P.; Reddy, D.; Math, S.B.; Thimmaiah, R. Report Aug 1, 2013 8217
So important to spot warning signs of mental illness in young; Hafal has been awarded more than PS750,000 by the Big Lottery's Bright New Futures programme to run a groundbreaking new project for young people with a mental illness in Gwent. Hafal's North Wales manager Carina Edwards talks about why this has the potential to have a huge impact on those young people's lives. Jul 15, 2013 584
Doctors deny man accused of murder is mentally ill. Jul 11, 2013 138
Crisis Intervention Training for Corrections Employees Working with Mentally Ill Offenders. Jul 3, 2013 1102
NC prison focuses on treatment for mentally ill inmates. Shaw, Kate Brief article Jul 1, 2013 236
Psychiatrist' role in managing CVD risk likely to increase. London, Susan Jul 1, 2013 680
Diabetes care and mental illness: the social organization of food in a residential care facility. Lowndes, Ruth H.; Angus, Jan E.; Peter, Elizabeth Report Jul 1, 2013 4767
Mentally ill can achieve weight loss. Currie, Donya Jun 29, 2013 193
Profiles Promotions Announces New Marketing Campaign for Mental Health Client Hanbleceya. Jun 28, 2013 302
Brady says his was a petty crime; Says he killed for existential experience. Jun 26, 2013 1016
Moors murderer Brady plays down 'petty' crimes. Jun 26, 2013 1180
Idiots and insane persons: electoral exclusion and democratic values within the Ohio Constitution. McHugh, James T. Jun 22, 2013 11860
Islam allows wife beating to treat women suffering from mental disorders, says Kuwaiti cleric. Jun 13, 2013 179
NAMIBikes "Fight Stigma and Ride" in Sun Valley on July 7; New Idaho Event to Help People Affected by Mental Illness. Jun 12, 2013 533
Professional advice to companies in relation to recruitment and retention of people with mental disorders. Jun 6, 2013 143
'Gaslighting' fear fuelled paranoid schizophrenia. Jun 6, 2013 611
Death at the Derby; Hysterical madwoman or feminist trailblazer? KATE PROCTOR explores Emily Davison's legacy a century after her death at Epsom. Jun 4, 2013 1442
Mental illness, access to hospitals with invasive cardiac services, and receipt of cardiac procedures by Medicare acute myocardial infarction patients. Li, Yue; Glance, Laurent G.; Lyness, Jeffrey M.; Cram, Peter; Cai, Xueya; Mukamel, Dana B. Jun 1, 2013 7780
FACING DEMONS; Computer 'people' help mentally ill beat voices in their head. May 31, 2013 303
Arizona's Medicaid Restoration will Cover 49,000 People Living with Mental Illness; Rejection Has $10 Billion Opportunity Cost. May 24, 2013 463
Stab accused 'mentally ill'. May 22, 2013 247
MP pleads the case for mentally ill. May 17, 2013 161
Turkey kill accused 'is mentally ill' COURT. May 16, 2013 150
Raising mental health awareness. May 13, 2013 194
Facebook could make you mentally ill. May 5, 2013 224
20 Indian prisoners in Lahore jail mentally ill: Judicial panel. May 5, 2013 470
Homicide risk rises for mentally ill. Currie, Donya May 1, 2013 192
Gary Maynard discusses the treatment of mentally ill inmates in Maryland at health care luncheon. Shaw, Kate May 1, 2013 1138
Veterans Health Administration vocational services for Operation Iraqi Freedom/Operation Enduring Freedom Veterans with mental health conditions. Twamley, Elizabeth W.; Baker, Dewleen G.; Norman, Sonya B.; Pittman, James O.E.; Lohr, James B.; Res Report May 1, 2013 4907
Shortfall reaches to 4200 megawatt: Power outages making people mentally ill. Apr 25, 2013 163
Shortfall reaches to 4200 megawatt: Power outages making people mentally ill. Apr 25, 2013 163
Australia : Mental Health Support in Darwin Print page. Apr 24, 2013 282
3 held for the death of a mentally ill blind man. Apr 22, 2013 407
Murder/suicide Fiona was mentally ill. Apr 17, 2013 232
Filling mental health gaps. Apr 13, 2013 342
Mentally ill son attacks father with hatchet. Apr 8, 2013 216
Mentally ill patients 7 times likelier to use cannabis. Apr 3, 2013 287
Call over cells for mentally ill. Apr 2, 2013 490
CAMH study shows mental illness associated with heavy cannabis use. Apr 2, 2013 608
The madwoman and the blindman; Jane Eyre, discourse, disability. Brief article Apr 1, 2013 116
Family locks mentally ill boy for years. Mar 30, 2013 423
'Only mentally ill' would want to run Italy, says would-be PM Pier Luigi Bersani. Mar 28, 2013 182
