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Mayor Haas will lead Small Cities Council for NLC.

The Small Cities Council (SCC) met at the Congress of Cities and elected officers for 1993. The council will be led by newly elected Chair, Mayor Richard Haas of Trotwood, Ohio.

Haas will serve with fellow SCC officers: First Vice-Chair Marge Schramm, mayor of Kirkwood, Mo.; Second Vice-Chair Darold Benzk, mayor of Beulah, N.D.; and Immediate Past-Chair Jimmy Burke of Deer Park, Tex.

Infrastructure improvements, opposition of unfunded federal mandates, economic development, prioritization of environmental mandates, and increased regionalization of basic services were some of the issues identified as most important to small cities and towns in the next year.

In his report to the Council, Mayor Jimmy Burke noted some of the accomplishments of the Small Cities Council in 1992, including the results of a survey on the impact of the Americans with Disabilities Act on small cities and towns. The ADA survey results indicated that the vast majority of small cites have complied or are taking the necessary steps to come into compliance with the ADA. The survey also found thus far, the cost of compliance with ADA has had little impact on small city budgets.

Other activities of the Council included the publication of eight articles in Nation's Cities Weekly written by SCC steering committee members covering a variety of topics of interest to small cities and towns.

Mayor Burke noted the strong representation of small cities on each of NLC's five steering committees and on NLC's Board of Directors in 1992. Eleven members of the Finance, Administration and Intergovernmental Relations (FAIR) steering committee were from small cities, 19 members on Energy, Environment and Natural Resources (EENR), 21 members on Community and Economic Development (CED), 15 members on Human Development (HD), and 17 members on Transportation and Communication (T&C). There are 35 members on each steering committee. The 1992 Board of Directors included ten city officials from small cities.

Mayor William Westbrook, mayor of Jackson, Wyo. (population 5,000) provided the SCC with an update of ongoing discussions with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and local government officials concerning compliance with environmental mandates. Mayor Westbrook noted that compliance with EPA mandates presents a problem for all cities and stressed the importance of forming a coalition of cities of all sizes to address this issue.

The Small Cities Council will meet again in March at the Congressional City Conference in Washington, D.C. For more information on the Small Cities Council, contact Sandra Yamane, NLC Staff, at (202) 626-3020.
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Title Annotation:Mayor Richard Haas, National League of Cities
Author:Yamane, Sandra
Publication:Nation's Cities Weekly
Date:Dec 14, 1992
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