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Meet our new president.

A shade-tree lawyer has been named president of AMERICAN FORESTS (formerly the American Forestry Association). At a board meeting held in conjunction with the November 6 environmental conference, the directors selected Donald C. Willeke of Minneapolis, Minnesota, to head the nation's oldest citizen conservation organization.

A Juris Doctor graduate of the University of Iowa College of Law and a member of the bar since 1965, Willeke served in Vietnam and then worked on Wall Street before forming his own law firm, Willeke & Daniels, in Minneapolis, specializing in corporate, partnership, securities, and general business law.

But if you dig beneath his legal boilerplate--the bark, if you will--you'll find that at this heartwood, Don Willeke is a tree lover. He was a long-time chairman of the Minnesota State Shade Tree Advisory Committee, is director and general counsel of the American Chestnut Foundation, and chairs the National Urban Forest Council. His awards in those fields are too numerous to go into here, and he will talk at length to anyone who will listen (and some who don't want to!) about trees and their care.

Willeke succeeds Charles M. Tarver, president of Forest Investment Associates of Atlanta, whose service as AMERICAN FORESTS president was applauded by all who were touched by it.

Two other "tree types" were selected as vice presidents: Lawrence H. King also of Minnesota, is president of Tubex Treeshelters, and W. D. (Bill) Ticknor of Ohio is president of Forestry Consultants, Inc.

Charles F. Raper, George W. Peake professor of forestry at Auburn University, continues as AMERICAN FORESTS' treasurer, and Bill Rooney, editor of this magazine, as secretary.
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Date:Jan 1, 1993
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