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Underwriting risk contracts and health costs which is mandatory for all staff and a health fee contract for retired employees. Jun 18, 2016 526
Health chiefs spend PS1.65m on cost saving experts - to cut costs; BUT'EXORBITANT'OUTLAY HAS SAVED PS33.5M CLAIM BETSI BOSSES. Jun 18, 2016 563
United States : University of Vermont Medical Center looks to acquire $5.1M in new equipment. Jun 18, 2016 134
Health care costs eating away Social Security benefits. Jun 16, 2016 1316
Provision of Health insurance costs and pension scheme for the staff of the seine oph west habitat. Jun 15, 2016 104
Insurance services for pension and health costs for airports management company and operating beauvais. reference number: 16sageb020. Jun 15, 2016 163
Autonomy of hospitals will reveal costs for healthcare scheme, Georgiades says. Jun 13, 2016 369
Prevention is better than cure. Jun 11, 2016 1044
Letter: Mandatory health cover:,Cethe cost is too high... Jun 11, 2016 150
Hospital bills worth Dh67m paid for poor patients in Dubai. Jun 9, 2016 658
Michigan Chamber Champions Repeal Of 'HICA Tax,' Applauds Senate's Efforts To Bend Health Insurance Cost Curve. Jun 8, 2016 660
Up-gradation of existing district hospital into teaching hospital at bharatpur (excluding cost of cement). Jun 8, 2016 150
Researchers identify rise in healthcare costs associated with opioid abuse. Jun 1, 2016 209
AHRQ Program Reduces Urinary Tract Infections in Hospitals. Jun 1, 2016 1004
Impact of Medicare age eligibility on health spending among U.S. and foreign-born adults. Tarraf, Wassim; Jensen, Gail A.; Gonzalez, Hector M. Jun 1, 2016 9454
The quality of surgical and pneumonia care in minority-serving and racially integrated hospitals. Gaskin, Darrell J.; Zare, Hossein; Haider, Adil H.; LaVeist, Thomas A. Jun 1, 2016 11915
Hospital readmission rates in U.S. States: are readmissions higher where more patients with multiple chronic conditions cluster? Basu, Jayasree; Avila, Rosa; Ricciardi, Richard Jun 1, 2016 7060
The Rising Need to Curb Down the Cost of Healthcare in U.S. is Expected to Drive the Global Revenue Cycle Management Market - a New Report by Data Bridge Market Research. May 27, 2016 529
Provision of convention hospital expensive tests lebu. May 27, 2016 133
New Study Highlights Potential Cost Savings When Using Yttrium-90 Glass Microspheres for Treatment of Hepatocellular Carcinoma. May 26, 2016 640
New Study Highlights Potential Cost Savings When Using Yttrium-90 Glass Microspheres for Treatment of Hepatocellular Carcinoma. May 26, 2016 645
Implementation of health and pension costs of guarantees for the entire group of members of staff and for employees of the ec coallia. reference number: 2016-08. May 26, 2016 523
Talem Rewards: A Comprehensive Health, Wellness and Benefits Solution. May 25, 2016 424
Physicians Call on States to Ensure All Stroke Patients Have Access to Life-Saving Treatment. May 25, 2016 708
Milliman Medical Index: Healthcare costs for a typical American family will exceed $25,000 in 2016 and have tripled since 2001. May 24, 2016 756
Patient's relief as treatment costs are met by health service. May 23, 2016 662
Up-gradation of existing district hospital into teaching hospital at bharatpur (excluding cost of cement). May 23, 2016 146
Up-gradation of existing district hospital into teaching hospital at bhilwara (excluding cost of cement). May 21, 2016 150
Accolade Receives Top Healthcare Innovator Award. May 20, 2016 460
Indivior to Present New Data at ISPOR and ICOO that Assess Implications of Adherence, Healthcare Service Utilization and Costs in Opioid Use Disorder. May 20, 2016 1894
Underwriting risk contracts and health costs which is mandatory for all staff and a health fee contract for retired employees. May 19, 2016 522
Pension and health insurance costs. reference number: provident sant. May 19, 2016 532
"Obamacare" Significantly Reduces Cost of Mental Health Care for Young Adults, Especially Minorities, Says University of Miami Study. May 19, 2016 693
New depts. costing Rs 203 million set up in Allied Hospitals. May 18, 2016 288
HealthView Services 2016 Retirement Health Care Costs Data Report Released. May 18, 2016 909
Johnson & Johnson Announces Collaboration with HP Inc. Subsidiary to Create Personalized Health Care Solutions with 3D Printing Technologies. May 17, 2016 804
