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50p child bus fares, and a new rail station every five years ... NEW PLANS UNVEILED AS ANDERSON LAUNCHES BID TO BECOME METRO MAYOR. May 27, 2016 860
Councillor becomes new Lord Mayor. May 27, 2016 367
Lord Mayor invested in 800th year of the role. May 27, 2016 365
Bus company to fight mayor plan; SERVICES WILL NOT IMPROVE, SAYS FIRM. May 27, 2016 413
London Mayor Sadiq Khan Joins AJC Campaign Against Anti-Semitism. May 26, 2016 648
'Major decisions in Cardiff are made by 75 pompous councillors - and I say that as one of them'. May 26, 2016 613
I won't hand power to lame duck mayor - police boss; Crime commissioner says elected regional leader must be political 'colossus'. May 26, 2016 443
New Lord Mayor ready to curry favour... May 26, 2016 199
New Kirklees Mayor tells of 'proud day'. May 26, 2016 320
'Better a mayor than the current shambles'. May 26, 2016 455
Brum greats are named as recipients of mayor award; QUARTET RECOGNISED FOR THEIR SERVICE TO THE CITY. May 26, 2016 306
DUP's Brian 'honoured' to be city's Lord Mayor. May 25, 2016 230
Bloomberg Philanthropies Announces Selection Committee for the 2016 Mayors Challenge in Latin America and the Caribbean. May 25, 2016 1394
Missing links as police draw a blank in chain mystery. May 25, 2016 487
Just 5,000 have signed petition to elect mayor. May 25, 2016 430
'Metro Mayor race is not a thing Joe and I would want to fall out over' CITY for; CITY MP ROTHERAM LAUNCHES HIS BID FOR NEW POSITION. May 24, 2016 530
Mayor joins launch of diabetes support group. May 24, 2016 125
I'll make a difference if I become Metro Mayor; CITY MP ROTHERAM TELLS THE ECHO WHY HE'S THROWING HIS HAT IN THE RING. May 23, 2016 570
New Mayor puts town spirit first. May 23, 2016 212
Mayor to earn as much in a year as Gabby does in FIVE days; PS40,000-A-YEAR SALARY IS A JOKE, SAYS POLICE CHIEF. May 23, 2016 379
MAGALUF after mayor vows blitz on booze; UK PARTY FIRMS FLOUTING NEW LAWS; EXCLUSIVE. May 22, 2016 645
MAGALUF after mayor vows blitz on booze; UK PARTY FIRMS FLOUTING NEW LAWS. May 22, 2016 647
From music to housing to bus services mayor must be up to the task... May 22, 2016 479
Business person for mayor? May 21, 2016 137
Who would throw their hat in the ring to become the most influential voice in the North East? In a year's time the region may go to the polls to elect a regional mayor. We take a look at who could be in the line-up. May 21, 2016 808
Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh Addresses Bunker Hill Community College Graduates. May 21, 2016 689
Mayor Joe opposes homes plan; NEWS WIRE. May 20, 2016 124
Council leader could join Metro Mayor fight; ST HELENS STALWART MAY TAKE ON ANDERSON. May 20, 2016 459
Rice and Curry: A match made in Balti heaven! brum's new lord mayor and lady mayoress could not be better named. May 20, 2016 486
Kitchen and dining service at the colegio mayor santa cruz, male and female branches of the university of valladolid. May 20, 2016 186
Providing air conditioners and electrical fixtures in the chamber of dy mayor at 1st floor south block in ghmc head office under ee d-viii, ghmc. May 19, 2016 151
ECP issues election schedule for Mayors/Deputy Mayors in Sindh. May 19, 2016 524
Who will Labour choose to run for Metro Mayor? CITY LEADER AND MPs AMONG THE FRONT-RUNNERS. May 19, 2016 884
Burnham to run for Mayor of Manchester; NEWS WIRE. May 19, 2016 103
A Mersey Mayor is one thing. A sovereign city is quite another. May 19, 2016 402
