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Medscape Launches Humor & Leisure Home Page for Physicians.

NEW YORK--(BW HealthWire)--October 8, 1998--Medscape (, the leading professional medical supersite, now offers physicians the opportunity to boost their "humoral hu·mor·al
1. Relating to body fluids, especially serum.

2. Relating to or arising from any of the bodily humors.

Pertaining to or derived from a body fluid.
" immunity at Medscape's new Humor & Leisure Home Page. It's new territory for Medscape, whose members (physicians, other healthcare professionals, and consumers) visit the free site for the Web's largest collection of freely-available, peer-reviewed clinical articles.

Medscape's new Humor & Leisure Home Page hosts a collection of fun, funny, relaxing and mildly challenging features, including an exclusive medical crossword (the first medical crossword on the Web designed for physicians), humorous stories, anecdotes and New Yorker-esque cartoons. The content comes from a variety of sources including the highly popular Canadian physician's humor journal, Stitches.

Other features, like DeFUNitions are concocted by Medscape and its members to entertain readers with painful puns, twisted terms, and tangled etymology etymology (ĕtĭmŏl`əjē), branch of linguistics that investigates the history, development, and origin of words. It was this study that chiefly revealed the regular relations of sounds in the Indo-European languages (as described . For example, "BELONEPHOBIA bel·o·ne·pho·bi·a
An abnormal fear of sharply pointed objects, especially needles.

belonephobia Aichmophobia Psychology A morbid fear of needles, pins and other sharp objects. See Sharps.
." Hint: It's pronounced "bell-oh-knee-foe'bee'uh." To the medically clued-in, it might be a dread disease dread disease A disease with a significant impact on lifestyle–eg, multiple sclerosis, longevity–eg AIDS, CA, which incurs high costs–eg, extensive burns, persistent vegetative state, and/or cause significant and permanent residual morbidity, ie . But for members of Medscape, Belonephobia is "the morbid fear of lunch meat." This wonderful DeFUNition was submitted by Dr. Wayne C. McKinney, Medscape member and Emeritus Professor of Biomedical Sciences from Southwest Missouri State University Missouri State University is a state university located in Springfield, Missouri. It is the state's second largest university in student enrollment, second only to the University of Missouri. From 1972 to 2005, Missouri State was known as Southwest Missouri State University.  in Springfield, Missouri.

Recognizing that laughter is good medicine, Medscape has created an area where physicians can submit their own jokes and humorous anecdotes and read those colleagues have submitted. "Five minutes after we launched the New Humor & Leisure Home Page, a joke was posted by a Medscape physician member," says Stephen Smith, Editorial Director of Medscape. He adds, "The new Humor & Leisure Home Page provides our members with entertainment in the midst Adv. 1. in the midst - the middle or central part or point; "in the midst of the forest"; "could he walk out in the midst of his piece?"
 of critical clinical information and we expect it will be very popular. We also created the section so that it can serve as a physician's Home Page on Medscape."

To round out the offering, the new area also contains Medscape's Leisure Hotlist A listing of the best of something. It typically refers to the most popular Web sites.

(World-Wide Web) hotlist - (From hypertext "hot spot") A document on the World-Wide Web or a user's browser configuration file containing hypertext links, often unorganised and
, which showcases links to some of the best travel, cuisine, wine and golf sites the Web has to offer.

About Medscape

Medscape, a free site, has more than 600,000 registered members including over 125,000 physicians. It features the Web's largest collection of freely available, peer-reviewed, full-text articles and continuing medical education continuing medical education See CME.  programs, and live, online coverage of significant medical conferences and meetings. Medscape also provides exclusive access to the world's largest Web-based drug and disease database; a powerful, yet easy-to-use, interface to MEDLINE The online medical database of the U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM) whose parent is the National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD. MEDLINE contains millions of articles from thousands of medical journals and publications. The consumer section of the site (http://medlineplus.  and other extensive databases of the National Library of Medicine; and thousands of other exclusive articles and interactive features. A new physician joins Medscape every six minutes; and its members access over one million documents every week.

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Oct 8, 1998
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