With health care costs rising, critical illness coverage becomes more important than ever. May 17, 2016 559
Healthcare IT Market Worth $228.79 Billion by 2020 - Increasing Use of Data-Driven Technologies - Research and Markets. May 12, 2016 580
Healthcare IT Market Worth $228.79 Billion by 2020 - Increasing Use of Data-Driven Technologies - Research and Markets. May 12, 2016 586
Obesity Rate Lowest in Hawaii, Highest in West Virginia. Survey May 11, 2016 1021
Actuaries Outline Drivers of Health Insurance Premium Changes for 2017. May 9, 2016 709
What Keeps Your Wages Down? Healthcare Costs, Says HCMS Group. May 6, 2016 559
Health Insurance: Healthy Employees Unfairly Burdened. May 5, 2016 631
Avoid getting bitten by a huge vet's bill; As medical costs rocket, it pays to insure your cat or dog... May 4, 2016 1035
Wellcentive Releases Cost of Inaction Calculator for Healthcare Organizations. May 2, 2016 722
Life Saving Access to Medical Records and Health Services on Phone, Wallet Card and Wrist Bracelet Comes to Health Excellence Select. May 2, 2016 755
Hospital project to cost $247M, add 1,000 jobs. May 2, 2016 357
Allies in efficiency: controlling costs by sharing services. Negrea, Sherrie May 1, 2016 2268
Uppsala consensus statement on environmental contaminants and the global obesity epidemic. Lind, Lars; Lind, P. Monica; Lejonklou, Margareta H.; Dunder, Linda; Bergman, Ake; Guerrero-Bosagna, Report May 1, 2016 2844
Allowing Certified Nurse-Midwives (CNMs) to practice independently results in positive benefits for mothers and babies, and lower health care costs. May 1, 2016 179
Costly adult ADHD shunned by medical aids. Bateman, Chris Report May 1, 2016 403
The costs of delivering human papillomavirus vaccination to Grade 4 learners in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Moodley, I.; Tathiah, N.; Sartorius, B. Report May 1, 2016 4041
Spending on physicians rising faster than health costs overall. Franki, Richard May 1, 2016 225
Delivery system reform and precision medicine for all. Daly, Bobby; Olopade, Olufunmilayo I. May 1, 2016 2536
Enhanced mobile app helps compare costs for top oral health procedures. Apr 29, 2016 183
Delta Dental Puts Cost Comparison in Consumers' Hands. Apr 28, 2016 554
Healthcare Costs Top U.S. Families' Financial Concerns. Auter, Zac Survey Apr 27, 2016 615
Student Loan Debt, Healthcare Costs Make Millennials "Feel the Bern". Apr 26, 2016 669
1 in 3 Americans Says Healthcare Costs Are the No. 1 Economic Burden Today. Apr 25, 2016 717
New best in class LunaGuard(TM) dental protector provides protection from teeth grinding and reduces health care costs. Apr 25, 2016 569
Residents ignorant of health insurance plans. Apr 24, 2016 624
Lockton Benefit Group Invests in Data Intelligence to Improve Employer Response to Health Plan Challenges. Apr 21, 2016 832
United States : ODH, Inc. and IBM Watson Health Introduce Mentrics, a Population Health Management Platform to Transform Behavioral Healthcare. Apr 21, 2016 701
Rfp - enterprise wide health care cost accounting system. Apr 19, 2016 137
Paradigm Health Plans, LLC - Industry Leader in Self-Funded Health Plans - Expands its National Presence with Two New Office openings in Portsmouth, NH and Itasca, IL. Apr 18, 2016 527
Battling Carwyn set for eighth operation; FUNDRAISING FOR US MEDICAL COSTS TOPS PS24k. Apr 16, 2016 346
United States : EPA rightly found that Public Health Protections against Toxic Coal Pollution Far Outweigh Industry costs. Apr 16, 2016 387
The ACA's 30-hour threshold: federal courts consider whether employers can avoid cost of health care. Rich, John E., Jr. Apr 15, 2016 712
Usage of Medical Stop Loss Captives Growing as Companies Seek to Better Control Costs of Self-Funded Healthcare Insurance Plans. Apr 14, 2016 929
Independent financial review of round 18 and 19 of the national hospital cost data collection. Apr 14, 2016 106
Service costs hospital st. ivan rilski ead for free meals under ordinance. Apr 14, 2016 331
The Society of Actuaries Partners with the CDC to Improve Public Health and Reduce Healthcare Costs. Apr 12, 2016 574
SERVICIO CANARIO DE LA SALUD DIRECTOR DEL SERVICIO CANARIO DE LA SALUD published tender for Implementation and maintenance of a system of cost management for the Canarian health service in Spain. Apr 12, 2016 204