Elected metro mayor could be lame duck, critics warn; Police boss reluctant to hand power to weak regional leader. May 19, 2016 609
Digby: 'Corbynista' Sion igby: Digb gby by: 'Corb rby byn ynista' Sion Simon is the wrong man y g y g y Simon is the wr wro rong man an run West Midlands; Lord Jones could stand for elected mayor role. May 19, 2016 604
Political heavyweights already squaring up in battle for elected mayor; Comment. May 19, 2016 804
Burnham set to run for Manchester mayor role. May 19, 2016 285
Mayor will catch the buses; JONATHAN WALKER reports on the Queen's Speech - and how a contentious issue in the North East will now be brought under the control of the region's new mayor. May 19, 2016 1684
Mayor's on the buses. May 19, 2016 822
Plan for 'toothless' West Mids mayor under fire. May 19, 2016 442
Burnham launches his bid to be Mayor of Manchester. May 19, 2016 141
United Kingdom : FTA Chief asks for meeting with Mayor. May 19, 2016 281
Blues have the cash 'to deliver on new ground' MAYOR EXPECTS STADIUM TO BE BUILT IN 3 YEARS. May 18, 2016 675
Providing wooden flooring, coloring and furniture to the office of the dy mayor, 1st floor south block ghmc head office. May 18, 2016 143
Zogheib returns as Zahle mayor for three-year term. May 17, 2016 176
City MPs set to challenge for Metro Mayor role. May 17, 2016 355
Record-breakers! 'The world's oldest family' gets together from around the world for tea with the Lord Mayor. May 17, 2016 557
Together we've raised over PS177,000 for Mayor's Appeal; Year of fundraising events across capital for Velindre Cancer Centre. May 16, 2016 726
U.S. Mayors Urged To Do More To Support Women & Girls. May 16, 2016 981
'Why I back introduction of mayors' CAMERON EXPLAINS COMBINED AUTHORITY REASONING. May 16, 2016 387
Lords sound warning on plans for a new mayor; 'NO PROPER CONSULTATION' CLAIM. May 16, 2016 301
United States : Mayor Walsh Launches Adams Street Branch Library Project. May 16, 2016 502
We won't force ideas on the North East, says PM. May 16, 2016 410
Readers help lift mayor's cancer fund to PS177,000. May 16, 2016 870
History suggests mayor not wanted. May 14, 2016 203
Sidon mayor announces list for local elections. May 14, 2016 782
Development of City Corporation Main Office Premises at Mayor Chamber approaches. May 13, 2016 101
City of San Antonio Effectively Ends Veteran Homelessness. May 13, 2016 1227
Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton Joins FHLBank San Francisco In Announcing $40 Million Initiative That Will Expand Small Businesses And Train Residents Of Underserved Communities For Quality Jobs. May 13, 2016 412
Leadership speculation builds as Barry wins mayor vote. May 13, 2016 561
Metro mayor clarity calls; NEWS WIRE. May 13, 2016 143
Opinion poll shows public want mayor for Midlands. May 13, 2016 358
Date for first ever poll to elect a West Mids mayor. May 13, 2016 252
Canada : Mayor Tory outlines plan to grow Toronto's screen-based industries after record-breaking year. May 13, 2016 724
Mayor event raises money for charities. May 12, 2016 110
West Midlanders ready for strong elected mayor; Poll reveals support for more powerful leader. May 12, 2016 585
Councillors may not want a mayor - but public does; Poll sets homes and transport as top priorities. May 12, 2016 121
Public want new regional mayor to focus on homes and transport. May 12, 2016 540
Durham hails progress as it agrees deal. May 12, 2016 581
A nude awakening; Mayor warns naked sunbathers on Curracloe Strand they broke the law by going au naturel. May 12, 2016 450
