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MedAppz Unveils Bidirectional Lab-to-Physician Connection.

New System Integrates Both Lab Test Requests and Results with Existing MedAppz EHR Systems: Saves Time, Enables Faster Diagnoses, and Offers Better Reports for Patients

WICHITA, Kan. -- MedAppz, the leader in web-based electronic health record (EHR) applications, announced today that it has shipped a bidirectional interface connecting the company's MedAppz iSuite software, used for managing electronic scheduling, medical and billing, with Cerner Lab's Classic Information System, the predominant technology used by laboratories providing tests for physicians, clinics, and hospitals.

"The days of phone calls, requisitions and days-long waits for reporting results are over," said Brian Lichtlin, MedAppz CEO. "MedAppz provides the crucial missing connection between labs and physicians that until today has cost physicians time, laboratories money, and patients frustration."

Development Partnership with AMS Labs

The new interface was first developed in conjunction with Affiliated Medical Services (AMS), a commercial reference lab owned by the Via-Christi Health System that runs the Cerner Classic system and serves about 1,000 hospital, physician, government, and industry clients throughout Kansas.

"Connecting labs and physicians directly in real-time is the direction the entire lab industry is taking," said Ed Harned, CEO of AMS. "And MedAppz has proven to be a real leader in this area, because they're doing things others aren't." Particularly unusual is MedAppz's ability to initiate lab orders from the MedAppz iSuite System, in addition to receiving lab results. "The bidirectional nature of the product is more sophisticated than most existing technologies, and requires complex programming to ensure that every returned lab test result is correctly correlated with the correct order request."

Available for all new MedAppz iSuite customers, the interface allows physicians to communicate directly with labs, and labs to communicate directly with physicians. The interface simplifies physicians' lives, saves time, and offers powerful platform for powerful reporting.

Traditionally, when a physician requires a lab test, the request is written or printed out and delivered to a lab, which then reenters the order into its own system. This causes delays and opens opportunities for human error on both the physician and lab sides. Today, from within their EHR system, physicians can select a lab test they need done, choose the lab where they want the testing to take place, and order the test--all from a single interface.

And when tests are complete, the MedAppz interface also enables easy communication back from the lab to the physician or hospital. Traditionally, when lab results are complete, the lab faxes or remotely prints back results to a physician, who needs to locate the report among much other paperwork, manually enter the results into proper fields in his software, and cross-reference it to other relevant information in the EHR. Today, when lab tests are completed, the results automatically appear in the EHR system.

Into Action

Dr. Dean Youngberg serves more than 2,100 patients running an internal medicine practice in Wichita, and is one of the first to use the interface. Internal medicine is focused on a proactive, preventative approach, he explains, "and that means our lives revolve around the lab." Because the interface affects the process of virtually all of the work he does, the impact of the new technology is huge.

But the connection between the lab and his practice is only one of the things that Youngberg finds helpful about the new technology. "One of the key things is that since now I have the data integrated into my EHR system, I can put reports in place that compare historical information, chart it, plot it, and demonstrate it very graphically to patients," he says. "That a strong impact not only on how well patients understand what lab results mean, but how seriously they take my diagnoses and prescriptions."

Dr. Youngberg typically gathers findings on cholesterol, triglycerides, weight, blood pressure, and other key indicators. But in the past, he has sensed that despite his best efforts in presenting the findings to patients, he was sending them home with numbers that meant nothing to them. "A picture," on the other hand, "is worth a thousand words," says Youngberg. "When I can show patients in a graphical way the deepening trends in their lab results over a period of months and years, it should really make a difference."

About MedAppz, LLC

Based in Wichita, MedAppz, LLC is the industry leader in web-based Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR) applications that integrate with scheduling and billing software to simplify clinic management, cut costs, reduce risk, and ultimately improve patient care.

About AMS

AMS was established in 1983 as a Regional Independent Reference Laboratory. AMS now operates from Wichita, Kansas, in a 17,000 square-foot facility, where a staff of highly competent and dedicated employees, under the direction of board certified pathologists, provides laboratory test results and valuable consultation services to regional hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, industry, and many physicians.
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