Supply panels cmi identification and study of various microorganisms automated, with free transfer and maintenance at no additional cost of equipment in laboratories health care management health area. Apr 10, 2016 210
CPEC to turn Pakistan into most important country of region: President. Apr 7, 2016 110
Landmark Study Takes In-Depth Look at Cost Drivers of Cancer Care. Apr 5, 2016 1356
Brexit camp claims health tourism costs UK PS723m. Apr 5, 2016 543
Jumpstart2Success Launches Revolutionary New Wellness Program - Denver Small Business Owners Benefit with Low-Cost Health Care Options. Apr 5, 2016 638
"observatory surfaces and healthcare facility costs (oscimes)" third application maintenance and microsoft sqlserver bi (lot 1) and hosting of the application (lot 2). Apr 3, 2016 339
Morrisey Holdings, Inc. forms subsidiary, MorCare, LLC, to expand its targeted software solutions to health care organizations. Apr 1, 2016 552
Medical bills rise 8 percent; Medical reserves tapped to pay for care. Apr 1, 2016 689
Optimizing material costs non - medical care needs. Apr 1, 2016 169
Personalized nutrition: current knowledge & implementation possibilities: the potential for genetic testing and nutritional intervention are of great interest considering the astronomic cost of healthcare. Lakkis, Jamileh M. Apr 1, 2016 3157
Comparing the cost of caring for Medicare beneficiaries in federally funded health centers to other care settings. Mukamel, Dana B.; White, Laura M.; Nocon, Robert S.; Huang, Elbert S.; Sharma, Ravi; Shi, Leiyu; Ngo Apr 1, 2016 8145
Hidden costs of pager use revealed. Apr 1, 2016 281
The $84,000 pill: weighing the high cost of pharmaceuticals. Christensen, Lisa Apr 1, 2016 1047
Healthcare consumerism: moving toward cost transparency and patient engagement. Webb, Gaylen Apr 1, 2016 676
A threat to health cost transparency: U.S. Supreme Court ruling muddies NH's efforts to inform consumers. Sevigny, Roger Apr 1, 2016 540
These health cuts are killing us! Thousands gather at a rally in Sydney organized by community groups and unions to protest the cuts to Medicare and heath funding. Apr 1, 2016 1743
The greatest obstacles to successful retirement. Van, Mueller Apr 1, 2016 646
"Observatory Surfaces And Healthcare Facility Costs (Oscimes)" Application Management And Asp.Net Microsoft Sqlserver Bi (Lot 1) And Hosting Of The Lot 2) (Enforcement. Mar 31, 2016 181
Blue Cross Blue Shield Association Examines the Health Conditions and Costs of Caring for Newly Enrolled Individual Members in 2014 and 2015. Mar 30, 2016 1167
Open procedure for the award of supplementary service coverage of health care costs for the staff of the presidency of the council of ministers - cig n. 6640022f7b. Mar 30, 2016 217
United States : U.S. Department of Transportation Announces $5.3 Million Funding Opportunity to Improve Mobility Focused on Healthcare. Mar 30, 2016 426
"Spiking Health Care Costs Under ACA are a Myth," Candidates Should Stop Asserting Them--Robert Weiner, Fmr House Aging & Health Staff Chief, Says Rise is Half of Pre-ACA. Mar 29, 2016 1222
CVS Health Foundation Awards $1.5 Million in Community Health Grants to Increase Access to Quality Care and Support Chronic Disease Management. Mar 29, 2016 2053
Billions Spent on Diabetes Treatment, But How Much May Be Avoidable? Mar 29, 2016 699
Rfp - enterprise wide health care cost accounting system. Mar 28, 2016 135
Cover of healthcare costs and reimbursement of medical expenses. Mar 25, 2016 159
United States : OptumRx and Walgreens Partner to Improve Consumer Convenience, Cost Savings and Outcomes. Mar 19, 2016 455
Canada : Alberta takes next steps to phase-out coal pollution under Climate Leadership Plan. Mar 17, 2016 398
Health care expenditure tracking tool launched. Mar 14, 2016 590
Development And Approval Of Construction Documents To Give A Positive Expert Opinion On The Estimated Cost Of Major Repairs Of Hospital Buildings. Mar 12, 2016 166
How Does That Work? Digitalization in the Hospital Without High Investment Costs. Mar 10, 2016 456
How Does That Work? Digitalization in the Hospital Without High Investment Costs. Mar 10, 2016 438
Global Hospital Beds Market to Witness Robust Growth Due to Rising Incidences of Chronic Diseases: P&S Market Research. Mar 10, 2016 1071