United States : Mayor Walsh Announces Release of New Data Dashboard That Provides Insight Into the Demographics of City's Workforce. May 12, 2016 293
United States : Mayor Walsh and Codman Square Community Break Ground on 44 Affordable Rental Housing Units. May 12, 2016 422
United States : Mayor Walsh Announces Funding to Support Urban Farming Re-Entry Jobs. May 12, 2016 576
United States : Ex Mayor unveils IT Consulting Business. May 12, 2016 199
Join in with mayor's parade. May 11, 2016 166
State Minister and Muscat Governor Receives Palermo Mayor. May 11, 2016 180
Senators congratulate Sadiq Khan on his election as London's Mayor. May 11, 2016 193
Italian Palermo Mayor Visits SQU. May 11, 2016 148
United Kingdom : FTA says logistics can help new Mayor & Assembly deliver cleaner, safer and more efficient London. May 11, 2016 287
Trump has ignorant view of Islam - London mayor. May 11, 2016 567
Mayor slams police over terror drill; STAGED FRIGHT EXPLOSION EXERCISE AT SHOPPING MALL STAGED FRIGHT EXPLOSION EXERCISE AT SHOPPING MALL Cops criticised after fake suicide bomber shouts 'Allahu Akbar'. May 11, 2016 206
Mayor Khan slams Trump's 'ignorant' Muslim ban plans. May 11, 2016 148
Supply, Delivery And Installation Of Equipment In The Reconstruction Of Ts 35_10 (20) Kv Mayor 1. May 11, 2016 131
SL Green joins Mayor's zero waste challenge. May 11, 2016 136
Sadiq Khan doesn't want to be an exception to Trump's Muslim ban. Brief article May 10, 2016 302
Sadiq Khan attends Holocaust memorial as first act as Mayor of London. May 10, 2016 187
Manly, Stewart & Finaldi Announced Appeals Court Gives Green Light to Lawsuit by Victims of Police Union Misconduct in Costa Mesa. May 10, 2016 607
Paver Block Flooring Work from Ex. Mayor Kamla Mausi House to Dhaniya Godam House, B.D. Agrawal Ward No. 25, Katni. May 10, 2016 131
Jbeil mayor calls for heavy voter turnout. May 10, 2016 175
London election of 1st Muslim mayor "historic development" -- White House. May 9, 2016 110
Firebrand mayor takes early lead in Philippines vote count. May 9, 2016 400
Provision of civic amenities to citizens, IMC's top priority: Mayor. May 9, 2016 485
US media gives wide coverage to Sadiq Khan's historic election as London mayor. May 8, 2016 381
US media gave wide coverage to Sadiq Khan's historic election as London mayor. May 8, 2016 369
Khan sworn in as London's first Muslim mayor. May 8, 2016 806
Mushahid congratulates Sadiq Khan on victory as Mayor of London. May 8, 2016 310
Even Jemima Khan criticises Zac's tactics in London Mayor campaign. May 8, 2016 403
Mushahid Hussain congratulates Sadiq Khan on victory as Mayor of London, 'pride for all Pakistanis', triumph of tolerance and multiculturalism as bigotry based on race and religion rejected. May 8, 2016 311
Even Jemima Khan criticises Zac's tactics in London Mayor campaign. May 8, 2016 403
Mayor gets Hillary seal of approval. May 8, 2016 133
Ovation as Khan signs in as mayor. May 8, 2016 488
THE WRATH OF KHAN VICTOR Bus-driver's son Sadiq Khan; NEW MAYOR GOES ON THE ATTACK Labour winner slams his party leader and Tory rival. May 8, 2016 466
Mayor Khan in attack on Corbyn leadership. May 8, 2016 262
Supply of New refrigerator at Mayor%s Bu Purchase & Supply of New refrigerator at Mayor%s Bunglow, Dadar nglow,. May 8, 2016 104
Mushahid welcomes Sadiq's victory as London Mayor. May 8, 2016 306
Sadiq Khan: First Muslim mayor of London. May 7, 2016 166
London: Sadiq Khan elected first Muslim mayor. May 7, 2016 105
This is how people reacted to London's first Muslim Mayor. May 7, 2016 691
Khan London shut up now? May 7, 2016 713
