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Medieval Literature: Texts and Interpretations.

Medieval Literature: Texts and Interpretations, ed. by Tim William Machan, Medieval

and Renaissance Texts and Studies, 79 (Binghamton, NY: MRTS, 1991). 198 pp.

ISBN 0-86698-090-3. $20.00. This collection of essays by a group of

distinguished contributors is designed to recognize |the complementary nature of

textual and interpretive studies', as T. W. Machan puts it in his introduction. The

first group of essays, on |Authors and editors', comprises |Presenting Chaucer as

author' by Ralph Hanna III; |Chaucer's meter: the evidence of the manuscripts' by

Derek Pearsall; |Authorial vs. scribal writing in Piers Plowman' by Charlotte

Brewer; and Middle English romance: the limits of editing' by A. S. Edwards.

The second group, on |Manuscripts and contents', consist of |The York Cycle:

texts, performances and the bases for critical enquiry' by Richard Beadle; Middle

English lyrics: texts and interpretation' by Julia Boffey; |Ordinatio in the

manuscripts of John Lydgate's Lyf of Our Lady: its value for the reader, its

challenge for the modern editor' by George R. Keiser; and |Mowance and

interpretation in late-medieval Latin: the legend of St Cecilia in British breviaries'

by Sherry L. Reames.
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Date:Sep 22, 1992
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