Global Hospital Beds Market to Witness Robust Growth Due to Rising Incidences of Chronic Diseases: P&S Market Research. Mar 10, 2016 1079
Quantum Health Slashes Employer Healthcare Costs. Mar 9, 2016 761
Benefitfocus and Castlight Health Team to Improve Healthcare Decisions and Reduce Costs. Mar 8, 2016 1284
Thiqa health insurance premiums to rise from April. Mar 8, 2016 804
Planning for LTC Key to Protecting 401k. Mar 3, 2016 731
The 2016 HIMSS Cost Accounting Survey Indicates Healthcare Providers are Progressing towards Pay-for-Value but Have Multiple Needs. Mar 3, 2016 1034
Surplus staff, hospital and non-development expenditure source of financial crunch: Dr Saima. Mar 3, 2016 121
MEDIA ADVISORY: Upcoming Webinar on 3/10/16: Corporate Strategies to Contain Health Care Costs presented by Roy Ramthun, EHE International. Mar 2, 2016 607
India : Expenditure on Health Research. Mar 1, 2016 164
Actuarial Services Relating To Health Care Costs And Benefits Including Services For The Valuation Of Other Post-employment Benefits (opeb). Mar 1, 2016 170
New England Journal of Medicine exposes generic price scandal. Faloon, William Mar 1, 2016 4497
Challenges remain for NPs, despite positive perceptions: this literature review uncovers the challenges nurse practitioners face in performing their role in health services around the world. McInroe, Georgia Mar 1, 2016 2851
Health is not safe from penalty rate cuts: a new report highlights the importance of penalty rates to the health of patients, the incomes of health care workers and local economies. Mar 1, 2016 1589
User pays in pathology. Brief article Mar 1, 2016 125
25 years of health expenditure in Australia: 1989-90 to 2013-14. Brief article Mar 1, 2016 281
Consumer-directed health plans: a review of the evidence. Bundorf, M. Kate Abstract Mar 1, 2016 15874
What, me retire? Wilson, Paul Mar 1, 2016 174
Non-insurance a.k.a. (employee perks! How non-insurance benefits can help your clients find (and keep) the best talent). Kuehner-Hebert, Katie Cover story Mar 1, 2016 3298
Value-driven outcomes: what are a hospital's costs? Dicou, Natalie Kaye Mar 1, 2016 517
Are we at the tipping point? Riczo, Steve Mar 1, 2016 2376
Consulting Services For Carrying Out A DRG Payment Mechanism Through A DRG Costing Exercise Based On Country Data. Feb 28, 2016 214
Cut health costs or help workers. You can't do both. Feb 28, 2016 757
Frost & Sullivan: Healthcare Expenditure Across All Sources to Rise in Indonesia in 2020. Feb 24, 2016 957
Frost & Sullivan: Healthcare Expenditure Across All Sources to Rise in Indonesia in 2020. Feb 24, 2016 997
CVS Health Reports Dramatic Drop in Prescription Drug Trend to 5 Percent, Despite Rising Drug Prices. Feb 23, 2016 959
St. Clair Hospital Joins With Experian Health to Unveil Cost Transparency Tool. Feb 22, 2016 1037
Top Heart-Healthy Habits to Reduce Employers' Healthcare Costs. Feb 22, 2016 668
Why Medicaid expansion should be supported. Roberts, Beth Feb 19, 2016 604
Fourth Largest Non-Profit Hospital System in U.S. Reduces Energy Consumption and Costs by 20% With New Technology. Feb 18, 2016 670
The city of helsinki social affairs and rai-quality and cost-effectiveness of the health agency of evaluation and monitoring systems. Feb 18, 2016 147
IFC partners Odisha to develop hospitals on PPP model. Feb 16, 2016 338
Wellness Programs Reduce Healthcare Costs and Improve Productivity. Feb 14, 2016 587
February's Journal of Managed Care & Specialty Pharmacy Focuses on Rising Health Care Costs. Feb 12, 2016 770
Surplus staff, hospital and non-development expenditure source of financial crunch: Dr Saima. Feb 10, 2016 118
United States : ADP: Midsized Business Owners Most Concerned About Government Regulation, Topping Concerns on Affordable Care Act, Health Care Costs. Feb 10, 2016 527
Belgium : How faster sepsis diagnoses could save lives and cut costs. Feb 10, 2016 476
myLAB Box At-home STD-testing Service Expands Payment Options. Feb 9, 2016 682
Australia : Pharmacist reforms provide cost-effective healthcare solutions. Feb 9, 2016 483
PS5 just to watch telly in hospital; Private company DOUBLES minimum cost. Feb 7, 2016 345
New hospitals and health care providers join successful, cutting-edge federal initiative that cuts costs and puts patients at the center of their care. Feb 4, 2016 845