Muslim group condemns London mayor [beaucoup moins que]smear[beaucoup plus grand que] campaign. May 7, 2016 168
London historically elects first Muslim mayor. May 7, 2016 258
Labour's Khan becomes first Muslim mayor of London after bitter campaign. May 7, 2016 835
Burnham considers Manchester mayor bid. May 7, 2016 122
Sadiq Khan set to be named new mayor of London. May 7, 2016 223
Sadiq Khan set to be first Muslim mayor of London. May 7, 2016 230
Burnham may quit to be mayor. May 6, 2016 114
Hope for Labour as Sadiq Khan becomes mayor of London. May 6, 2016 889
Property sector in plea to next mayor. May 5, 2016 505
Does Commissioner's role lack cutting edge? May 5, 2016 812
Napa mayor accuses water sports operators of thwarting competition. May 5, 2016 471
Mayor pledges new Tees bridge. May 5, 2016 520
Labour's Sadiq Khan would be first Muslim mayor of capital. May 5, 2016 271
United States : Mayor Walsh, BPHC Release Health Impact Assessment Findings. May 5, 2016 553
Fatal house fire hero is hailed by city's mayor. May 4, 2016 209
2016 Mayors Challenge Entries in Latin America and the Caribbean Reveal a Focus on Addressing Social Inclusion, Sustainability, and Economic Growth -- with a Strong Emphasis on Engaging Citizens in These Efforts. May 4, 2016 970
2016 Mayors Challenge Entries in Latin America and the Caribbean Reveal a Focus on Addressing Social Inclusion, Sustainability, and Economic Growth -- with a Strong Emphasis on Engaging Citizens in These Efforts. May 4, 2016 971
National Limousine Association Applauds Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner's Fight for Comprehensive Regulation of Ride-Hailing Services. May 4, 2016 821
IMC's top priority to provide health facilities, resolve sanitation, water issues : Mayor. May 4, 2016 534
Providing / laying systematic drainage line at different locations at mayor,mp,mla,councilors budjet works in ranip ward in west zone. May 4, 2016 210
Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke (speaking) joined "architects of innovation" from across merica who explained how they transformed their regions into New Economy Hubs at the Westchester County Association County of Tomorrow event last week. May 4, 2016 218
This dy mayor once sold fruits on streets. May 3, 2016 484
Comments Released on San Diego Mayor Sexual Harassment Suit by Los Angeles Employment Attorney Cortney Shegerian. May 3, 2016 526
IMC's first business session this month: Mayor. May 3, 2016 466
Mayor of Houston Celebrates April 21st as 'Digital Education Day'. May 2, 2016 760
THE LITTLE FRENCH CITY SET TO HOST WALES' BIG MATCH AGAINST ENGLAND; It's only the size of Pontypridd but the mayor of Lens insists they're ready for a torrent of football fans. May 1, 2016 840
Corbyn soft on racists says mayor favourite. May 1, 2016 224
Corbyn soft on racists says mayor favourite; EXCLUSIVE. May 1, 2016 218
London's former mayor defends Hitler comments. May 1, 2016 368
Leapstart After School Receives Certificate of Recognition from Vice Mayor of Cupertino. May 1, 2016 248
Palace tells Duterte to explain cash stash. Apr 30, 2016 750
Construction of pacific coast highway from calle mayor to janet lane safety improvements project. Apr 30, 2016 224
United States : U.S. Transportation Secretary Foxx and Baltimore Mayor Rawlings-Blake Break Ground on Transformative Re-Connect West Baltimore Project. Apr 29, 2016 590
Provision of purchase of sports apparel for the adult program moving mayor 2016. Apr 29, 2016 102
Provision of 47048-mayor-profit social.Sra.R.Millacura.P. Apr 29, 2016 106
