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Mediating Indian writing in English, German responses.


Mediating Indian writing in English 1. English - (Obsolete) The source code for a program, which may be in any language, as opposed to the linkable or executable binary produced from it by a compiler. The idea behind the term is that to a real hacker, a program written in his favourite programming language is , German responses.

Ed. by Bernd-Peter Lange and Mala mala /ma·la/ (ma´lah) [L.]
1. cheek.

2. zygomatic bone.

mala /ma·la/ (mu´lah 

Rawat Rawat can refer to:
  • Rawat a town in Punjab, Pakistan
  • The Rawat Rajputs of India.


330 pages




German academics, most with personal knowledge of India and a connection with post-colonial studies, respond to creative literary production in English by writers born in India who have partaken in varied facets of an Indian experience. Their topics include images of Indianness in current constructions of Germanness, Salman Rushdie's fictions between post-national belonging and global un-belonging, and the representation of education in Indian novels in English. No index is provided. Distributed in the US by South Asia This article is about the geopolitical region in Asia. For geophysical treatments, see Indian subcontinent.
South Asia, also known as Southern Asia

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