Australia : Spending on mental health services hits $8 billion. Feb 2, 2016 445
The laboratory's contribution to advanced medical analytics. Futrell, Kim Feb 1, 2016 1955
Barriers and facilitators for sustainability of tele-homecare programs: a systematic review. Radhakrishnan, Kavita; Xie, Bo; Berkley, Amy; Kim, Miyong Feb 1, 2016 8458
The role of patient factors, cancer characteristics, and treatment patterns in the cost of care for Medicare beneficiaries with breast cancer. Xu, Xiao; Herrin, Jeph; Soulos, Pamela R.; Saraf, Avantika; Roberts, Kenneth B.; Killelea, Brigid K. Feb 1, 2016 7210
The association between high-deductible health plan transition and contraception and birth rates. Graves, Amy J.; Kozhimannil, Katy B.; Kleinman, Ken P.; Wharam, J. Frank Feb 1, 2016 5826
Estimating true resource costs of outpatient care for Medicare beneficiaries: standardized costs versus Medicare payments and charges. Schousboe, John T.; Paudel, Misti L.; Taylor, Brent C.; Kats, Allyson M.; Virnig, Beth A.; Ensrud, K Feb 1, 2016 4820
Brace yourselves. Wilson, Paul Feb 1, 2016 540
Health care cost control. Feb 1, 2016 101
One step at a time. Timblin, Danny Feb 1, 2016 1154
"How would you address high health care costs?". Wilson, Paul Feb 1, 2016 546
Health care costs and defensive medicine. Tan, S.Y. Feb 1, 2016 973
Navigating a new world. Feb 1, 2016 1830
Government on hook for billions per year. Brief article Feb 1, 2016 278
ObamaCare costs bite small businesses. Brief article Feb 1, 2016 137
The (ir)rational consumer and the case for high deductible health plans. Mack, Mark Feb 1, 2016 2211
Cutting the costs of injuries. Heller, Emily Jan 31, 2016 358
Video: Video: Bending the Health Care Cost Curve. Jan 29, 2016 125
Canada : UBC study: Reduce hospital readmissions to lower health care costs. Jan 29, 2016 389
Canada : Reduce hospital readmissions to lower health care costs. Jan 29, 2016 385
'Hospital failings' cost June her life. Jan 28, 2016 399
ECRI Institute Releases PriceGuide(TM) 5.0 to Drive Greater Supply Cost Savings for Hospitals and Health Systems. Jan 28, 2016 784
United States : A dedicated jail wing for prisoners with mental health problems will cost $2m more. Jan 28, 2016 225
Ao 1736 - providing brokerage, management, advice, and assistance to the contracting authority for the award of insurance markets: health costs and pension all staff (managers and non-managers). Jan 28, 2016 280
Study Finds New York and Vermont Have the Highest Health Insurance Costs. Jan 20, 2016 931
Study Shows Continuing Medical Education Prevented $20 Million in HIV-related Healthcare Costs. Jan 18, 2016 529
How the PS773m Halifax PFI deal is costing us dear; Health Reporter Dave Himelfield looks at some of the vital questions behind the huge plans for health care in Huddersfield. Jan 16, 2016 660
Study Shows Continuing Medical Education Prevented $20 Million in HIV-related Healthcare Costs. Jan 15, 2016 529
Global Medical Cost Increases in 2016 expected to be 2.5 Times Higher Than General Inflation. Jan 14, 2016 1192
Blood Plasma Market to Grow at 10.54% CAGR to 2020 Driven by Healthcare Expenditure. Jan 12, 2016 842
Blood Plasma Market to Grow at 10.54% CAGR to 2020 Driven by Healthcare Expenditure. Jan 12, 2016 846
UPMC And Health Catalyst Partner To Lower The Cost Of Healthcare. Jan 11, 2016 1331
OHC Leads Payment Reform Efforts in Ohio and Kentucky to Reduce Cancer Care Costs for Patients. Jan 11, 2016 760
Letters. Letter to the editor Jan 11, 2016 1176
Quality First Solutions Releases Webpage Containing George Malik's Hospital Cost Reduction Publications. Jan 7, 2016 271
Canada Home Healthcare Market - Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2014 - 2020. Jan 7, 2016 963
HealthRight Launches Solutions to Battle Increasing Health Care Costs and Inconvenience for Employers and Consumers. Jan 5, 2016 941
United States : Recurrent Acute and Chronic Pancreatitis in Children Has High Disease Burden, Health Care Costs. Jan 5, 2016 613
Hepatitis drugs and skyrocketing health care costs. Massion, Charlea T.; Fugh-Berman, Adriane Jan 1, 2016 958
If you want less of something, tax it: the battle over the Cadillac tax. Boerner, Heather Jan 1, 2016 1527
Health care transformation: from service lines to programs. Brant-Zawadzki, Michael N.; Cox, Jack L.; Brooks, Allyson; Hara, Junko Jan 1, 2016 4813