Former Llandudno Mayor defects from Plaid to Tories. Apr 29, 2016 202
Corbyn denies crisis as Livingstone suspended; EX-LONDON MAYOR'S COMMENTS FUEL ROW OVER 'LABOUR ANTI-SEMITISM'. Apr 29, 2016 536
You are a Nazi apologist .. go back and check what Hitler did; RACISM ROW LIVINGSTONE SUSPENDED OVER RADIO SHOW REMARKS Labour MP and chairman of anti-semitism group confronts former mayor on live TV as issue spirals out of control for leader Corbyn. Apr 29, 2016 861
Ex-mayor's second time in hot water. Apr 29, 2016 233
All system needs is a good mayor. Apr 29, 2016 455
Paphos mayor accuses landfill board of victimising whistle blowers. Apr 28, 2016 577
French event puts PS3k in pot for Lord Mayor's Charity appeal. Apr 28, 2016 240
Four Major Organizations Come Together to Applaud Mayor Bowser and the DC City Council for Comprehensive Suicide Prevention Bill. Apr 28, 2016 893
UK's Labour suspends former London mayor in anti-Semitism row. Apr 28, 2016 117
Ex-mayor's mediation offer. Apr 27, 2016 113
Cushman & Wakefield executive Paul Massey told a group of real estate heavy-hitters last week that he is "actively thinking about" running for mayor of New York City. Apr 27, 2016 153
Mayor's office should stick to original plan for cutting emissions. Banks, John Apr 27, 2016 443
Mayor's anger as chandelier taken into Kirklees care. Apr 26, 2016 439
Nominees enjoy tea with the Lord Mayor. Apr 26, 2016 237
Mayor suggests reset on rezone. Apr 25, 2016 1467
Mayor plan 'untested' warns UK audit office. Apr 23, 2016 697
Obama delivers scathing riposte to Mayor Boris. Apr 23, 2016 588
Operation of the Covenant of Mayors Office support service for the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy. Apr 23, 2016 514
This Public Contract Is For The Maintenance Of Infrastructure For Securing The Mayor Of Meudon Information Systems. Apr 23, 2016 162
Sofia Mayor Asks Public Transport Operator's Management to Resign. Apr 23, 2016 156
Catering services for the 2016 piccolo spoleto mayor~s reception. Apr 23, 2016 129
Greater Birmingham mayor and new authority 'unlikely to work'. Apr 22, 2016 477
Cameron accused of racism over London mayor front-runner. Apr 21, 2016 275
MEDIA ALERT: Mayor Eric Garcetti Hosts Press Conference to Announce YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles "Get Summer" Teen Initiative. Apr 21, 2016 516
Questioning mayoral model; With local elections looming, SONIA SHARMA explores a referendum on the future of a borough's mayor. Apr 20, 2016 728
Supplying & fixing of Air Conditioners for the room of Mayor, Rest room of Mayor and room of Addl. Apr 20, 2016 106
Supplying & fixing of air conditioners for the room of mayor, rest room of mayo. Apr 20, 2016 152
REBNY partners with Mayors Office to launch new sustainability boot camp. Apr 20, 2016 183
Enveloping Electoral Documents Sent To Voters And Mayors Of The Doubs Department Presidential Election 2017. Apr 19, 2016 128
Enveloping Electoral Documents Sent To Voters And Mayors Of The Doubs Department Legislative Elections 2017. Apr 19, 2016 118
Supply, Delivery And Installation Of Equipment In The Reconstruction Of Ts 35_10 (20) Kv Mayor 1. Apr 19, 2016 125
Parking lot at mayor pablo g. pena city park. Apr 19, 2016 124
A poignant week as Lord Mayor. Apr 19, 2016 298
Mayor leads tributes to tourism stars. Apr 19, 2016 355
Afternoon tea with mayor boosts Parkinson'charity; LOCAL NEWS. Apr 19, 2016 145
Jerusalem bus blast wounds 16, mayor blames bomb. Apr 18, 2016 185
India,United Kingdom : Mayor on London welcomes launch of Mahindra's new e2o ElectriCity Car. Apr 18, 2016 368