CHAMPION FRANK; Brave Bruno to be made Govt ambassador for mentally ill. Mar 24, 2013 994
Serious Mental Illness No Barrier to Weight Loss Success. Mar 22, 2013 754
Fattah Helps Award $960,000 in Affordable Housing Grants to Aid Veterans, Women with Special Needs, the Mentally Ill. Mar 22, 2013 823
From the asylum to solitary: transinstitutionalization. Wachtler, Sol; Bagala, Keri Mar 22, 2013 6347
Media coverage of mass shootings increases readers' negative attitudes towards mental illness. Mar 21, 2013 533
NIH study shows people with serious mental illnesses can lose weight. Mar 21, 2013 110
Changes in the benefits system can worry the sick into a worse state. Mar 18, 2013 622
NYC to round up mentally disordered before they commit crimes. Mar 18, 2013 338
Mental Health Care in California Prisons Still in Crisis. Mar 18, 2013 934
Pennsylvania Sued for Cruel and Unusual Punishment of Prisoners with Mental Illness. Mar 11, 2013 568
Higher risk of murder for depressed. Mar 6, 2013 192
Mentally ill people 5 times likelier to be murdered. Mar 6, 2013 451
Reality-based mental health reform: preventing mass killings like the one in Newtown may be impossible. But there's plenty we can do to reduce violence by the mentally ill in general. And the tools are right there in Obamacare. Pollack, Harold Essay Mar 1, 2013 3244
CDC: address smoking among mentally ill adults. Mechcatie, Elizabeth Mar 1, 2013 430
CDC: address high smoking rate among mentally ill. Mechcatie, Elizabeth Mar 1, 2013 478
Implementation of the montreal heat response plan during the 2010 heat wave. Price, Karine; Perron, Stephane; King, Norman Report Mar 1, 2013 3700
Mentally ill in U.S. have much higher rate of smoking. Mar 1, 2013 282
Through The Withering Storm: A Brief History of a Mental Illness Now Available in Paperback in Time for Bipolar Awareness Month. Feb 26, 2013 545
Time to end stigma of the mentally ill. Feb 23, 2013 519
Andre Thomas: The Mentally Ill, From Asylums to Jails. Feb 21, 2013 2134
Czech Republic-A chance for you - the integration of youth at risk of social pathologies and persons with mental illness Project ( ance pro Tebe - integrace mlEide e ohro ene sociEilne patologickE'mi jevy a osob s du evnE[degrees]m onemocnenE[degrees]m). Feb 19, 2013 341
Canada : Ontario Supporting People Living with Mental Illness. Feb 13, 2013 432
Czech Republic-Threshold-support employment of persons with mental illness in Brno Project (PrEih -podpora zamestnEivEinE[degrees] osob s du evnE[degrees]m onemocnenE[degrees]m v Brne). Feb 11, 2013 285
No funding and no direction, a center is unable to cope with needs of psychologically ill tenants. Feb 4, 2013 843
Czech Republic-ORBIT Project. Feb 4, 2013 458
School shootings, again. Cramer, Clayton E. Feb 1, 2013 1802
Changes are positive for patients with mental illness. Feb 1, 2013 209
Avoiding an "unavoidably imperfect situation": searching for strategies to divert mentally ill people out of immigration removal proceedings. Bowen, Molly Feb 1, 2013 14643
Effects of structured vocational services in ex-offender veterans with mental illness: 6-month follow-up. LePage, James P.; Lewis, Avery A.; Washington, Edward L.; Davis, Brandi; Glasgow, Anne Report Feb 1, 2013 5502
Czech Republic-Social rehabilitation center for long-term mentally ill Project (Centra sociEilnE[degrees] rehabilitace pro dlouhodobe du evne nemocne). Jan 29, 2013 461
Mentally ill uninsured bog down treatment. Knable, Kate Jan 28, 2013 1094
Museum Dr. Guislain and Janssen R&D Issue 2013 Dr. Guislain "Breaking the Chains of Stigma" Award Global Call for Nominations. Jan 24, 2013 1052
Statement from HHS Secretary Seblius on President's Sandy Hook Response Plan. Jan 16, 2013 396
At home with a madwoman's ghost. Jan 15, 2013 1059
Mentally ill gran killer had knifed own mum; STABBING. Jan 9, 2013 222
Son who beat dad to death hospitalised; Court rules killer is mentally ill. Jan 5, 2013 401
Prescription increase hits mentally ill. Jan 4, 2013 115
Spiritual people 'likelier' to be mentally ill. Jan 2, 2013 253
Taking us where we ought to be. Grantham, Dennis G. Editorial Jan 1, 2013 552
Interpersonal power in the criminal system. Thomas, Kimberly Jan 1, 2013 17362
Vulnerability and just desert: a theory of sentencing and mental illness. Johnston, E. Lea Jan 1, 2013 6229

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