The time for telemedicine is now! skyrocketing costs will force patients to find workarounds. Van Alstin, Chad Michael Editorial Jan 1, 2016 600
Making a breakthrough in healthcare interoperability: Good Samaritan anticipates substantial revenue increase while containing integration costs. Tran, Thanh Jan 1, 2016 1491
Implementation of a transition of care coordinator at a military treatment facility. Nguyen, Dana; Busey, Blake; Stackle, Mark; Donoway, Tammy; Strickland, Sarah; Roselle, Ashley; Hahn, Report Jan 1, 2016 3478
Hospitals are expensive care homes; Letters. Letter to the editor Dec 31, 2015 286
Council care crisis costs hospitals in city PS9.2m; Healthy patients block NHS beds as Midland councils struggle to care. Dec 24, 2015 679
PS1m cost of alcohol on city's A&E. Dec 22, 2015 551
Drunk patients are costing North hospital PS1m a year. Dec 22, 2015 567
Proxsys Rx Rolls Out Medication Risk Management Service to Help Hospitals Improve Patient Health, Reduce Health Care Spending. Dec 21, 2015 680
scandal of 17,000 time wasters plaguing our nhs; Patients missed FIVE OR MORE appointments in year Outrage as estimated cost to taxpayers is up to PS48m STAFF FURY AT THE NHS TIME wasters. Dec 19, 2015 360
Housing, water, electricity costs rise 4.4 percent. Dec 18, 2015 328
14 New Easy-to-Implement Strategies Help C-Suite Execs Slash Employee Turnover, Marketing, Healthcare Costs by 10% or More. Dec 17, 2015 515
Get The Facts on Making The Transformation to Value-Based Payments at a Webinar Sponsored by The National Rural Accountable Care Consortium. Dec 17, 2015 684
Healthcare Companies Partner as a Tool Toward Triple Aim. Dec 16, 2015 1050
United States : Employers Take Aim to Curb High Cost of Pharmacy Benefits. Dec 16, 2015 484
Salam chairs trash committee meeting, Chehayeb confirms waste exportation cost to be scrutinized. Dec 16, 2015 101
Company to freeze health cover costs. Dec 15, 2015 101
Speakers at Int'l conference urge quality, cost effective medical facilities. Conference news Dec 13, 2015 306
More Companies Increased Existing Contributions to Help Employees Pay Premiums This Year Compared to Past Two Years. Dec 8, 2015 1256
Washington Health Alliance Releases First Results for Washington Common Measure Set on Health Care Cost and Quality. Dec 8, 2015 1584
USW to Hold Meetings to Discuss Retiree Health Care Costs at Cliffs. Dec 8, 2015 421
Blue Shield of California's Accountable Care Organizations Achieve More Than $325 Million in Healthcare Cost Savings in First Five Years. Dec 8, 2015 706
Attacking 'prejudice' against generics could save SA billions. Bateman, Chris Dec 1, 2015 735
#FeesMustFall and the campaign for universal health coverage. Doherty, Jane; McIntyre, Di Editorial Dec 1, 2015 1639
Federal Court Upholds Challenge to Arkansas Law that Forces Employers and Consumers to Pay Drugstores Higher Rates. Dec 1, 2015 380
How much should a drug cost? Collin, Jonathan Dec 1, 2015 629
The new age of healthcare: aging Alaska means more healthcare needs and jobs. Swagel, Will Dec 1, 2015 1508
The ballooning cost of healthcare in Alaska. Chepurko, Iuliia Dec 1, 2015 373
Calibration verification can be performed remotely. Guenther, Jackie Brief article Dec 1, 2015 225
The subjective well-being method of valuation: an application to general health status. Brown, Timothy T. Dec 1, 2015 8673
Measuring prices in health care markets using commercial claims data. Neprash, Hannah T.; Wallace, Jacob; Chernew, Michael E.; McWilliams, J. Michael Dec 1, 2015 3319
The theory of value-based payment incentives and their application to health care. Conrad, Douglas A. Dec 1, 2015 11639
Strong versus weak incentives: the role of policy, management, and theory in a new research agenda. Glied, Sherry Dec 1, 2015 2088
Saving money through wellness programs: if companies can help keep their employees healthy, they can stem rising healthcare costs and create a happier, more productive workplace. Kocakulah, Mehmet; Powers, James Dec 1, 2015 7597
The best and worst states to have children. Brief article Dec 1, 2015 224
Partnership for chronic disease. Dec 1, 2015 149
Cost of diabetes escalating. Nov 28, 2015 228
MP raises cost of hospital parking in the Commons. Nov 27, 2015 142
New Report Exposes Hidden Costs of Hunger in Health Care. Nov 23, 2015 524