Cheongdoeup st. mayor reproduce design services. Apr 18, 2016 106
Mayor's delight at dog group support. Apr 16, 2016 170
Consultation is what is needed. Apr 16, 2016 284
SC orders Karachi mayor, dy mayor elections through secret balloting. Apr 16, 2016 458
SC orders to elect Karachi mayor through secret ballot. Apr 16, 2016 316
Mayor Tao Jinxian visits SSWMB. Apr 15, 2016 197
SC reserves verdict on Sindh Mayor, Dy Mayor's election case. Apr 15, 2016 306
SC reserves verdict on Sindh mayor, dy mayor's election case. Apr 15, 2016 306
Custody of the design service and support at the conference of mayors asl 4 chiavarese and district social 15. Conference news Apr 15, 2016 209
Lord mayor traditional arched-shaped and holding signboards, installation. Apr 15, 2016 114
Athletics chief backs city bid to land Games; MAYOR SETS OUT CASE FOR HOSTING SPORTS SPECTACLE. Apr 14, 2016 438
Rail bid winner will have to hand local lines to mayor; Dutch and Chinese firms vying to run regional franchise. Apr 14, 2016 676
Face-to-face in Eugene. Apr 14, 2016 1132
Information Services, Strengthening The Visibility And Strengthening The Capacity To Implement The Project Co-Financed By Eu Funds Improving Water-Utility Infrastructure Of Agglomeration Mayor. Apr 14, 2016 227
United States : Mayor Walsh announces partnership with Verizon to transform citys technology infrastructure. Apr 14, 2016 742
Former Zahle mayor announces candidacy. Apr 13, 2016 207
Mayor Joe: I want Liverpool to host the Commonwealth Games; I HOPE THE MOVE COULD BE 'CATALYST FOR REGENERATION' ACROSS CITY. Apr 13, 2016 504
Paphos mayor outlines major projects to transform town. Apr 13, 2016 699
SC adjourns Sindh Mayor, Dy. Mayor case till Thursday. Apr 13, 2016 265
Bulgariaa[euro][TM]s Pazardzhik Mayor Proposes Ban on Burqas in Public Administration Buildings. Apr 12, 2016 332
My plan for housing will transform this city; ANDERSON ON HIS FLAGSHIP 'RENT TO BUY' HOMES SCHEME. Apr 12, 2016 594
Mayor Walsh announces partnership with Verizon to transform city's technology infrastructure. Apr 12, 2016 1050
Plans for 10,000 new homes; MAYOR REVEALS RENT-TO-BUY PROGRAMME. Apr 11, 2016 349
It's after the Lord Mayor's show as Martyrs fail for fire. Apr 11, 2016 216
Mayor makes his first charity award. Apr 11, 2016 142
Delhi BJP divided at the top. Apr 11, 2016 683
Limassol mayor quizzed over tender procedure for waste management contracts. Apr 11, 2016 400
Quotation for conduct of mayors club programme for p3 p5 students at-risk - eunos primary school. Apr 11, 2016 111
'Mayor took envelopes stuffed with cash on the street and in parking lots'. Apr 10, 2016 1308
Mayor Franklin Deese Author of "Inmate to Mayor" Will be Speaking at Empowerment Temple in Baltimore, MD. Apr 9, 2016 509
recouped over a period of up to 30 development director Lindsey Ashworth Mayor Anderson wants to Ferry faces its Waterloo (Dock); ISLE OF MAN LANDING STAGE COULD BE ON THE MOVE. Apr 8, 2016 433
Seven candidates in battle for city Mayor; ELECTIONS WILL ALSO INCLUDE VOTING FOR PCC AND COUNCILS. Apr 8, 2016 785
SC adjourns Sindh Mayor, Dy Mayor's election case till April 12. Apr 8, 2016 260
United Kingdom : New report outlines ten innovative ideas for Londons next Mayor. Apr 8, 2016 357
LORD MAYOR'S GOLF DAY. Apr 7, 2016 185
Mayor Barry Chang to Inaugurate Leapstart After School's 2nd Location in Cupertino. Apr 7, 2016 174
SC adjourns Karachi Mayor, Dy Mayor's election case till today. Apr 7, 2016 111
SC adjourns Karachi mayor, dy mayor's election case till Thursday. Apr 7, 2016 117
