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Math and Science CAVS (Content Academic Vocabulary Systems): math and science curriculum materials: Northpoint Horizons.

NORTHPOINT Northpoint or North point may refer to:
  • North, a Cardinal direction
  • North Point, Hong Kong
  • Northpoint Shopping Centre, Singapore shopping mall

Math and Science CAVS CAVS Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems (Mississippi State University)
CAVS Club Atlético Velez Sarsfield (soccer club in Buenos Aires, Argentina)
CAVS Clearance and Access Verification System
 (Content Academic Vocabulary Systems)

Math and Science Curriculum Materials

Books and Materials, $1,699 for entire K5 science or math systems

Math and Science CAVS materials are focused on the needs of struggling students. They deliver standards-based, hands-on hands-on
Involving active participation; applied, as opposed to theoretical: "We're involved in hands-on operations, pulling levers, pushing buttons" Arthur R. Taylor.
 interactive lessons designed to help K5 students learn essential math and science concepts and terms. Teachers help students make connections to the things they know using support materials ranging from concept posters to vocabulary cards. Also offered are illustrated flip books and reader cards, as well as reinforcement reinforcement /re·in·force·ment/ (-in-fors´ment) in behavioral science, the presentation of a stimulus following a response that increases the frequency of subsequent responses, whether positive to desirable events, or  tools and interactive materials to review, reinforce and assess vocabulary and concept knowledge.
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Publication:District Administration
Date:Jun 1, 2008
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