Kaiser Permanente Chairman and CEO Will Speak Today about Possible Solutions to Rising Drug Costs At Department of Health and Human Services Pharma Forum. Nov 20, 2015 563
CVS Health Introduces New Digital Pharmacy Tools to Help Make Medication Adherence Easier and More Convenient. Nov 18, 2015 1086
Americans Again Cite Cost and Access as Top Health Issues. Riffkin, Rebecca Survey Nov 18, 2015 829
Rally Health's Rally Connect Enables Consumers to Locate Doctors and Hospitals and Better Understand the Quality and Cost of Their Health Care. Nov 12, 2015 1024
2015 Records Lowest U.S. Health Care Cost Increases in Nearly 20 years. Nov 12, 2015 2066
New Modeling Analysis Shows Screening for Cervical Cancer with Pap+HPV Together(TM) Could Provide Better Clinical and Economic Outcomes than Screening with HPV Alone*. Nov 12, 2015 1445
NSBA Survey: Health Care Costs a Major Problem for Small Business. Nov 11, 2015 496
New German Data Show the Use of ENDOCUFF VISION May Improve Adenoma Detection Rates and Reduce Health System Costs. Nov 11, 2015 507
Retirement Planning Tool Used by Millions Falls Short When It Comes to Retirement Health Care Costs. Nov 11, 2015 836
National Rural Accountable Care Consortium Announces New Webinar on Practice Transformation: Getting Rural Providers Ready for Value-Based Payments. Nov 10, 2015 561
Back Pain -- Painful and Costly to the Individual and Society -- by Susan Bunce, Osteopath at Broadwater Osteopathic Practice. Nov 10, 2015 611
Back Pain -- Painful and Costly to the Individual and Society -- by Susan Bunce, Osteopath at Broadwater Osteopathic Practice. Nov 10, 2015 618
Health, overhead and food costs rising, transport and communication costs dropping. Nov 10, 2015 201
Willing to be persuaded. Editorial Nov 9, 2015 299
United States : Medical Professional Services Collaborates With Cigna to Improve Health and Lower Costs in Connecticut. Nov 8, 2015 684
Jopari Is Expanding Use Of Electronic Payments. Nov 5, 2015 692
United States : Walgreens Study Shows Pharmacy Interventions Significantly Reduce Health Care Costs and Improve Outcomes. Nov 4, 2015 347
Alliance for Site-Neutral Payment Reform Praises Enactment of Site-Neutral Payment Provision in Budget Deal. Nov 3, 2015 543
Five health organizations in state form partnership. Hosticka, Alexis Nov 2, 2015 312
Especially expensive drugs for the clinical hospital sisters of mercy. Nov 2, 2015 126
Survey results: survey shows physician leaders' strong support for improving health care quality and lowering costs. Butcher, Lola Nov 1, 2015 1210
Economic costs of measles outbreak in the Netherlands, 2013-2014. Suijkerbuijk, Anita W.M.; Woudenberg, Tom; Hahne, Susan J.M.; Lochlainn, Laura Nic; de Melker, Heste Nov 1, 2015 2409
Modelling cost-effective therapies. Abratt, Raymond P. Nov 1, 2015 481
CDC calculator tallies chronic disease cost. Krisberg, Kim Nov 1, 2015 159
Meridian Choice to Offer Lowest Cost Bronze and Silver Health Insurance Plans in Greater Flint and Kalamazoo Areas Beginning November 1, 2015. Oct 30, 2015 490
United States : QLink Physician Network Collaborates With Cigna to Improve Health and Lower Costs in Middle Tennessee. Oct 30, 2015 666
United States : Cigna and Central Florida Affordable Care Collaborate to Improve Health and Lower Costs. Oct 30, 2015 691
Nos 11 health schemes to complete at cost of Rs 526.34 mln. Oct 28, 2015 131
United States : Elliot Physician Network Collaborates With Cigna to Improve Health and Lower Costs in Southern New Hampshire. Oct 28, 2015 701
Connecticut Health Foundation Selects FAIR Health to Develop Health Insurance Literacy and Cost Transparency Mobile App. Oct 27, 2015 917
Coverage of supplementary pension schemes and health as well as insurance costs "individual accident" and "repatriation assistance" for employees of cirad. Oct 23, 2015 340
New clinic to serve county workers. Oct 23, 2015 473
A Proactive Approach to Locum Tenens Helps Hospitals Mitigate Costs and Improve Performance. Oct 22, 2015 799
United States : PinnacleHealth Collaborates With Cigna to Improve Health and Lower Costs in Harrisburg. Oct 21, 2015 632
United States : Lahey Clinical Performance Network Collaborates With Cigna to Improve Health and Lower Costs in Boston Area. Oct 21, 2015 828