AJC Condemns Campus Disruption of Mayor Barkat's Speech. Apr 7, 2016 239
India : Mayors and officials from 22 States to discuss ODF strategies, treatment of human waste. Apr 7, 2016 238
Paphos mayor to present upgrading projects to the public. Apr 6, 2016 455
City business chief set to stand down; MAYOR IN TRIBUTE TO LEP LEADER. Apr 6, 2016 453
Elected mayor for Cardiff would be a good idea, says Boris. Apr 6, 2016 259
'Divine right to rule' Labour is wasteful in Wales - London mayor. Apr 6, 2016 807
Bomb hoax at Paphos mayor's home and town hall. Apr 6, 2016 311
SC adjourns Karachi Mayor, Dy Mayor's election case till Wednesday. Apr 6, 2016 102
Nate Goodman, San Diego Teen, Speaks at Jewish Philanthropy Conference and Shares the Stage with Randi Zuckerberg, the Mayor of Jerusalem, and Other Notables. Conference news Apr 6, 2016 420
Catering services for the 2016 piccolo spoleto mayor~s reception. Apr 5, 2016 127
CoE delegation in Cyprus for meetings with mayors. Apr 5, 2016 240
More than 3,500 U.S. Mayors, County, and Tribal Leaders Unite to Recognize Impact of AmeriCorps and Senior Corps. Apr 5, 2016 807
Mayor of capital awaits power to act. Apr 5, 2016 232
Sidon mayor: Funds needed for hospital transferred. Apr 4, 2016 208
Mayor urged to come forward on Papadopoulos' alleged links to landfill cases. Apr 4, 2016 154
Shop opening dispute will affect tourism, mayor warns. Apr 4, 2016 341
Jive Aces Join the Mayor of Croydon for a Modern-Day 'Signing in the Rain'. Apr 4, 2016 626
Project Management Assignment For The Rehabilitation Of Sewage Drains The Streets Of The City Centre Around Luzarches The Mayor And The Covered Market. Apr 2, 2016 143
Canada : Mayors Tory and Vrbanovic promote Toronto-Waterloo Corridor on business mission to San Francisco and Silicon Valley. Apr 2, 2016 408
Canada : Mayor Tory to lead business mission to Asia to bring more jobs and investment to Toronto. Apr 2, 2016 542
Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser recently announced a plan for 10 District of Columbia Public Schools to adopt an extended-year calendar starting in the 2016-17 school year. Brief article Apr 1, 2016 103
Mayor's award for bee group. Apr 1, 2016 110
Labour mayors will repair savage cuts. Apr 1, 2016 828
Providing partition, coloring and furniture to the h.W. mayor office at 1st floor, south block, ghmc head office. Apr 1, 2016 153
Providing air conditioners and electrical fixtures to the h.W mayor office at 1st floor, south block, ghmc head office. Apr 1, 2016 153
Execution of works on development and support of the health information system of the press-service of the mayor and the moscow government. Apr 1, 2016 139
Execution of works on development and support of complex health information and analytical system of operational management of moscow mayor. Apr 1, 2016 137
Students help raise PS300 for good causes; mayor pays visit to give charities a boost. Mar 31, 2016 319
US mayor in compo plea on balcony fall deaths. Mar 31, 2016 198
Renowned architectZahaHadidhas died (Updated: adds comment from Nicosia mayor). Mar 31, 2016 255
SC upholds SHC stay order during hearing of mayor Karachi's election case. Mar 31, 2016 226
SC upholds SHC stay order during hearing of mayor Karachi's election case. Mar 31, 2016 226
SC upholds SHC stay order during hearing of mayor Karachi's election case. Mar 31, 2016 226
Saudi to seek second term as Sidon mayor if elections held. Mar 31, 2016 424
United States : Pittsburgh Mayor seeks $50M technology grant. Mar 31, 2016 133
