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Men and Sex: Guess my sex CV.

In the first of a new series, three blokes do their best to guess the sexual secrets of one very brave girlie

Kylie Paterson, a New Zealander, is 23 and lives in a shared house with friends. Always up for a bit of clubbing and partying, she trained as a ballet dancer and is working as a temp until she gets her next dance job

How old was Kylie when she lost her virginity?

Gary Churchill, 33, property developer

`About 16. Not too early, not too late by today's standards.'

Jamie Pardoe, 25, manages a chain of bathroom stores

`I'd say she was about 16.'

Alastair Brown, 22, graphic designer

`About 18. She looks like she knew what she wanted and was prepared to wait for it.'

Kylie responds...

`I was 16. Too young - and too dumb.'

How many lovers has she had?

Gary Churchill: `She's had a couple of longish-term relationships, so probably 12 to 15. She looks like she might be picky about who she sleeps with.'

Jamie Pardoe: `Four. She looks like she hasn't had a lot of experience, but she's in a relationship at the moment.'

Alastair Brown: `Maybe two or three. She looks like she's had some long-termers.'

Kylie responds...`Oh my God! I must look innocent. I don't want to tell you now. OK, seven or eight.'

How many times a week does she have sex?

Gary Churchill: `I'd say with the right person she's a nymph, but with a person she was less keen on it might be a once- a-fortnight job!'

Jamie Pardoe: `Pretty regularly. She looks like she had sex this morning, actually.'

Alastair Brown:`It depends if she's in a relationship or not. If she was, I'd say seven to ten times a week.'

Kylie responds...`Ask my partner, only he'd probably double it! About every second night.'

What's her biggest turn-off in a man?

Gary Churchill: `A lack of hygiene. Womanising. Too much hair on the face, back, bum.'

Jamie Pardoe: `Laddish behaviour. The kind of bloke who's always on the pull. Lager louts.'

Alastair Brown:`Immaturity. I don't think she'd suffer fools.'

Kylie responds...`Strong BO, eugh! And funny teeth - you end up staring at their mouth, thinking, that's not coming anywhere near me.'

What kind of man does she goes for?

Gary Churchill: `Someone with a bit of cash and a nice car, who likes to spoil her.'

Jamie Pardoe: `She's a proper Diet Coke woman who likes her muscular builder type at 11.30 sharp!'

Alastair Brown:`A man who's a bit rough and ready. Not a builder or labourer, though. Perhaps someone who works with animals.'

Kylie responds...`Someone who's confident, can have a laugh and be a goofball. Sense of humour is vital. And if a man walks well, I'm hooked.'

What's the soonest she's ever slept with a man?

Gary Churchill: `Within 24 hours of a first date, for sure - like most women.'

Jamie Pardoe: `The same night she's met them. After a couple of drinks and some intelligent conversation, she'd be game.'

Alastair Brown:`A week. She seems as if she has a bit of self-control.'

Kylie responds...`I slept with one guy after a couple of days, but generally after a few weeks.'

What's the longest she's been celibate?

Gary Churchill: `Six months.'

Jamie Pardoe: `It's probably been about six months to a year.'

Kylie responds...`Who wants to be frigid? Actually, it might have been a year, but usually I'm pretty active.'

Has she ever had a one-night stand?

Gary Churchill: `I would say so, but they don't happen very often.'

Jamie Pardoe: `She's probably had more than one one-night stand.'

Alastair Brown:`No, I don't think so.'

Kylie responds...`Nope. Alastair's right. As for the others, not forgiven!'
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Sep 26, 2000
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