Michigan launches nation's first Medicaid system on the cloud to reduce costs, improve health care delivery. Oct 21, 2015 656
CIMH Analyzes the Cost of Healthcare in America as Retirees Struggle to Foot the Bill. Oct 20, 2015 1089
National health service costing assurance programme. Oct 20, 2015 121
Health costs of contract for all employees. Oct 16, 2015 113
United States : Cyberattacks Will Cost U.S. Health Systems $305 Billion Over Five Years, Accenture Forecasts. Oct 15, 2015 302
United States : DeKalb Physician Hospital Organization Collaborates With Cigna to Improve Health and Lower Costs in Georgia. Oct 15, 2015 698
Reliance of insurance services related to health care costs and accident and health coverage for employees and executives of the cassa depositi e prestiti spa. Oct 13, 2015 535
Staff disputes cost health bodies six figures each year. Oct 12, 2015 355
Cover health costs. Oct 10, 2015 133
Irving Oil's First Ever Fuel the Care Day to Help Local Families with Hospital Travel Costs - The One-Day Event is Expected to Raise Over $300,000. Oct 8, 2015 481
Health insurance market: costs of health and welfare staff spl triselec. Oct 7, 2015 183
Provision for health insurance costs for employees of the anap. Oct 6, 2015 235
Homeopathy: affordable medicine. Reichenberg-Ullman, Judyth; Ullman, Robert Report Oct 1, 2015 2018
The $50,000 physical. Gaby, Alan R. Editorial Oct 1, 2015 792
NJ Start-Up,, Brings Hope to Seniors Struggling to Pay for Care. Oct 1, 2015 608
Regional growth in medicare spending, 1992-2010. Chicklis, Camille; MaCurdy, Thomas; Bhattacharya, Jay; Shafrin, Jason; Zaidi, Sajid; Rogers, Daniel Oct 1, 2015 5102
Does higher spending improve survival outcomes for myocardial infarction? Examining the cost-outcomes relationship using time-varying covariates. Cohen, Deborah; Manuel, Douglas G.; Tugwell, Peter; Sanmartin, Claudia; Ramsay, Tim Oct 1, 2015 6746
Effects of the ten percent cap in Medicare Home Health care on treatment intensity and patient discharge status. Kim, Hyunjee; Norton, Edward C. Oct 1, 2015 5519
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Branching out. Kuehner-Hebert, Katie Cover story Oct 1, 2015 1420
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The clinical and economic impact of preoperative transthoracic echocardiography in elderly patients with hip fractures. Marcantonio, Andrew; Steen, Brandon; Kain, Michael; Bramlett, Kasey-Jean; Tilzey, John F.; Iorio, Ri Report Oct 1, 2015 2290
Neglect Of Surgery And Its Costs. Sep 30, 2015 799
EHE International Congratulates Winners of the 2015 C. Everett Koop National Health Award for Efforts to Improve Employee Health and Reduce Costs. Sep 30, 2015 478
Especially expensive drugs for the clinical hospital sisters of mercy. Sep 30, 2015 124
American Well Enters Workers' Compensation Market to Provide On-Demand Doctor Evaluations and Reduce Rising Cost of Medical Care. Sep 29, 2015 852
FAIR Health Launches Cost Transparency Mobile App in Spanish. Sep 29, 2015 1061
Agency nurses cost health trust PS3.9m. Sep 28, 2015 403
Health Care Consumerism Superstars and Innovators Announced. Sep 25, 2015 702
N.J. Hospital Quality Initiative Averts 13,730 Cases of Harm, $120 Million in Costs. Sep 25, 2015 1338
United States : USW Joins Senator Brown s Call to Repeal the Excise Tax on High Cost Health Plans. Sep 25, 2015 230
USW Joins Senator Brown's Call to Repeal the Excise Tax on High Cost Health Plans. Sep 24, 2015 381
United States : UNITEDHEALTHCARE in Texas spend in housing to decrease healthcare expenditure. Sep 24, 2015 260
Providing services relating to pension plans and healthcare costs. Sep 24, 2015 111
Harvard Researchers Select Wellpepper Mobile Health Solution for Senior Disability Risk and Healthcare Costs Study. Sep 23, 2015 946
Global e-Health Market - By Application Type, Region - Trends, Market Shares, Forecasts (2015- 2020). Sep 22, 2015 593
Kids and kickball combine to create an annual schoolwide fundraising event. Smith, Kelly Report Sep 22, 2015 963
Pennsylvania Insurance Commissioner Continues Consumer Protection Push, Says Consumers Will Not Have to Pay Out-of-Network Costs If Insurer's Provider Directory Is Out of Date. Directory Sep 21, 2015 512
To Reduce Health Costs, Insurer Spends on Housing for Homeless. Sep 21, 2015 1388

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