Constitution Of The File Of Addresses Of Voters, Addressing, Folding, Packaging And Delivery Of Documents Propaganda For Voters, Packing And Delivery Of Ballots To The Mayors Of The Deux-Svres Depart. Mar 30, 2016 160
CBO Executive President Receives Lord Mayor of London. Mar 29, 2016 265
Global Mayors Join Forces to Address Inequalities and Foster Inclusive Growth in Cities Worldwide. Mar 29, 2016 1227
Global Mayors Join Forces to Address Inequalities and Foster Inclusive Growth in Cities Worldwide. Mar 29, 2016 1265
Elect me as Mayor ... and I'll get rid of the Mayor; GREEN SPACES, BINS AND TRAMS FEATURE IN LIB DEM'S MANIFESTO. Mar 29, 2016 335
Selecting "The Tweet Elite". Mar 29, 2016 725
Estrada expresses support for Poe, Marcos at rally. Mar 28, 2016 615
363 Latin American and Caribbean Cities Enter Bloomberg Philanthropies' 2016 Mayors Challenge. Mar 28, 2016 912
363 Latin American and Caribbean Cities Enter Bloomberg Philanthropies' 2016 Mayors Challenge. Mar 28, 2016 947
Amman, Istanbul mayors discuss relations. Mar 28, 2016 178
MP hits out at mayor's EU claim. Mar 26, 2016 256
Indictment Aside, Crystal City Mayor Runs Again. Mar 26, 2016 1954
Day to day cleaning and Housekeeping of (A)NMMC Head Office, (B) Mayors Bunglow, (C) Commissioners Bunglow, (D) CESS Office (Koperkhirane), (E) Fire Brigade stations at CBD, Vashi & Airoli, Nerul (F. Mar 26, 2016 146
'Reluctant' backing for an elected mayor. Mar 25, 2016 491
SC issues notice to AGP in Karachi Mayor, Dy. Mayor election case. Mar 25, 2016 176
Mission to Europe - The Mayor of Quebec City to meet with IOC President Thomas Bach. Mar 24, 2016 396
Ex-Toronto mayor Rob Ford dies aged 46. Mar 23, 2016 154
Crack smoker ex-mayor Rob dead aged 46; Colourful city boss loses cancer fight. Obituary Mar 23, 2016 313
Valley project launch wins mayor's award. Mar 22, 2016 277
Ex-mayor denies flat sex assault. Mar 22, 2016 327
Rob Ford, notorious for smoking crack while Toronto mayor, dead at 46. Mar 22, 2016 431
Project Management Consultation For The Development Of Public Spaces Mayor Sectors, Church And In Pragnres Part Of Village Heart Of The Restructuring In Izernore) (01. Mar 22, 2016 385
Governing Dublin. Kennedy, Gordon Book review Mar 22, 2016 2394
United Kingdom : Pilot project using satellite technology to monitor young offenders in London funded by Mayor. Mar 19, 2016 160
Chengdu Mayor lauds Shehbaz Sharif for rapid development in Punjab. Mar 19, 2016 112
Providing and Fixing of LED Fittings in Mayor Office and Rest Room under M.C. Chandigarh. Mar 18, 2016 136
IF Mayor Dave Budd is [...]. Mar 18, 2016 151
Mayor Walsh Joins Defending Women's Champion Caroline Rotich and Bill Rodgers to Reveal 2016 Boston Marathon Street Banners. Mar 18, 2016 759
Mayor of Amman visits Paphos city in Cyprus. Mar 18, 2016 116
Liverpool2 needs HS2, says Liverpool Mayor. Mar 17, 2016 271
Mayor: We want 250,000 cruise visitors every year. Mar 17, 2016 348
Tributes paid to former mayor. Obituary Mar 17, 2016 262
Tee off in Lord Mayor's golf day fundraiser. Mar 17, 2016 115
Gay rights issue resolved, New York mayor joins in St. Patrick's parade. Mar 17, 2016 483
Piercy endorses Vinis in race for Eugene mayor. Mar 17, 2016 381
United Kingdom : Mayor of Newham marks milestone for iconic Royal Dock towers. Mar 16, 2016 337
United States : Mayor - Houston reaches new deal on recycling contract with Waste Management. Mar 16, 2016 105
Mayor: Do business in Liverpool; NEWS WIRE. Mar 16, 2016 224
Rose Center For Public Leadership Working With Mayor Warren On Downtown Revitalization. Mar 16, 2016 1404

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