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Medic who died in sleep is missed; News reaches online friend in Pa. via e-mail.

Byline: Kim Ring

WARE - The bad news reached Pennsylvania via e-mail, which, considering theirs was an online friendship, was appropriate.

The e-mail that made its way to Douglas C. "Doc" Kimbell let him know that Dan Kohlstrom of Ware, "Javahed Dan" to many of his online friends, had died in Afghanistan.

"We talked on Skype and on the Web pages," Mr. Kimbell said of his friend. "He was great, always willing to share his expertise in combat medicine."

Now, they will never get the chance to meet in person.

A medic medic: see alfalfa.  who'd served in the Army Special Forces, Mr. Kohlstrom later worked for a government contractor A government contractor is a private company that produces goods or services under contract for the government. Often the terms of the contract specify cost plus – i.e., the contractor gets paid for its costs, plus a specified profit margin. . Online friends remembered him as a man who knew a lot about saving lives and was always willing to share what he'd learned with anyone who asked.

Mr. Kohlstrom died in his sleep in Afghanistan, where he was working, on Sept. 10. Friends didn't know last night exactly what happened, but Mr. Kohlstrom had been diagnosed with diabetes not too long ago, around the time he was leaving the Army, Mr. Kimbell said. He added that an autopsy was planned.

Mr. Kohlstrom posted questions about managing blood sugars on a Web site and noted in his writing that he was in good shape. His obituary listed a part-time job as a trainer at Asylum asylum (əsī`ləm), extension of hospitality and protection to a fugitive and the place where such protection is offered. The use of temples and churches for this purpose in ancient and medieval times was known as sanctuary.  Health and Fitness in Palmer, and he had written online of his love of biking. On a Web site, a friend recalled taking a challenging hike with him.

While he loved the military, rode a motorcycle and was interested in weaponry, Mr. Kohlstrom also appreciated nature and enjoyed photography. He sometimes shared scenic pictures from his travels with friends. Other times, he sent photos of combat training; spent shells on the ground.

He had a sense of humor Noun 1. sense of humor - the trait of appreciating (and being able to express) the humorous; "she didn't appreciate my humor"; "you can't survive in the army without a sense of humor"
sense of humour, humor, humour
 and "that smile on his face, made you wonder what he was up to," Mr. Kimbell said.

"He was a funny guy, he had some, well, some colorful jokes," said Mr. Kimbell, a long-time civilian paramedic par·a·med·ic
A person who is trained to give emergency medical treatment or assist medical professionals.

 who was attached to the Pennsylvania State Police The Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) is the state police force of Pennsylvania, responsible for statewide law enforcement. It was founded in 1905 by order of Governor Samuel Pennypacker, in response to the private police forces used by mine and mill owners to stop worker strikes .

Mr. Kohlstrom leaves two children in Indiana and his wife, Tiffany Tiffany, Tiffanie (UK)

a semi-longhaired version of the Burmese cat. It has a fine, silky coat in many colors.
 (Kovitch) Kohlstrom, whom he married 8 months ago. They were living in Ware.

He is also survived by his mother, Beverly R. Kohlstrom of Princeton.

Funeral arrangements are incomplete.


CUTLINE: Mr. Kohlstrom
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