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Meeting room setup guide.

The setups and equipment in the conference room should maximize the impact of your program. In your initial planning, choose the setup See BIOS setup and install program.  that will be most conducive con·du·cive  
Tending to cause or bring about; contributive: working conditions not conducive to productivity. See Synonyms at favorable.
 to your message. Consult with site personnel about the unique aspects of their facilities that can enhance the effectiveness of your events.

There are basic setups with which you should be familiar. Each has its own application and can be adapted to various surroundings, including obstructions.




Designed for lectures in which people need to take notes, this seating arrangement consists of tables usually 6 to 8 feet long with chairs. Table widths vary by site. Classroom style works well for both large and small groups, and it can be adapted to the shape of the meeting room. If your attendees will be taking notes for long periods of time, seat two people at a 6-foot table or three people at an 8-foot table.

BANQUET A banquet is a large public meal or feast, complete with main courses and desserts. It usually serves a purpose, such as a charitable gathering, a ceremony, or a celebration. Sometimes a banquet consists of only desserts, but it is advisable to include main courses as well.  ROUNDS


Generally used for food functions and small discussion groups. In an emergency, they can substitute for classroom seating, with people sitting at one-half of the table facing the head table. Depending on their size, rounds seat between eight and 12 people.




These seatings are variations of the conference-style setup, where face-to-face interaction is important but the group is too large for conference seating. It's also effective to place program leaders and speakers at the points where tables cross.




Best suited for small meetings where close interaction is preferred. Conference style is most effective for small training sessions and committee meetings. The shape can be rectangular rec·tan·gu·lar  
1. Having the shape of a rectangle.

2. Having one or more right angles.

3. Designating a geometric coordinate system with mutually perpendicular axes.
 or oval.


(Mil.) a formation of troops in the shape of a square, each side consisting of four or five ranks, and the colors, officers, horses, etc., occupying the middle.

See also: Hollow Square


Another version of the conference style. This setup works well for meetings of 30-50 people because it opens up the meeting space, allowing people to see one another. Depending on the variety of the meeting equipment, you may adapt the hollow square into a hollow circle or oval.



Portion of a theater or hall where an audience sits, as distinct from the stage. The auditorium originated in the theaters of ancient Greece, as a semicircular seating area cut into a hillside.


Like classroom seating and rounds, this arrangement works well for all sizes of audiences. Because there is little "elbow room elbow room

sufficient scope to move or to function

Noun 1. elbow room - space for movement; "room to pass"; "make way for"; "hardly enough elbow room to turn around"
room, way
," it is most effective for shorter meetings where note taking is not required. Keep in mind that when you have an audiovisual presentation or a speaker's podium podium

In architecture, a pedestal on a large scale. It may be any of various elements that form the base of a structure, such as the platform forming the floor and substructure of a Classical temple, a low wall supporting columns, or the structurally or decoratively
, no one should have his or her back to the visual focus of the room.

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